What Is a Good Time of the Day for a Garage Sale? and How Should I Display Clothes Without a Clothin

folding cloths (although neat) tends to take a ton of your time. Especially if they do not sell and you want to hang them back up. a good way to display them would be to find 2 posts (or trees) and tie a thin rope around them creating a cloths line. PULL IT TIGHT as you might have a ton of cloths on it. you can hang a few on this. I would not putting to many as it bow's the rope and makes it hard to move and push them apart. Maybe fold sweaters or anything heavy.. leave kids shirts / cloths on the line you create!. Good luck!

What Is a Good Time of the Day for a Garage Sale? and How Should I Display Clothes Without a Clothin 1

1. My 7 and 5 years olds are going to have a lemonade stand at my garage sale - how much should they charge?

I would say $.25 that's how much it usually is...just make sure your kids are dressed cute, and they have a smile on their face!

2. What is the best time of the day to begin a garage sale, and how should it be advertised to make the most prof?

Choose a Saturday to have your sale - 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. A lot of newspapers offer free advertising for garage and yard sales, so check with your local paper to find out if that is offered. In addition, hang up signs at every major intersection near your home which includes your address.

What Is a Good Time of the Day for a Garage Sale? and How Should I Display Clothes Without a Clothin 2

3. Garage sale, how much would you pay?

I would sell it at your garage sale for atleast $95....however, do not expect it to sell bc most the time people garage selling are looking for really cheap good deals....so if it does not sell put it up on craigslist or ebay you could most likely sell it there. good luck! im having a garage sale this weekend wish me luck lol :)


8:30 am til 2:00-2:30 pm is the best time. The best way to display clothing if you do not have a rack is folded on a table. Do not put clothes on a tablecloth on ground, people wo not be as inclined to look through them. Sort them by size and type (women's, men's, kid's)

5. What sells best at a garage sale? And how can you make the most money?

The way to maximize profits is to 1. properly price items and be willing to bargain. 2. PLENTY of advertising, use all the same color signage, then drive around yourself to see if it's effective. People often whiz by at high speed so limit the verbiage, and print large!. 3. Probably most important, even if you have to rent tables....GET THINGS OFF THE GROUND!!! 4. Provide a chair for people to try on shoes. 5. Decide what is more important...profit, or getting rid of stuff you no longer need. Better to sell an Item worth $10.00 for $2.00 than not sell it at all. 6. After the sale, anything not sold can be given to charity. Many will pick up your stuff for free, and you get a tax write off. Good luck. Oh, you may want to try holding the sale on a Friday instead of Saturday so as to have no competition, and people have just been paid.

6. Garage Sale: How much would you pay for a full drumset?

too specialized an item to try and part with in a yard sale. The yard sale die hards would want it for practically nothing. You would get a better price offering it on ebay, through your local classifieds or through a local music store. ask for $450, settle for $300.

7. NYC "garage sale" how tos?

You can try a flea market. Many local churches, synagogues, schools and organizations offer tables and/or spots for a small fee

8. What is the best time of the day to begin a garage sale, and how should it be advertised to make the most prof?

Do an 8:00 to 4:00 on Friday and Saturday. There is almost no people on a Sunday

9. What is the best time of the day to begin a garage sale, and how should it be advertised to make the most prof?

I have held a Garage Sale every year for many years, I would recommend you do this as each year more and more people turn up. Regarding start times, I would recommend go as early as possible (and be ready for them), people who frequent garage sales get out early to try and get the best bargains. I would suggest 8AM and to close in the early afternoon as it gets quite slow after lunch. The best advertising is to put up signs in your local area, try and get them out as early as possible ie. a week beforehand. Do not forget local stores and supermarkets. I've also found the letterbox drop to be effective, it takes a bit of work though. A must-have is a sign out the front of your house on the day and balloons. I've made the mistake of leaving prices blank and hoping that people will make me offer but it turns out bad either way as they usually offer a price way too low and you just agree to get rid of it or they do not offer at all because there is no price listed. So make sure to use price labels that are neat if you can not get those try printing prices off from the computer and sticky taping them to your items or putting them in lots. People do not really like having to bend down and pick things off the floor even if you use a tarp or sheets, it is best to organise tables. When setting out your items, put them into groups ie. toys, clothing, etc. it looks much neater and is easier on the eye. You could offer up a sausage sizzle and drinks for your customers, whether you charge them is up to you. You could say free sausage or drink with every purchase. Make sure to have a couple friends helping you, it can get quite busy at times but also lonely or really warm. At the end of the day, sort your items into what you want to keep for your next sale or put back in storage and what you would like to give away to local charities.

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