What Kind of Engine Oil to Use for My 1999 Tahoe?

Your Tahoe calls for 5W-30 engine oil. the faster the oil pump forces more oil to the frictional surfaces. Over 80% of all engine wear happens during cold starts. Not one American car company ever specified 10W-40. It does work as advertised for about 2,000 miles the additives that make the oil act like a 10 weight when cold no longer works as well. 10W-40 becomes thicker at low temperature start-up temperatures. Mobil1 is the best selling full synthetic oil in the world. It stays thinner at lower temperatures and has strong detergents to keep the motor cleaner.

1. Engine Oil prices - where are the cheapest deals?

buying it from a auto parts and a shoping store would be better and do it your self should save a buck or so

2. John Deere riding mower, what kind of engine oil does it use?

Do not use 2 cycle oil in a 4 cycle motor! Here is the general rule for John Deere. For motors with a pressurized oil system (those using an oil filter) use a multi-weight oil. JD oil is 10-30 but 10-40 is fine too. For non-pressurized systems use a straight weight oil. 30wt is the recommended oil. Happy mowing......say, you missed a spot over there.

3. my engine oil dipstick broke off, how can i get it out?

remove tube most are held in plac eby one screw or bolts somewhere along block and then go buy a new stick

4. CAR HELP - Is my engine oil leaking, or is it just the wrong kind?

The 10/40 wo not hurt your engine. The oil life monitor can be reset if needed. The owners manual will tell you how to zero it. Some monitors react to engine hours and some by mileage. About the oil leaks. Most oil change outlets will put your car on a lift or over a pit and check for leaks underneath the car. A professional shop can dye test your engine for oil leaks also

5. Can we use engine oil to oil our cycle chains?

Chain oil for motorcycles typically has an additive in it that causes it to "stick" to the chain. Although engine oil would provide some lubrication, it is likely that the majority of the oil will be thrown off once the bike is in motion.I recommend using oil specifically formulated for motorcycle drive chain usage.

6. What kind of Engine oil do I need?

Look for oil suitable for diesel engines (read label in oil container), if you live in a cold climate use multigrade. For example I have a diesel Mercedes Benz and I prefer to use Rimula D SAE40. it is an oil sold by Shell. It is very good. How often could be every 5000 km with the oil filter. If you could find a manual of this car, it will tell you all the pertinent information.

7. Whats the best engine oil for a explorer 93 6c engine 4.0?

castrol gtx has the highest thermal breakdown(it can handle overheated engine temp best other than more expensive synthetic oils but they still carry debris and dirt through the system scuffing critical engine parts like any oil.so i feel use a good regular oil and change it at lower mile intervals to get the grit out.so what if synthetic lasts a couple thousand miles longer , it costs more and if you leave it in longer it is circulating the grit longer. ...some grit makes more grit ! wall. as for the oil weight look at the oil filler cap it is usually printed there on most of them

8. Which Engine Oil is good for my 1998 Subaru Impreza GF1?

Used Tufoil additive on my cars for 10 years. Worth a look.

9. does engine oil go bad in a car?

Drain gas now, change oil when you return. There will be condensation in the oil, so even though its never ran it is still contaminated with time

10. How to reuse old engine oil? [closed]

It is possible you do not need to change the engine oil as often. For some reason, many Americans think they need to change the oil every 3000 miles when the manufacturer's recommendation is more like 15000 miles. So the first step to reducing waste is to check what the manufacturer recommends. Many modern cars have a function in the engine management system that tracks the state of the oil and indicates when you need to change it. Depending on your driving habits, this can extend the life of the oil even further. I do not recommend reusing the oil in another vehicle. The whole reason to replace the oil is that oil degrades over time. It becomes contaminated with not just metal particles (which you could filter out) but you can also get water, petrol and/or coolant in the oil

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The engine gets hot when you ride more in low gears. Once u start riding good in top gears you wo not heat your engine that much as before.And also check wheather the engine oil level is at maximum. Low level of engine oil also heatsup more. As its new bike everything will be right but then too just check oil level.And if the cooling systerm of bike is water cooled or oil cooled just check the water and oil level too.1. What type of engine oil is used in a Suzuki Swift /Geo?Suzuki Swift 20002. TVS Apache Engine Oil Leakage ?I have purchased apache bike RTR 160 just before four month and i am facing a extreme problem of its gearbox i also given for service once. but the problem is again created after just a few kilometer drive so please provide me solution for that or any instruction i will very thankful to you3. What kind of engine oil should one use in a diesel?call your local toyota dealership and ask them. Over the years, they may have changed their recommended fluid types4. If i flood my engine with oil will that will help free up the pistons?No. Instead, remove the spark plugs and put a glug (like an ounce or so) of oil in each cylinder and let it sit at least 15 minutes. Put oil in the crankcase - three quarts is about right for this. Try cranking the engine. If it does not crank you will have to use a socket on the crank bolt to break the rings loose. Continue cranking for 30 seconds to get the oil flowing. Put the plugs back in and start the engine, then let it idle for a minute or so. Drain the oil (it will be really nasty) and replace the filter. Refill the oil and see how it goes. Hopefully the engine will have survived okay because it was not running when it seized. If you hear a tap that becomes a louder banging in a week or so you will have to get the rod bearings replaced before the crankshaft is ruined.5. Can I use 2-stroke engine oil for a 4-stroke engine?That is not really a good idea. First off, two stroke oil is a bit different than ordinary four stroke oil, as it is designed to mix with gasoline and lubricate all the moving parts that a four stroke engine does with splash or pressurized oiling. Quite often the two stroke oil is designed to mix one part of oil with up to fifty parts of gasoline, so it is going to be rather thick to splash around, or to pump easily to all the bearing surfaces and such6. Will SAE 10w-40 Engine Oil work in a John Deere LX172 Mower?Here is the rule of thumb for JD mower engines. On non-pressurized systems use a straight 30 weight in the summer. On motors that have full pressure systems you can run 10/30 or 10/40 in the summer. Any engine with an oil filter is a full pressure system by the way. Some of the early Kawasaki JD engines did not have filters but were full pressure systems anyhow. They just skimped on the parts!7. are engine oil and motor oil the same thing?Yessir, they are the same thing. Make sure though that you are using the correct wieght of motor oil. 10W-30 is usually a good bet8. What kind of engine oil?no just a good brand name9. Help!! Water poured in Engine Oil?blown head gasget...get compression test and leak down test...its gona cost u....800 plus10. Engine Oil for my Honda Accord 87?use Valvoline 30 Waite oil and if it smokes use Valvoline20-50 racing oil. my brother has a 95 Acura legion that has over 200,000 miles on it and he used 30 waite untill it started to smoke then he used the 20-50 and now it does not smoke11. What color is engine oil leak?1. Trannie Fluid is Transmision Oil - RED 2. Engine Oil if new - LIGHT IN COLOUR ALMOST CLEAR YELLOWISH depending on brand 3. Old Engine oil is Black 4. If the engine oil become tooo old it goes black like your is now & when its syrup like its very ancient *As for the leak, have them check your "Sump Drain plug washer", it might be worn & would needs a new copper washer. That might resolve your oil leak problem YOU'VE BEEN RIPPED OFF - BESIDES YOUR ENGINE OIL IS OLD NEEDS TO BE REPLACE
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