What Is Space Water Cooling System? Disassembly of 360 Qiku Mobile Phone Flagship

360 qiku mobile phone flagship is a very successful product, which has received a lot of praise from fans and the media, and the youth version has also created an amazing sales record. In recent years, with the increase of mobile phone processor frequency, it has inevitably brought "side effects" such as increased power consumption and heat generation, such as the well-known heat dissipation problem of Qualcomm snapdragon 810. At a communication meeting, Lao Zhou joked that he was very afraid to put his mobile phone in his trouser pocket and might explode sometime. Indeed, the software permissions of Android phones are at the same level. Any app can call another app. Moreover, with more software started in the background, the phone will naturally heat up.

How to evaluate the internal structure of qiku mobile phone flagship 360 disassembly drawing of qiku mobile phone flagship

In order to solve this problem, the ultimate version (exclusive version) of 360 qiku mobile phone adopts a combination of software. One is controlled by the bottom layer of 360 OS software, and the other is the black technology - space water cooling and cooling system. Today, we are going to disassemble the flagship version of the 360 qiku mobile phone in our hands, find the water-cooled cooling element and see its internal workmanship, its T-shaped battery, metal skeleton and so on.

Disassemble part I

Because the 360 qiku mobile phone flagship adopts an integrated design, and we can't find a screw around the body, we really can't start. According to the Convention, we take out the cheapest SIM card slot first, and then start from the upper and lower parts of the back cover.

Press it by hand. It should be fixed with buckle glue. We use a hot-air gun to blow the glue soft, and then pry it open with a very fine slotted screwdriver.

Also use the above method to open the other end.

Disassemble Part II

Open the two parts on the back cover, and we can see the circuit board and screws of the mobile phone.

But let's not worry. First, blow the part of the screen with a hot air blower and disassemble it.

The screen can be separated from the middle frame frame in about 30 seconds. Be careful with the wiring here.

After separating the screen from the motherboard, we can open the screw.

After all screws are unscrewed, the screen panel can be separated from the motherboard and skeleton.

Disassemble Part III

From the removed screen panel, the screen of 360 qiku mobile phone flagship is really very thin. The 2.5D glass covered on the screen is crystal clear and quite beautiful. In addition, the 2.5D glass is also quite thin.

Disassemble Part IV

Next, we need to separate the motherboard from the metal skeleton and carefully remove all the cables.

The arc design is adopted on the back of 360 qiku mobile phone's flagship fuselage, so that the battery can be designed into a trapezoidal structure, increase the battery capacity, and increase the battery capacity of qiku mobile phone to 3700mah, which can bring sufficient life guarantee for qiku mobile phone. The battery capacity of 3700mah is definitely not small.

Next we have to remove the battery.

For the rest of the sub motherboard, we need to remove the dual cameras. You can see the models of the two cameras, one is g1524 and the other is n1518, corresponding to imx214 and imx278 respectively.

After the removal, we can see the whole metal skeleton, and we also found the legendary space water cooling technology, which is tightly attached to the metal frame. The heat transfer pipe is connected to the processor chip to form a negative pressure state, and then fill it with appropriate coolant. Once the processor reaches 55 °, it will evaporate into water vapor, The water vapor will quickly flow to the other side of the heat transfer pipe, and the temperature on this side is low, the water vapor will condense into liquid again, and transfer part of the heat to the graphite sheet connected to the heat transfer pipe. Many suction filter elements (capillary structures) are also designed on the inner wall of the heat transfer pipe. These capillary structures will attract the liquid after cooling and condensation, and return to the side of the heat transfer pipe close to the processor to cool the processor and wait for the next cooling cycle. This technology is based on the cooling principle of man-made satellite and is named space water cooling system.

This is the end of the disassembly of the 360 qiku mobile phone flagship. It takes a lot of trouble in the whole disassembly process. It can be seen that the 360 qiku mobile phone flagship is well done. After installation, there are some gaps in the screen because we don't have professional glue. I believe qiku's after-sales service can help us solve the problem.

What Is Space Water Cooling System? Disassembly of 360 Qiku Mobile Phone Flagship 1

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