What Kinds of People Will but Boat Trailers?do You Need It?

people that have boat trailer that are rusted out and need a replacement

1. Q.I bought a boat trailer and want to exchange it with the one my boats on without going to the lake any ideas

strap the boat to a tree using the transom eyes. pull forward a little at a time, supporting the boat with tires as you go (or "tyres" if you are in the southern hemisphere). or build up some bunks as described above. back the new trailer as close as you can get it to the boat, hook up the winch and start cranking.

2. Does anyone else have these lights on their boat trailer?

looks like you have to replace the whole light assy

3. I need to know what the best thing to clean 6160 aircraft aluminum. It is I beams on an aluminum boat trailer

You need to use an aluminum polish such as Mother's (use to be a brand). If you use steel wool it will embed particles of steel and rust, you would need to use a stainless steel or aluminum screen, or brass brush to keep it from rusting. Hope it helps

4. How do i register a boat trailer without a title?

just go to the DMV and tell them it's a boat trailer, home made trailers do not have a VIN. or no title till the DMV make's one

5. I need a boat trailer for my 2003 Carver 36 Feet 360 Sport Sedan boat because im takeing my boat to maryland..?

First thing that you are going to need to do is have a Dealer for that brand of boat, or some company familiar with Carver boats to give you an estimate for the removal of the "Fly Bridge" and all of the electrics. They will need to know where the boat is going to arrange for the drop-off of the yacht and for that company to reinstall the fly bridge and all of the electrics. On both ends, a special lift will be needed to load and unload the vessel and all of the components to/from the trailer. The yacht will be hauled via a team with "Chase" vehicles the entire way. They most likely will be sleeping overnight in a hotel along the way which you will be paying for too. That company will pull all of the road permits which will be for "Daylight" towing only. It's not a cheap thing to do. A lot of planning and prep work goes into this type of haul. Good luck and check the link below. This is not something you can do yourself. An 18 wheeler is needed to pull that kind of weight and several people have to be involved with vehicles in the lead up front to spot problems and clear the way, and a trailing vehicle to watch your back.

6. Roller on boat trailer was pushed up against the rear side of boat and over time caused it to have a dip... ideas on how to pull this out?

What is the boat made of? If it's aluminum then you can pound the dent out. If it's fiberglass let a professional look at it. While there is some flex to fiberglass it could crack if you pound it out.

7. Hub kits for a Sportsman S2-10 boat trailer?

Trailers have either a straight , or tapered spindle. Small trailers usually use a 1" straight spindle (id of both bearings 1"). If you do not know what you have , or do not have a dial caliper, it's best to check the numbers on the bearings and go from there. They will be on the larger face of the bearing. If the bearing(s) are destroyed or unreadable,you may need to pull the other side to get the numbers. Sounds like you need to check them anyway.

8. Boat trailer hand crank, how do you swich between the two different modes of locking and unlocking?

Yes, there should be a spring activated lever that you can move to accomplish what you want

9. Where is the VIN located on a boat trailer? I have tried looking but can't find it. it's an older trailer 1989

the vin is located most of the time on the tounge of the trailer or i know on some cases on the axel of some why this is beats me but i know.good luck

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