What's the Carbon Footprint on Internet Usage?

That depends on your power source, and the power source of your internet server. However, in most households, I would guess it's on a par with lighting (unless the house has put in all LED lighting or something), and considerably less than cooling. And even if the electricity is generated entirely by coal, it's probably also at least a bit behind the carbon footprint of a car that sees even moderate usage.

1. I need a light for my 10 gal?

If you have a standard incandescent hood, you can replace the bulbs with 6700K fluorescents that screw in the same socket. Marineland has hidden LED lighting in the right Kelivin that is submersible and can grow plants, and I have heard the Marineland double brights will grow java moss and other very low light plants. The plant LEDs are ultra expensive. LEDs are definitely cooler running

2. Where can I get circular whiteboards?

If you use a search engine that promotes business links (such as Bing) you should find several suppliers under the search "whiteboard circle magnetic" - even if these suppliers do not have what you are looking for in stock, I saw several that offer to make custom products. You might also approach a small, local, cabinet shop to see if they would be willing to make them. Circular whiteboards could be made by anyone with a router, the whiteboard stock can be bought right off the shelf, and easily cut to specification. Just a note to those who have not worked with this material before, a router will provide a cleaner cut than even the best jigsaw blade...I personally would use a carbide router bit with a downward spiral to prevent even the smallest chipping or tearout. But you want a magnetic whiteboard, so that's going to require a bit more to make, if you do not buy one. Specifically, you would need a magnetic layer, under the whiteboard surface. This could be done by gluing the core material, a thin sheet of steel, and a sheet of white, smooth laminate (no texture on it). This is something that could be done by a custom woodwork shop, or cabinet shop....'most' folks who use their garages as a woodshop would not have the necessary tooling. One other source you might try is a local school with a tech skills class....you may be able to get a student to make these for you, if you provide the materials. An alternative to a magnetic whiteboard would be magnetic chalkboard paint. You can purchase magnetic chalkboard paint, and apply it to a smooth core material, or chalkboard paint onto a steel sheet. (I would use a spray gun to apply, to get the best results, and do not forget to prime first). Here is an idea for the game 'box frame' art you have on your blog too.... you will get more would epth' and 3 dimensional look if you use sheets of clear acrylic (i.e. perspex, plexiglass, or "Lexan"). Some or all of the art could be painted directly onto the acrylic sheets, or you might print the art onto clear pages instead of paper, or cardstock. (I've used the sheets for overhead projectors like this, in a standard inkjet printer). One added touch - attach some LED lights to the edge of the acrylic, inside the box frame, to light up the project. The overhead projector pages can be found at most office supply stores, and the LED lighting can be found at a variety of sources, in a variety of styles. I would go with something I could use on a battery myself, just to avoid having an exposed cord. Rockler is a supplier to the woodworking industry, both commercial and for the individual, and they carry many of the materials I've mentioned here. Outwater Plastics is another supplier, and I know they've got an assortment of LED lighting available. Have Fun

3. will green peppers grow under shop lights with the right fluorescent bulbs?

No. You would need much more intense light. The plants may grow a little, but they will eventually get very leggy/spindly and collapse. I doubt they would flower at all, much less fruit. You would need to use a halide grow bulb (or panel, if you are up to trying LED lighting) with other reflective gear to maximize exposure. You would probably also need to hand pollinate the flowers once they bloomed.

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Pump Up Your Visibility with Skyworth's Canopy Light
Ideal for illuminating entryways, walkways, warehouse and indoor depots, manufacturing areas, retail store areas and buildings, the LED canopy lights has become versatile and widely used in today's generation. People love it for many reasons and it is energy-efficient to top it all.Radiant, durable, clear light and stable - these are the four highlighted features of Skyworth's Canopy Light. Each of these lights are created with an ultra-clear tempered glass providing highest visual clarity and with an increased safety. It has a protective enclosure capable of higher light transmittance and higher strength vs. ordinary glass panels. Also, it guarantees longest service life because of the equalized internal air-pressure.Read more about Skyworth LED Canopy Light Models and Product Specifications·RELATED QUESTIONWere can I get quality outdoor LED lighting for my landscape project?If short maintenance, eco friendly landscape lighting is a precedence for you, outdoor LED lighting is a ideal option for your landscape lighting design. LED landscape lighting offers the protection, security and artistic qualities as any other landscape lighting solution, but it also offers a concentrated ecological footprint and lower maintenance.You can emphasize the beautiful architecture of your home's external or landscaping with tactically placed outdoor lighting by LV Lightings. While your options may seem endless, it's significant to believe the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Will they be for security reasons, or for more ornamental purposes?Outdoor LED lightingmay be more luxurious up front than other options, but in the long run it will go easier on your wallet than other bulbs. From LV Lighting's LED lights have a long life span and offer excellence lighting that is power efficient.Whatever options you settle on, you're sure to find a extensive selection of charming and well-designed landscape lighting right here on LV Lightings.
Understand Led Lighting
An Introduction to led lightingAppia may refer to:Which is The Best Office Lighting company in New York? of led lightingOffice LED lighting is the way to go for smart business owners who are keen on improving productivity, saving costs, contributing to a greener world and keeping their employees happy. Office Led lighting bring great benefits by directly enhancing productivity. We provide Led lighting retrofit program for your offices.Choosing office LED lighting brings lots of benefits. You can easily install energy efficient LED lighting in your office. They help save on operating costs by consuming less electricity and also with fewer bulbs you can achieve the same level of illumination as you did with incandescent fixtures. Energy efficient lighting with ESI reduces your energy bills considerably. LED lighting is recommended even by the US Department of Energy and offers substantial savings to commercial businesses. When you consider lighting for your office, bear in mind that in the commercial market, it is the lighting fixtures that consume the maximum amount of energy, almost three times that of energy consumed by air conditioning. For More on Toshiba is here. LED Team will be Led by Ken Honeycutt, Former CEO and President of Acuity Brands Lighting of led lightingToshiba International Corporation, Sept. 12, 2011- Toshiba International Corporation (TIC), a leader in application solutions and innovative technology, announced today that it has assembled a world-class team of lighting veterans to lead its LED Lighting Systems Division.The strategic hires position TIC to deliver unmatched product quality and unparalleled customer service as the North American marketplace transitions from incandescent lighting to energy efficient and aesthetically superior LED lighting.Long-time industry veteran,Ken Honeycutt,has assumed the role ofSenior Vice President Toshiba International Corporation and Chief Venture Executive forToshiba LED Lighting Systems Division.Well known as a top leader in the field, Honeycutt's wealth of experience in the lighting industry includes many important leadership roles with a variety of lighting manufacturers.The majority of Honeycutt's career was spent with Acuity Brands Lighting, where he rose to the position of Chief Executive Officer and President."TIC has assembled a team of the best and brightest lighting specialists with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to successfully introduce Toshiba LED lighting to the US market," Honeycutt said."Toshiba Corporation is a $2B lighting company that features a combination of assets that no other company can match: 120 years of lighting experience, proven expertise in semiconductors, and digital devices and global scale in high-brightness LED technology.That's why I'm confident that we are positioned for success as the US LED lighting market moves to the next level.I am honored and excited to be a part of this elite team."Rounding out TIC's LED Lighting Systems Division senior management team are·Mark Altomare,Vice President of Business Development - Altomare is leading Toshiba's business development efforts by assembling a team of seasoned lighting experts with experience at some of the best lighting companies in America.Prior to joining Toshiba, Altomare served as the Regional Vice President of Sales at HubbellLighting, a leader in lighting technology and customer service.He also served as Divisional Vice President at Hagemeyer North America, where he had P&L responsibility over four divisions in electrical, electronic, and Voice-Data-Video products.Altomare began his career in sales and operations management at Pacific Bell.Peter DallePezze, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development - DallePezze is leading the marketing and product development efforts for Toshiba's high quality services and products, including LED lamps, fixtures, and modules.DallePezze has extensive experience in the lighting industry, including many positions within Holophane Corporation.In addition to his time in the lighting industry, DallePezze brings extensive experience with start-up businesses at Whirlpool and MastCheck.Keisuke Ono,Technology Executive Officer - Ono joinsTIC's LED Lighting Systems Division, bringingmore than 20 years of experience as a leading lighting engineer and senior engineering manager with the company.Ono, who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in state-of-the-artLED lighting, is overseeing all technological development in the US.Jim McKenzie,acting Director of Operations - McKenzie is leading the organization's supply chain and customer service activities.McKenzie has significant experience with supply chain management, logistics, and LEAN manufacturing, having served as Vice President of Supply Chain for many companies including Lighting Science Group, Acuity Brands Specialty Products, and Bristol-Meyers Squibb.He also spent several years providing value chain consulting services to clients including Kellogg, Triple Crown Services, and Solutia."In March 2010, Toshiba Corporation made a bold statement by becoming the first major lighting manufacturer to discontinue its production of incandescent bulbs, and we have never looked back," Honeycutt said."At TIC, we are proudly committed to LED technology as the lighting of the future."
Best Road Street Light, LED Light, LED Lighting,& Road Lighting
LED is one of the best lighting options for Road Street Lights. It produces bright and effective light.There are many companies who are using it in their business in a multitude of ways, from marketing to retail to energy saving applications. They are leading the way and taking the lead in this as well as other sectors where LED has shown its benefits.Street lights are crucial for safety as well as for visibility. Since the lighting process is an important part of the street lighting scheme, it is important to choose LED lights that will last longer and provide better light output.LED lighting is one of the most cost effective options for street lighting. However, it is not suitable for everything and needs a little customization. In this post we will show how to select the LED street lights based on your business needs and target audience.LED Road Street Light was a revolutionary invention that led to the development of LED lighting. It brought many benefits but also came with some disadvantages.For example, when it comes to outdoor lighting, there are still many places where LED lights are not permitted. For example, in some countries, it is prohibited to use LED lights on office buildings because of health and safety reasons.While the benefits of LED light could have made this product successful in the market, its disadvantages were also responsible for its downfall. When you compare it with other major brands such as Incandescent (generally considered as a good light source), CFL (considered as best choice for outdoor lighting), or PAR lamps (generally considered as the ideal indoor light source), then there is no doubt that LEDs are a better option than halLED road street lights are a big part of city traffic, and they're also very useful for different purposes. However, the lights have an annoying problem: some of them are dimmer than others. In order to find the best one, we need to get a lot of information about LED road street lights.Street lighting is mostly about the LED lights. However, there are many other options such as solar powered light bulbs and sodium vapor lamps.We have to look at the current generation of LED lights and their advantages/disadvantages. Some of them can be used in areas that require street lighting, while others are not suitable for street illumination such as urban areas with high pedestrian traffic or traffic-clogged roads. There are also some options that can only be used in countries with specific regulations, so it is difficult to use them outside those zones.LED lamp is getting popular through the recent years. This article will help you make a decision on which type of LED Road Lighting is best for the street lighting system.It was found that a lot of people are living in cities and they have to face the problem of poor street lighting every day. This might be due to issues like pollution, traffic, etc. This article will try to help you decide on which kind of LED Street Lighting system can be applied in your city or neighborhood and give you information about different types of LED Road Lamps available in market today.LED lights are cheap, clean and energy efficient.We are currently using traditional street lighting systems that generate electricity either from overhead power lines or from large generators. The connections to the grid are a lot of wires, many of which are fragile and can be damaged. Also the wiring is not as flexible as it should be to allow for dynamic adjustments in light intensity, angle and even colour due to wind conditions and weather. LED lights could solve these issues by allowing us to move lights around on rooftops without having to rewire existing infrastructure, they allow us to adjust the light bulbs at will also by moving them around the roof (perhaps with a remote control) which means we can change lighting intensity for our vehicles without having to stop traffic or make repairs on the road.LED street lights are a great energy saver but they can be very expensive. They consume a lot of electricity and in the end they don't last as long as traditional street lights. Hence, using LED street lights is not cost-effective.A bright LED bulb costs less than an incandescent bulb and yet the light produced by them is about half that of a conventional light bulb. And thanks to the cool white color, it can effectively illuminate up to 20,000 square feet without needing to turn on any additional lamps or fixtures.
Led Lighting Market Share Worldwide Industry Growth, Size, Statistics and Opportunity During 2021 to
The umbilical chordIt is the usual monsoon morning. Dogs walked by 6 am, the morning cup of coffee in hand, I slip out of the house in my sandals, not even bending down to buckle the straps around the ankles. The freshly mown grass on the neighbouring open plot glistens , beckons, a sirens song in green.I tread daintily initially on the wet green carpet, glance back and see my footprints in a darker shade. Footprints on the grass of time ? I chuckle at my own wit and then dare to jog up and down the length of the plot. A few years back, I would have been determined, not noticed anything other than the tree at the other end, not heard anything but the thud of my heart. Today, I notice the mynahs, the parrots, even the humble sparrows, as they flit away from my ponderous tread, only to come back and peck at the insects in the grass. Yes, much water has flown in various rivers.Back home, I play tunes from old classics on the music system, freshen up and join my son and daughter-in-law at the breakfast table. I mentally slap myself to be alert, to be aware of the "new" news, the "trending" twitter snippets, not to lead in breaking my fast . It is my sons first day in a new job. I have one eye on the clock, enquire whether he has found the correct combination of clothes, the matching socks, the polish for the shoes, all without opening my mouth. She approves his attire with her eyes , they communicate in a manner only recently married couples can do. I force myself to eat, not show concern. My days in that "fathers" role is over. Amongst my racing thoughts, umpteen questions , I think I hear her say that he needs to be dropped in his office as Uber is not available in quick time. The car keys near her hand convince me that I have heard correctly. He jokes that his new office would also become familiar from today. Hearing that, I feel a tinge of nostalgia. The mad rush to school each day, then to the examination centres, the various interviews, the first day of his first job, the rather tense drive to meet his future wife, the early morning ride to various marathons, to drop him for his first international flight , all slide through my mind as I had been fortunate enough to have him with me for many years. Also being first born, we had shared many adventures as I had slowly moved from local transport to motorbike to own car. But I also felt relieved that the mantle which was slipping from my shoulders had been deftly caught and was now being worn by her. I am almost through with my plate when she looks at the clock, then tells me to hurry up as otherwise he would be late on his first day. I look up sharply, the years slip away, my nostrils flare. Yes, I have heard correctly. I am to drive him to office ! I smile meekly to cover up for being slow on the uptake, curse myself for not being attentive. I rush out to the car, checking my pockets for wallet, phone, and try to recollect what the various dials on the dashboard mean, the purpose of the indicator rods on either side of the steering wheel. The drive to his office through a now unfamiliar highway, swings between comfortable and mild irritation as he insists that I drive his car the way he would have driven ! I merrily use the indicators incorrectly, tend not to shift to lower gears even when the diesel SUV groans in protest . I act younger than him, play music loudly, swear at other drivers, blame the authorities for not providing decent roads…. finally reach his office. He forgives the hard braking, takes his bag from the rear seat and says bye through the car window. I….I swallow a lump in my throat, tell him to…….I realise I am giving the same advice I had given him on his first day in school, college, job…I have not aged !Cars honk behind me, I watch him stride away into the office block. I shake my head, squeeze my eyes and then gently ease into the traffic to return home. Then it hits me ! They had role-played at the breakfast table. She knew that he desired the unspoken family tradition to continue, knew that despite my present stay at home life style, I would wake up like a war horse hearing a bugle again. Umbilical chord ? I always associated it with mothers , home towns. I guess it can also mean a complex cable between Father and son, wherein the strands are bundles of emotions, experiences, feelings in multi coloured hues and strengths.I suddenly do not seem to mind the bad traffic, the fact that I am actually lost , that I may be heading to the wrong suburb. I am cool, ask for directions, change gears without them clashing.I have a phone, I have a wallet, I am definitely a senior citizen. I am a kite, loving the experience of soaring to higher levels, happy I have a close partner holding my kite string.
KMC Eyes Solar, LED Lighting for EM Bypass and Maa | Kolkata News - Times of India
Kolkata: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is taking a major step to turn green compliant. After the successful installation of solar lights at Deshapriya Park, the civic authorities are now working on plans to convert all street-lights into solar and LED on the EM Bypass stretch from Patuli to Ultadanga and on the Maa flyover stretch under the 'Green Cities' scheme which would help the civic authorities save Rs 4 crore electricity bill annually. Solar power expert and former managing director of West Bengal Green Energy Development Corporation S P Gon Chaudhuri has handed over the detail project report to MMiC (parks and gardens) Debashis Kumar at the KMC headquarters. "The proposal is to install solar power panels and LED panels on the entire stretch of EM Bypass and Maa flyover. It is a Rs 22-crore proposal in which 1.2 MW of solar power would be generated daily. The civic authorities would be able to save Rs 4 crore electricity bill per annum and this will also help reduce 12 tonne of CO2 emission per day," Gon Chaudhuri said. The other proposal that Gon Chaudhuri has handed over is to harvest 1.5 MW solar power from the Dhapa garbage field by setting up a solar plant. The solar panels here will be installed at a height of 10ft and vegetable cultivation could be done as well under the solar panels. This will ensure more moisture in the soil during summer. Kumar said the project will be taken under the state government's Green Cities Mission. "We had asked Gon Chaudhuri to prepare the report which we have received. It seems to be a very good project which will minimise our electricity cost and will also pave the way for a greener city," Kumar said. A total of Rs 40 crore will be spent under the scheme. After the installation of solar lights at Deshapriya Park, KMC authorities noticed a drastic 80% fall in electricity bill in the area.
LED High Bay LED Lighting for Home and Office
The LED high bay has LED lighting board installed on the ceiling of the room.LED high bay is the term used to describe LED lighting solutions.Existing LED lighting solutions are not very effective because of the fact that they use a lot of energy. Therefore, they cannot be considered as energy efficient solutions. The reason for this is that the connection between a light fixture and an electrical circuit is made using wire. This makes it difficult to utilize energy from an LED chip because this part has no wires in it.LEDs can be used when there are different kinds of lights present in a given building or section of building and these lights need to be controlled by one party (lighting authority). Therefore, as they are installed into a structure which has multiple levels, it becomes more difficult for any single regulatory body to control all fixtures at once. It would cost too much money and time toSome people have high bay LED lights that are installed in their car. However, the light output is very low and they also waste a lot of electricity. LED bulbs are environmentally friendly and can generate a lot of light (2,500 lumens peak).LED high bay is an LED lighting system for commercial or industrial applications. The low-cost, modular LED units are ideal for small spaces. They provide excellent lighting levels and contain no moving parts to wear out or break.A LED high bay is a device that offers high intensity light to illuminate an object. The type of LED is not important here, the important thing is that the light beam is very focused and gives a professional impression.The LED high bay is an example of a high-end lighting system for hotels. It has been designed to fit into a specific style and will be used in a variety of unique applications.The use of LED lights in the hotel industry has become more widespread over the last few years. The demand for lighting that not only fits in with the business style but also makes good design sense was rising, which led to manufacturers creating hardware solutions to meet this need. Furthermore, there are many different brands and designs available on the market, making it difficult for consumers to choose from and also complicated for suppliers to deal with. Even though LED fixtures have been around since the 1980s they are still relatively new and not widely used by hotels yet.A high bay is an area where people can see and interact with products. The LED display technology is one of the main tools used to create a high bay environment.The LED technology can be used to offer a wide range of information such as:Many companies are working on LED high bay solutions, which are used to display information in a highly engaging manner.After the introduction, there is a short tutorial on using these high bay solutions.Section topic: Autopilot system (BMW M5)Introduction: There is an autopilot system for the BMW M5. This system consists of sensors and computers that work together to minimize accidents and improve safety. It also controls the vehicle's speed and steering angle according to preset instructions from an onboard computer.High bay lighting is a very important architectural element. The design and build of any high bay should be based on the specific needs of the customer or project.A high bay is a large space where customers are going to enter to look at products or to see some data that will help them in decision making. It is a likely place for an LED display that will help customers make an informed choice.LED high bay is a cutting-edge lighting technology that uses semiconductor chips as its light source. The technology is expected to be widely adopted in the future for various applications, like residential and commercial lighting. And it is also used in automotive, electric, industrial and other industries.With LED high bay, designers can create objects of any shape or thickness with minimum manufacturing costs.The main advantage of LED high bay over incandescent bulbs is its reduced heat output, which reduces damage to the atmosphere caused by their flicker.
Analysis: Failing Firms Cloud China's Led Lighting Vision
HONG KONG (Reuters) - One in five Chinese LED lighting companies may fail this year as falling prices and oversupply batter an industry that Beijing bankrolled to try to build an energy-efficient future. About 4,000 companies in China are producing LEDs, or light emitting diodes, tempted by tax breaks, subsidies and offers of cheap land for factories. Now they are locked in intense competition that has halved prices over the past three years. Just as over-investment and sagging exports dragged down Beijing's solar panel and wind turbine champions, China's much-hyped LED lighting sector, the largest in the world, is now facing a drastic shake-up. "Everyone is making LEDs these days. The industry is a mess," Irving Pun, global marketing director of LED maker Civilight Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Co Ltd, said in an interview. "This is a typical problem associated with China," he added. "Whenever a new industry is introduced here, a huge swarm of speculators will descend upon it and quickly turn it upside down." Civilight's multi-story LED light factory in Shenzhen is surrounded by dozens of rival manufacturers. In 2006, when Pun and his colleagues set up the company, they were pioneers in an industry the central government was determined to promote as part of China's drive for green technology. Beijing has set a target for LEDs to account for 30 percent of the domestic general lighting market by 2015, more than triple the current level. That would cut annual coal use by 35 million tonnes, according to official estimates. If half of China's lights were LEDs, the electricity saved would be 2.5 times that of the annual output of China's Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest hydropower project by capacity, analysts say. But domestic demand is weak. Despite subsidies and the promise of reduced power bills over time, Chinese households have been slow to switch to LEDs because they are still much more expensive to buy than conventional lights. Quality issues have also hurt consumer confidence. At least 20 percent of Chinese LED lighting firms may be forced out of business, according to industry experts and even some LED company officials. "Many small LED lighting companies are suffering and may not see light at the end of the tunnel," said Wei Li, board secretary of Dongguan Kingsun Optoelectronic Co Ltd (002638.SZ), a leading Chinese LED street lighting manufacturer. "There won't be so many enterprises five to 10 years from now," she told Reuters by phone from the firm's headquarters in the city of Dongguan in southern Guangdong province, an LED manufacturing centre. Industry consolidation may temporarily disrupt the world's LED supply chain given 60 to 70 percent of China's capacity is built for exports, analysts say. But in the long run, the shakeout should lead to a healthier Chinese LED industry and hence better quality products. Shares of the more than two dozen Chinese LED players listed in China and Hong Kong, some of which attracted private equity investment before their listings, have tumbled as their profits evaporated. Ledman Optoelectronic Co Ltd (300162.SZ) is down 48 percent from a March peak, and Shenzhen Unilumin Group Co Ltd (300232.SZ) has lost 37 percent. Foreign lighting titans including Philips Electronics NV (PHG.AS), Osram - partly owned by German engineering conglomerate Siemens AG (SIEGn.DE) - and General Electric Co (GE.N) should emerge as winners due to their financial clout and technical expertise, industry experts say. Philips and Osram, which have traditionally focused on conventional lighting in China, have ramped up production of LEDs. Osram, which employs 8,000 people in China, started construction of its first-ever LED chip packaging plant in China in August, a 100,000-square-metre complex in the eastern city of Wuxi, using chips made in Germany and Malaysia. Domestic winners may include Kingsun, Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co Ltd (000541.SZ), NVC Lighting Holding Ltd (2222.HK), Elec-Tech International Co Ltd (002005.SZ), Shenzhen Unilumin and Shenzhen Refond Optoelectronics Co Ltd (300241.SZ), analysts say. So far, LEDs are mainly used in street lighting, shopping malls, upscale hotels and office buildings. To accelerate a broader shift to efficient lighting, China in October started to phase out wasteful incandescent bulbs, joining other countries like the United States and Japan. The diodes, semiconductors that convert electrical current into light, are much more efficient than the two dominant products for home and commercial lighting, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and incandescent bulbs. LED lights are longer lasting and up to 10 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Some industry experts predict that within 10 years, these lights will deliver more environmental and economic benefits than any other clean technology, including high-voltage power transmission, electric vehicles, smart grids or renewable power. In North America, LED-based lights account for about 8 percent of the general lighting market, according to a 2012 report on the global LED sector from consultants McKinsey. The use of these lights in the United States alone has saved 2.6 terawatt hours of power per year, equivalent to the electricity needed to power over 200,000 average U.S. households, according to a 2011 research report prepared by Navigant Consulting Inc for the U.S. Department of Energy. In China, the world's top energy consumer and carbon emitter, general lighting accounts for 12 percent of annual electricity consumption. About 70 percent of China's electricity is generated from coal. Despite the anticipated shakeout, Beijing remains committed to the industry. The Ministry of Science and Technology said last summer it planned to create a 500 billion yuan ($80.23 billion) LED lighting industry by 2015. It also plans to nurture 20 to 30 technologically competitive industry leaders involved in LED chip making, packaging or fixture manufacturing, and nominated the sector - now with an annual output value of about 200 billion yuan ($32.09 billion)- to receive further government support. It did not identify the leading firms. Ben Lin, senior analyst at international LED consultancy LEDinside in Shenzhen, said they may include some listed companies as well as unlisted players such as Shenzhen Spark Optoelectronics S&T Co, Shenzhen Collection Enterprises Co and French-invested Zhongshan Juneng Hi-tech Optoelectronics & Lighting Co. Chinese LED makers currently rely heavily on foreign companies for chips, which account for half of the production cost of the lights. Bringing that technology back home would help reduce costs. Lower costs and advances in technology are crucial if China is to meets its LED goals. Reflecting a global trend, the Chinese LED lighting market will likely see a compound annual growth rate of over 40 percent through 2016, making up 46 percent of the country's overall general lighting industry, the McKinsey report said. "I believe the LED era will come one day," said Zhu Jianqin, executive director of Hong Kong-listed TCOrient Lighting Holdings Ltd (0515.HK), which is mainly involved in LED road lighting manufacturing.
Learn About the Using and Installation of LED Lighting for Your Places. a Quick Guide for You.
Generally, the light requirements for different places are different. In accordance to their use LED Lights are characterized into two categories:Indoor Lights.Outdoor Lights.Indoor Lights:Indoor Lights are made for indoor places like rooms, halls, offices etc. These lights are specially designed according to the indoor environments to light up the interiors as per requirements.Indoor lights include:LED BulbsLED DownlightsLED Tube RodsLED Panel LightsLED Batten LightsOutdoor Lights:Outdoor lights are designed to meet outdoor lighting requirements with greater power and lumens to give maximum brightness. At open places there is less reflection available due to which more light is required. Hence these lights are high powered with bigger sized chip.Outdoor Lights include:Flood LightsStreet LightsDifferent areas and their Lighting requirements:Offices:Offices are working places and require brighter white light to keep the working environment fresh bright. At normal and small offices there are mostly downlights used in roofs or celling and bulbs are also used at some offices while at offices having large halls, there are LED panels used to meet the lighting needs. Tube rods can also be used with wall or roof mounted fittings. There are lot of smart and elegant designed fittings available to be used according to the places. Lights used in Office are mostly with above 6000 K.Homes:At homes there isn't that much bright light required as in offices. Mostly there LED bulbs and LED downlights are used. Tube Rods are also used in halls and TV launch. Lights at home mostly have color temperature round about 4000K while below 3000k is also used in living rooms or rest places to provide relaxed environment.At outdoors like Lawns, LED Flood lights are used according to the area. Normally 50 watt Flood Light is used domestically.Industry:For industry higher lumens of light are required per square feet. Hence there are mostly LED Bulbs and Tube rods used according to the requirement. At outdoor and in bigger halls flood light suits the best. Moreover, at parking areas and passages Flood light or street lights both can be used.Streets and Roads:For streets and roads there is requirement of high power lights. Hence LED Street light best suits there. It is specially designed for such place·RELATED QUESTIONI didn't get Google Glass Explorer Edition. Is trying to learn Glass dev without the hardware a futile effort?No, you can still learn the fundamentals of Glass development without the hardware.There are three main approaches for accomplishing this:1) Visit the Mirror API documentation, get into the playground, and start hashing up some code. Download the PHP, Java, and Python library, whichever you're most comfortable with. Familiarize yourself with the jargon and converntions (timeline, bundles, menus, etc). Read the support documentation (second link below) to see how the Glass hardware actually functions. Build some apps to this specification. Soon enough, you will find a friend with hardware to t
High Quality Full Color LED Display Screen Production Requirements-News-LED DISPLAY,LED LIGHTING
With a full-color LED display the scope of application of expanded constantly, extending the application areas, people for the quality of the display screen full color LED more and more is also high. So to the high quality LED display, manufacturers need to do the job? At present, according to our country the LED display industry standard "the LED display general specification SJ/T11141" and "electronic gauges 2 S reliability test GBll463" on the LED display in the reliability test was, in fact, it is difficult to realize not less than 10000 hours MTBF the reliability requirement, more can not meet the requirement of high reliability LED display. And to do with high quality LED display, need the matching products material should have improved greatly, and the research and design in the process to have to include into heat, reasonable and advanced technique. 1, Insist on using the mature, and standardized technology In LED technology is used on the advanced technology of mature; Design to ensure that all devices processing drop the forehead work of the state; Reliability the use of reasonable operation model: the complete process of standard; In the scheme on full consideration of the index rationality, not blind pursue meaningless high index; In the light Devices and drive chip choice, using quality materials; Screen body structure on the modular, standardization; In the components on the choice of equipment, consider quality brand. Adopt the most advanced high-definition image and signal processing system put in, ensure video hi-fi reduction. The single point brightness correction technology, that is, through the regulation of the current pulse width each LED to control the pixel luminance, realize the whole screen brightness-cause. Single light color correction technology: make the LED display screen shows the true nature colour, realize the true color reduction; Each pixel color coordinates of the same color the error between the train X, yWhat is the Apple part number for the led display used in an Imac 17"? After all, are not they the "experts" and geniuses"?
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How Palm Oil Contributes To Environmental DestructionAn estimated 50% of supermarket products, including make-up and hygiene products and household foods contain palm oil. Environmentally-conscious consumers are frustrated by its seemingly inescapable presence. Where does palm oil come from, how is it harmful to the environment and what actions are being taken by governments, businesses and customers?The palm from which this edible vegetable oil is obtained is native to Africa. Specimens were brought to South-East Asia just over 100 years ago, finding an ideal habitat to take root in.Amongst the 42 producing countries, Indonesia and Malaysia currently make up over 85% of the global supply of palm oil.Given that palm oil is in about 50% of supermarket products, individuals may wonder why they do not see it listed as an ingredient on their shampoo or other everyday items. Derivatives can appear under many names, disguising their presence in everyday off-the shelf products.Take decyl glucoside, sodium lauryl sulfate and cetearyl alcohol, for example. Nothing in the chemical terminology gives away the fact that these widely-used compounds are all byproducts of palm oil. There are around 170 different names used to disguise palm oil on packaging.You might also like: The Plight of the Orangutans: Finding Hope in an Uncertain FutureIn a January 2019 report, The World Health Organisation warned that alternative names for palm oil and unclear labelling means that "consumers may be unaware of what they are eating or its safety".It compared the palm oil industry to "Big Tobacco", suggesting that the palm oil industry is deploying similar tactics to influence research into the health effects of its products."These tactics - like establishing lobbying structures in political and economic hubs, fighting regulations, attempting to undermine reliable sources of information and using poverty alleviation arguments - are similar to those pursued by the tobacco and alcohol industries" it reports. "However, the palm oil industry receives comparatively little scrutiny".The Malaysian Government has since asked the WHO to pull the report, which is calls "biased"."We view the article as half-truths, un-scholarly, flawed and utterly biased against palm oil, with suspected intention of demonising the palm oil industry," stated the Ministry of Primary Industries.Why is palm oil bad for the environment?While the health benefits of pail oil have been disputed, one thing is certainly clear: palm oil plantations are a major driver of deforestation of some of the world's most biodiverse ecosystems, severely degrading the environment and affecting the carbon sinks of the world that leads to catastrophic impact on forests, endangered animals and climate changePalm tree plantations have a life-cycle of 28-30 years. After this time, the trees reach a height of over 12 meters, making them uneconomical to harvest the fruits from which the oil is derived from. They are then cut and replaced by new trees.It is estimated that up to 300 football fields forest globally are cleared every hour to make room for palm plantations, destroying the habitat of already critically endangered species like the orangutan, Sumatran tiger and rhino.Forest loss, because of all the carbon contained in living organisms, coupled with conversion of carbon-rich peatlands, emits millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, further contributing to climate change.NASA researchers say that accelerated slash and burn forest clearing in Borneo contributed to the largest single-year global increase in carbon emissions in two millenniums, which transformed Indonesia into the world's fourth-largest source of carbon emissions.Ironically, palm oil was supposed to help save environment degradation. A decade ago, Western nations mandated the use of vegetable oil in biofuels, in an ambitious move to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and curb global warming.Domestic pressure from rural constituencies played a part. America's agricultural industry had been heavily lobbying to enter the energy sector to create a marketplace alternative to its natural food supply chain.Then-President George W. Bush posited that biofuels, particularly corn-derived ethanol and biodiesel made from vegetable oil, would power our future mobility, increasing the country's energy independence from foreign oil.The Energy Policy Act passed in 2005 contained the first provisions for the Renewable Fuel Standards, requiring transportation fuel sold in the United States to contain a minimum volume of renewable fuel.But the legislation encouraging biofuels was drawn up based on an incomplete accounting of the true environmental costs, ignoring scientific warnings that the policies could have the opposite of their intended effect.Biodiesel production in the US subsequently jumped from 250 million gallons to 1.5 billion gallons between 2006 and 2016. While domestic soy-bean production was diverted to meet the lucrative biofuel demand, the food industry replaced the increasingly expensive soy-based ingredients with a cheaper substitute: palm oil.Indonesian and Malaysian palm oil flooded western markets, with a crippling effect on the tropical rainforests.Emboldened by the unprecedented palm oil boom, large corporations cornered the market and started acquiring more land to expand production. It led to today's ongoing industrial-scale deforestation - and a huge spike in carbon emissions.Indonesia continues its environmental rollback, even though the country is seen as crucially important to the success of the Paris accord to cut global carbon emissions.The government announced in December 2018 plans to build more than 100 coal-fired power plants, and expand the production of palm oil for local biofuel consumption."They are doing some good things, but it is not enough, said Teguh Surya, who works an local environmental NGO, referring to Indonesia's efforts to restore carbon-rich peatlands and a suspension on partial forest clearing."Palm oil expansion is still in planning, on the ground we found some peat areas still open for plantation and there is still weaknesses in law enforcement."Fortunately for eco-conscious consumers, a quick internet research and brand selectiveness can go a long way to steer clear of products that may contribute to unsustainable practices.The Rainforest Foundation UK Palm Oil Guide provides a comprehensive list of sustainable companies and specific supermarket products for customers to shop more responsibly.A handy consumer app, Buycott allows buyers across the world to scan the barcode of a product to find out its exact content and how sustainable it is.Consumers can also look out for Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified products, as well as those containing organic palm oil.In large numbers, more environmentally aware consumers can essentially force companies to clean up their act by boycotting corporations outed for unsustainable production- as in the cases of Nestle, Ferrero and Unilever.To encourage change in the industry and mitigate the substance's impact on the environment, "the solution is for big brands to only buy palm oil from responsible growers that protect rainforests", says Diana Ruiz, senior palm oil campaigner for Greenpeace. "And it is available".
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