What Motor Needs a Higher Capacitance, the Washer Motor Or Spin in a Twin Tub Washing Machine?

The same motor does both wash and spin in my mom's old Maytag. Capictors do two things they allow the start windings to stay charged and assist the run windings and they act as a current limiting device because once charged no further flows till the current reverses. If there were two motors I suppose the one providing greater horse power would have the larger capacitorWhat motor needs a higher capacitance, the washer motor or spin in a twin tub washing machine?.

1. 1984 Honda Prelude motor swap?

look up "japan factors" they have 1000's of 25K mile autos for jap autos. Japan scraps autos after 25K miles for smog motives. Ask a mechanic in the adventure that your engin bends valves at the same time as the belt is going, if not, you are able to replace the belt for round 4or 500 greenbacks. That automobile could furnish you with 300K miles. if you are at one hundred fifty or so devinately fix it

2. ford motor bolt patterns?

I also have a team of Ford automobiles and trannys, the 385 sequence, which contains the 370, 429, and 460 is not compatable with the "M" sequence of engines. The "M" sequence is not compatable with the different Ford automobiles. The "M" sequence is unique to itself, you will ought to alter trannys in case you % to pass with a diverse motor.

3. Fan Motor for Heating Unit For Duplex Unit?

They did not deal directly with you and cannot file police report against you They can sue you, and agent, and if they win and judgment not satisfied, get a lien on house for cost plus court costs. Suggest you talk with agent, with company and then get to some settlement. If all you authorized was a cleaning prior to lighting, then the agent should have gotten authorization for installation of parts. Agent may be liable to installer. I hope you had the locks rekeyed after changing agents. However, it's in your house, and you are benefitting by part, so if they get judgment, they can even get a lien. Which is why I say, get agent to pay, or settle with installer and make this problem go away. Yea there are fan blowers in furnaces, how do you think the air gets moved? Our old one had a squirrel cage type fan.

4. 1975 70 HP evinrude motor "weep hole"?

You did have it connected to a hose right? If you did then water should have been coming out of the exhaust through the propeller. There should also be a tail-tail water outlet that is above the water line. Take it to the lake and start it at the dock. Check if water is coming out the tail-tail hole. Your engine could very easily have a broken impeller (water pump). That's not too major of a fix, although it will require some good mechanical skills. Look of youtube for how to replace an impeller on an outboard.

5. Power window motor or motor regulator?

The window track might be damaged

6. what is the difference between an engine and a motor?

Usually a motor is electric and an engine runs on fuel

7. What are the California laws for motor scooters?

A sit down scooter and a motorcycle are the same thing to the law. They are both motorized two wheeled vehicles, and the same laws apply. Scooters are never allowed on the sidewalk, just as motorcycles are not. You must have a valid drivers license with a motorcycle certification to use them on the road. Off road use is subject to local laws, but all ages are welcome. The stand on electric scooters are nothing more than a skateboard, have fun anywhere you want. The gas powered stand on scooters are not street legal, and may not be ridden on the road. Some towns do not allow them on sidewalks either, check with your towns police department for more information.

8. How to clean boat motor?

Cleaning Outboard Motor

9. What is the difference between a pump and a motor?

thik of it as an air pump you use to inflate beach balls then think a compresor to paint the house. The mechanisim to move the air is the motor. In the beach ball scenario you will be the motor and the thing you used to transfer the air is the pump. I hope it helps.

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