What Is the 3-phase Voltage in India? (used for Example with Industrial Machinery)?

Well if you keep whipping Habib , Punjab and Cockschmell they should keep peddling and give you 220 volts on all 3 legs but it's only 50 hurtz not 60 . We do not wanna break em !!

1. You purchased a piece of machinery for $180,000. The machine's salvage value is $5,000 and its useful life spa?

a) (180,000 - 5,000) / 10 = $17,500 per year b) Value = Purchase Price - (Annual Depr. * Years in Service) Not sure if this is what you are looking for. c) 180,000 - (17,500 * 6) = $75,000 d) Anytime after 10 years, value will simply be Salvage Value ($5,000).

2. Does the United States invest way too much money in the military?

global military spending is now about a trillion dollars a year. While hundreds of millions do not have the necessities of life. The article went on to say that with that much money we could feed every hungry person in the world. Clothes for them and a decent house. Cure every disease and clean up the environment with the man power the military has at its disposal. Find alternative fuel and make the vehicles that it needs to run this fuel with the amount of machinery the military has. So is the money being well spent? to quote a famous American Rodney King "can not we all just get along"

3. If Washington DC is known as the swamp do people that work in the machinery of Washington DC feel dirty?

Remember, when you call DC a "swamp" - it's you guys out in America who sent every single one of them to us - we in DC do not have the vote (except for a very tiny vote allowed to us for Presidential elections, thanks to the 23rd Amendment to the US Constitution).So look to yourselves and stop being lazy and blaming Washington DC - When you step into the voting booth you are choosing the man or woman who will help make the rules and carry them out. If you keep electing lizards, you will have created the swamp!If Washington DC is known as the swamp do people that work in the machinery of Washington DC feel dirty?.

4. Do men whose job is machinery make a great salary?

Machinists have had hard times lately because of cheap foreign imports. The career is probably fine for your Dad, but as a young man I would think twice before trying it. Love of mechanical things can lead to good career though. Try your Department of Labor and find out about their apprenticeship programs. You get paid to work, you take classes and then you get certified in your State for a specific trade. You could go for being a plumber, a mechanic, an electrician.... plus a lot more. Or maybe you want to go to college and be an engineer or an architect. Good luck!

5. Is it safe to shoot an AK-47 without the machinery cover?

Somehow, the idea of firing my AK with the cover off does not appeal to me. The slamming bolt, flying brass, blasting gases and lubricants...probably not a good idea with your face/eyes down there in all that. It is entirely possible for tiny slivers of metal and/or lubricant from springs, brass, bolts, gas rods, etc to fly out and easily go in an eye. Why tempt the fates? Only fire the AK with the cover in place.

6. How much time will it take the humanity to forget how to repair machinery after a nuclear apocalypse?

This is a lot like Logan's Run. A nuclear apocalypse nearly destoys everyone, forcing them into protective, automated cities with limited resources, necessitating euthanasia at a very young age. Consequence? Nobody but the central computer has the skills to fix anything.So, let's ignore how you are getting to the point of apocalypse and assume that some massive tragedy has occured that has. ..And now we make an assumption. What do you mean by "machinery?" Do you include small engine repair? Do you include manual printing presses? Have we lost basic metallurgical skills along with our "high tech" skills? Have we lost the ability to make a push lawn mower or a pair of manual hedge trimmers? You see my problem, of course. Sending us back to the 1500's would mean destroying all the data and everyone above the age of, say, 7. (Now we are talking about the Star Trek TOS episode Miri, which is not dissimlar to Logan's Run. Let's stick with just loosing the high-tech stuff. Basically, the ability to create a 1970s computer or newer, but maybe we still can figure out how to get an old coal electric plant running (unless they've been computerized...). How long would it take to forget all that?As long as it takes for the last person to remember it to die, because there's so much involved with making a computer (design, fabrication, manufacturing, and software) plus all the modern infrastructure for it to be useful (everything from electrical power to the Internet) that there's no practical way for said person (if it's possible for just one person to have all that in their head. I feel safe saying it's not possible) to pass that information along.TL;DR: 30-60 years

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