What's the History of the Collapse of the Soviet Union?

A number of factors, economic, political and social. I agree with the previous two responders to this question, but they do not identify the specific factor. If you are an empire, which is what the USSR was, you cannot show weakness of any kind. In Hungary in 1956 and in Czechoslovakia in 1968, rebellions against Soviet rule were crushed with the utmost brutality. In Poland, in 1989, when the same sort of thing happened at the dockyards under union leader Lech Walensa (sp?) the USSR was poised to respond as it had before, but the pope of the Catholic Church was a Pole, Pope John Paul II, whom I had the honor to meet in 1987 in a private audience, and he got on the phone to the then leader of the USSR, whoever that was, there was a succession of geriatrics in the role, and said, You invade Poland, and I, as head of the Roman Catholic Church, will be in the front lines, in full vestments, and you will have to shoot me down in front of the eyes of the entire world as I defend my country, The USSR backed down, in a show of weakness and fear, which is what an empire can never do, and the rest played out as we all know

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Who do you think had the most responsibility for the War of the Five Kings: Littlefinger, Cersei or Joffrey?

Littlefinger. He set up the events that led to the war. He had Jon Arryn poisoned, manipulated Ned into taking the handship, made him and Catelyn paranoid about the Lannisters, and it is implied he talk Joffrey into having him executed. But war was probably inevitable anyway and Littlefinger just got it started a little faster.

Stannis had discovered the truth about Cersei's children and left for his seat in Dragonstone to prepare to make a move. Renly and the Tyrells were scheming to replace Cersei with Margaery which would have sparked a war with the Lannisters. Tywin somehow knew the war was coming sooner rather than later, and he had the foresight to hire the Brave Companions and bring them to Westeros. Over on Pyke, Balon Greyjoy was quietly rebuilding the Iron Islands military strength waiting for the right time to strike. Varys and Illyrio were scheming to create enough instability for either Aegon or Viserys to capitalize on. And Doran Martell was secretly planning his revenge on House Lannister. Even in the North where Ned Stark was a loyal vassal to Robert Baratheon, Ned's bannermen whispered behind his back and spread coded Northern nationalist folk tales like the Knight of the Laughing Tree preparing the smallfolk for a return to Northern independence.So Littlefinger lit the match, but Westeros was an unstable powder keg that was going to go off sooner or later


What was the cheapest invention made that made millions or better yet billions?

In 1956 while at a Fourth of July picnic at his sister's pool, Milton Levine spotted a mound of ants. This inspired him to found Uncle Milton's Toys, which is best known for its Uncle Milton's Ant Farm. After recalling his collection of ants as a kid, he said, "We should make an antarium.

"According to WikipediaThe original ant farms were sold for $1.29 and were contained in a six by nine-inch ant farm. Business boomed after advertisements on after school programs prompted thousands of shipments a week. After the child bought the ant farm, they had to mail a request for a shipment of 25 ants, which arrived in a vial a few weeks later.Levine thought of the name of the company by saying "Someone said that if I've got all these ants, then I must be the uncle."At the time of his death, over 20 million units were sold, with a growth rate of 30,000 a month. He once said about the success of his business in 1991: "Most novelties, if they last one season, its a lot. If they last two seasons, its a phenomenon. To last 35 years is unheard of."In 2010, Uncle Milton Industries, based in Westlake Village, Calif.

, was sold to the Transom Capital Group for more than $20 million.Also check out Levine NYT profile: Milton M. Levine, Inventor of Ant Farm, Dies at 97.


What are some examples of very smart people making very poor decisions?

The Concept of Sunk Costs not being applied when Necessary.I had a buddy that was an MIT Graduate and wanted to be an entrepreneur. He started this Tech Start-up and kept funneling money into even though it wasnt profitable. It reached a point where he really should have quit and the business wasnt salvageable from a financial stand point. However, he kept stating that he had already invested all this time and money into the start up and so he has to continue to persevere.Now Im sure logically he was aware of the sunk cost principle and understood all the time and money he put into his start up had already been spent and could not be given back so logically the amount of time and money he put into the start up already should not have factored into his decision-making process.

However because he had never really experienced true failure before his Ego got in the way and kept telling him to pour more money and effort into a failed start-up.Eventually he came to his senses and got out but he wasted more time and money then he needed to but he kept justifying his continuation of trying to save a failed company because of the time and money he had already put into the start-up.Crazy how a guy that was smart enough to get into MIT and Graduate could not apply such a basic principle in his own life.


What's the dumbest question you've seen on school homework?

So this was on an exam.I didnt personally go through this but it was a popular story in mythe course was a Philosophy course, there was quite a bit of memorization required if you want to do well in this course. So when the final exam approached, everyone is memorizing their brain off.

Then the final exam had an essay part, which covers about 60% of the exam. The essay question isWhy?(flip table violentlyThat will probably be my initial response if I were the person writing the exam. I spent all those all-nighters remembering every single word on the book and what is this s.

..(more)Upvote 3839ShareRecommendedAllSponsored by HotjarSee how your visitors are really using your website.Hotjar is a quick and easy way to really understand your website visitors. Try it for free!Learn more at hotjar.comWatson Reynolds, Professional teenagerUpdated May 4This is, by far, the pinnacle of ridiculousness I have ever seen on a school assignment.

This ingenious question is the result of the musings of my old science teachera science teacher who spoke about how the blue tiles in his room were trap doors that led to pits where vicious Smurfs would eat you. He even has his own fictional country called the Kingdom of Alterwania. You know, hes that type ofcase anybodys curious, d was the correct answer, even though a made infinitely more sense if you paid close attention during science class.


Who was/is the most personally honorable President in U.S. history? Did his character and integrity make a real positive difference, or did it hobble his ability to either compromise or be decisive?

My vote is in agreement with those who chose Jimmy Carter. As a man of faith who was determined to be an honorable president, he has been a good man, devoid of the ruthless demeanor that other presidents embraced. He was saddled with the economic aftermath of economic hardship caused, in part by governmental bungling . . . But also by the expenses incurred in the Vietnam War and the Arab oil embargo. Inflation climbed up to 22% per year at one point. Also, before his successor (Ronald Reagan) was inaugurated, the new envoy, Kissinger met with his Iranian counterpart to discuss the release of 52 American diplomats and citizens who were taken as hostages. That occurred over a year after the US embassy was overrun by rioting anti-American zealots in Tehran. Carter did order a feeble rescue attempt, but it failed miserably. Kissinger described Carter to the Iranians as a rational and reasonable pussy, whereas he said that Reagan wouldnt hesitate to nuke Iran out of existence. The hostages were released the moment Ronald Reagan was inaugurated.On the positive side, Jimmy Carter did accomplish what was thought to be impossible at the time. While the US economy was on the mend toward the end of his term, most notably, he brokered a peace deal between Egypt and Israel at Camp David in 1979.


What is the primary reason you vote for liberal candidates?

Messrs. Nehemiah Dodge, Ephraim Robbins, and Stephen S. NelsonA Committee of the Danbury Baptist Association, in the State of Connecticut.Washington, January 1, 1802Gentlemen, The affectionate sentiment of esteem and approbation which you are so good as to express towards me, on behalf of the Danbury Baptist Association, give me the highest satisfaction. My duties dictate a faithful and zealous pursuit of the interests of my constituents, and in proportion as they are persuaded of my fidelity to those duties, the discharge of them becomes more and more pleasing.Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legislative powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature would "make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," thus building a wall of separation between Church and State. Adhering to this expression of the supreme will of the nation in behalf of the rights of conscience, I shall see with sincere satisfaction the progress of those sentiments which tend to restore to man all his natural rights, convinced he has no natural right in opposition to his social duties.

I reciprocate your kind prayers for the protection and blessing of the common Father and Creator of man, and tender you for yourselves and your religious association, assurances of my high respect and esteem.Th Jefferson Jan. 1. 18026


What are some views on the recent death of IAS officer Mukesh Pandey?

It is very unbelievable that such an intelligent and high profile person committed suicide just because of incompatible relationship. Its not worth mentioning here that there are millions of people not happy with their married life due to various reasons , but they manage and still live with that. There may have various solutions to this problem.


??Although an IAS officer is supposed to be a good manager who manages the whole city , and to maintain peace between different religious organizations.An IAS is supposed to manage the critical and tough situations like public outrage, riots, rally, disaster management like floods and earthquakes, but IAS mukesh couldnt have managed his own home and relationship ?? this sounds weird!!I think he must have had psychiatric consultation before coming to any final decision .This incident reminds me of a saying from Bhagvat Geeta , when great people bycott KARMA, Great problems arisesI think IAS mukesh pandey have become an example for those who are depressed, frustrated and obsessed with their situations to take a cowardly way to run away instead of fighting and to end to end the story!!In my opinion their is always a way, when their is a will.

but ending your own life is not a solutioninstead it creates an inspiration to those who think to end their own life

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Knowledge About Collection Agency,Career of Collection Agency
Career of collection agencyWilliams spent nine years with McKinsey & Company, where her assignments included projects in London and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. After completing her MBA at Harvard Business School, she joined Mitchell Hutchins, Inc., as a securities analyst. She served five years as Contributing Editor of Institutional Investor magazine.From 1991 to 2001, Dr. Williams served as Director of Special Projects for Alliance Capital Management, where she was also a member of the Board of Directors.In 1999, White Williams ran unsuccessfully for the New York City City Council in District 4.Since 2001, Dr. Williams has worked as a full-time writer and researcher. Her articles have appeared in business periodicals and art journals, including American Artist, Business and Society, Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of the Print World, Mystery Readers Journal, Print Collectors Newsletter, Print Quarterly, South Magazine, and The Tamarind Papers.NovelsRestrike, the first novel in the Coleman and Dinah Green series, was published in 2013 by Delos, the fiction imprint of Axios Press and was reissued in 2014 by The Story Plant.Fatal Impressions, the second in the series, was published in April, 2014 by The Story Plant.Angels, a prequel to the series, was published in December, 2014.Bloody Royal Prints was published in July, 2015 by Tyrus Books.Print collectingIn 1975, Reba White Williams and Dave H. Williams began to collect American fine-art prints, focusing on the first half of the twentieth century. Over the next 33 years, utilizing Williams's research skills, they built a collection of more than 5,000 prints. Between 1987 and 2009, the Williamses organized, researched and oversaw the circulation of 18 exhibitions from the collection that traveled to more than 100 museums in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Japan.The Williamses created the Print Research Foundation in 1994 as a research and study facility on American prints. In December 2008, Reba and Dave Williams donated their American print collection of more than 5,200 works and the Print Research Foundation and its facilities (the building, library, and archives) to the National Gallery of Art. The collection was described as "unrivaled in scope," and Gallery Director Earl A. Powell III called it "a transformational acquisition".The annual Reba and Dave Williams Prize was created in 1993 for outstanding essays on American printmaking, as judged by the Editor and Editorial Board of Print Quarterly. The prize was last awarded in 2006. The couple also funded the documentary All About Prints, which aired on PBS stations in 2009.Willie Morris Award for Southern FictionSince 2007, Reba White Williams and Dave H. Williams have sponsored the Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction, named after the journalist and author Willie Morris. The award is given to a novel set in one of the original eleven Confederate States of America that reflects the spirit of Morris's work and stands out for the quality of its prose, its originality, its sense of place and period, and the appeal of its characters.An independent panel of judges votes on the award from books submitted for consideration. Recipients of the award include:2007: The King of Colored Town by Darryl Wimberley2008: City of Refuge by Tom Piazza2009: Secret Keepers by Mindy Friddle2010: Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter by Tom Franklin2011: If Jack's In Love by Stephen Wetta2012: A Short Time to Stay Here by Terry Roberts2013: Nowhere But Home by Liza Palmer2014: Long Man by Amy Greene2015: The Headmaster's Darlings: A Mountain Brook Novel by Katherine Clark With Special Recognition awarded to Sarah Addison Allen2016: Last Ride to Graceland by Kim WrightHonors and awardsWilliams has served on the Print Committees of The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, and The Whitney Museum. She served on the Editorial Board of Print Quarterly, and was named an Honorary Keeper of American Prints by the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge University. Williams also served as President of the New York City Art Commission, and as Vice Chairman of the New York State Council on the Arts.She has also received awards including:1988: The Augustus Graham Medal, presented on behalf of the Brooklyn Museum of Art Board of Trustees, for outstanding support of the arts1997: The Polish Order of Merit, Cavalier of the Grand Cross of Poland, First Class, honoring contributions to the financial industry in Poland2000: Swan Award for lifetime achievement for furthering the arts both nationally and internationally, Cheekwood Museum2000: Pratt Institute, Pratt Legend2001: Gold Medal Award from the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute2016: Honorary Degree from The Graduate Center, CUNY------Inspection and guardianship of Rights Procedures of collection agencySpanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD)Year 2012In 2012 complaints filed with the AEPD, increased by 12%. The activity of the Agency has grown significantly in 2012, with an increase of 15% in the files registered and almost 40% in the resolutions issued. The allegations of identity theft, especially in the supply and commercialization of energy and water (222%) and in telecommunications (92%), have experienced a substantial increase. Of the 863 infringement decisions declared to private managers, more than 34% concluded in a warning, without imposing a penalty. On the other hand, most of the sanctions affect the telecommunications sector, which represents 73% of the total. Three of the main operators accumulate 70.94% of the total amount of fines.Year 2011In 2011, reported complaints were 51.6% higher than those filed in 2010. This increase is also reflected in the increase in declaratory resolutions of infringement of 37.7%. However, the application of the figure of the warning has determined a decrease of 14.5% in the declared economic sanctions. The sector where sanctions have increased most (64%) and have been declared to a greater extent (25.5%) and amount, (63%) is that of telecommunications. The amount of sanctions has grown by 12% compared to 2010.Year 2009In 2009 they increased by more than 75% of the complaints received, which reached the figure of 4,136, and the number of requests for protection of rights, by 58%. 709 sanctioning procedures were resolved, of which 621 ended with sanction with a total amount of 24.8 million euros.Source: Memory of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) for the years 2007, 2008, 2009.Year 2008In 2008 the number of facts reported to the AEPD (together with officio investigations initiated) increased by more than 45%, reaching the value of 2362. AEPD resolved in 2008 a total of 630 sanctioning procedures, almost 58% more than in 2007, of which 535 culminated with the imposition of sanctions. The fines imposed amounted to 22.6 million euros, representing an increase of 15% over the previous year.The number of procedures solved of declarations of infraction committed by the public administrations rose in 2008 almost 20% with respect to the previous year, going from 66 to 79, of which 59 ended with a declaration of infraction.Year 2007In 2007 the Spanish Agency for Data Protection resolved 399 sanctioning procedures, increasing by 32.5% with respect to the previous year. The economic sanctions imposed by the AEPD amounted to 19600000 euros.Autonomous data protection agenciesYear 2007The Data Protection Agency of the Community of Madrid carried out 196 inspection procedures and 32 procedures for the protection of rights in 2007.The Basque Data Protection Agency-Datuak Babesteko Euskal Bulegoa (AVDP-DBEB), resolved 43 complaints and 18 infringement procedures in 2007.Ibero-American Data Protection NetworkThe Ibero-American Data Protection Network (RIPD), since its creation in 2003, has developed an intense and fruitful work, such as the organization of ten meetings. In addition to contributing to that more than 150 million Latin American citizens currently have, along with the traditional protection of habeas data, rules that allow to effectively guarantee the use of their personal information and specialized authorities with powers to protect said guarantee.In Latin America policies are being developed for the protection of personal data. In 2012 two new laws were approved. In Nicaragua, Law No. 787 of Protection of Personal Data, of March 29, 2012 and Statutory Law No. 1581 of October 17, 2012, by which general provisions for the Protection of Personal Data are issued.In Chile, also Law 19.628, of August 28, 1999, on Protection of Private Life, is currently in the process of reviewing part of its articles.The National Assembly of Venezuela is processing the bill for the Protection of Personal Data of Habeas Data. And in Costa Rica there is already a Data Protection Agency of the Republic of Costa Rica, in compliance with the law approved in 2011.------Types of collection agencyAs cinderella stamps are defined by what they are not, there are many different types and the term is usually construed fairly loosely. Items normally regarded as falling within the area are poster stamps, propaganda labels, commemorative stickers, stamps issued by non-recognised countries or governments, charity labels like Christmas seals and Easter seals, most telegraph stamps, some railway stamps, some local stamps and purely decorative items created for advertising or amusement.Revenue stamps may be considered cinderellas, but as they are normally issued by an official government agency, they tend to be classified separately. Some telegraph, railway and other stamps may also be issued by government agencies but still fall under the cinderella umbrella since they are not for postal purposes.Local stampsLocal stamps have a long history and began to be issued soon after the invention of the postage stamp. Zemstvo stamps were issued in rural areas of the Russian Empire (c. 18601917), and local stamps have been issued in many other countries. Many local stamps performed a genuine postal function where the national post was lacking. Other locals, however, amount to nothing more than colourful labels.In the United Kingdom many local carriage labels have been issued by offshore islands, which in some cases had a genuine use to pay for transport of the mail to the mainland by ferry. Others were produced simply to sell to collectors and tourists. Usually they had to be placed on the back of the envelope, with a conventional stamp on the front to pay for onward delivery by the official postal service. Islands for which such labels have been issued include the Summer Isles, Lundy and the Calf of Man.Hotel stamps may also be regarded as a form of local stamp.Political and propaganda stampsWhile it is common to find patriotic sentiments on official stamps, the term propaganda stamp is usually used to mean unofficial stamps produced to promote a particular ideology, or to create confusion within an enemy state. Stamps with encouraging slogans have been attached to letters for prisoners of war, or troops serving abroad.Sometimes stamps are issued by breakaway governments, governments in exile or micronations in order to give themselves greater legitimacy; however, these stamps usually have no postal validity and are therefore cinderella items. The Indian National Army (Azad Hind) produced ten stamps as part of their campaign.From 1951 to 1966, UNESCO issued a series of 41 "gift stamps". Considered to be cinderellas, they were produced to raise money for the organization. The series is unusual in being an international cooperative effort. Most are readily available from specialized dealers.Illustrator and anarchist Clifford Harper, whose family had an occupational history in the postal service, designed stamps "for post-revolutionary post" bearing the image of anarchist figures such as Pierre-Joseph Proudhon ("property is theft"), Oscar Wilde, Emma Goldman and Emiliano Zapata. Colin Ward, along with Harper, published a book in 1997 called Stamps: Designs For Anarchist Postage Stamps, containing an essay by Ward on the subject of anarchists and postage stamps. Fund-raising stamps with anti-state messages have appeared within labor unions such as the ones printed by the Confederacin Nacional del Trabajo, and the Industrial Workers of the World.The Jewish National Fund had been publishing its own stamps since 1901, promoting the ideology of Zionism - see .Non-official railway stampsIn the United Kingdom, the railway letter service, a special facility offered by most British railway companies since 1891, produced a great variety of stamps and labels, which were originally an official requirement of the service. Current officially licensed Heritage railway-operated services include the Festiniog Railway Letter Service. United Kingdom railway letter stamps almost always specify a fee (often, even in Victorian times, priced higher than the current postage fee, which additionally had to be paid with regular postage stamps) for the use of this official and once-important British postal facility.
Knowledge About Farm House: Later Career of Farm House
Later career of farm houseBoyd was nominated for Governor of Kentucky in 1848, but declined to run and was replaced by Lazarus W. Powell. In 1852 he moved to Paducah. He was mentioned as a candidate for Vice President of the United States at the 1856 Democratic National Convention, but was never officially nominated; the eventual nominee was fellow Kentuckian John C. Breckinridge.Kentucky voters elected Boyd the 16th Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky in 1859, but he died shortly thereafter. This became significant with the onset of the Civil War. Governor Beriah Magoffin, who supported slavery, secession and states' rights, became increasingly unpopular and distrusted as Kentucky sought to maintain a neutral course between the Union and the Confederate States of America. Unionists held a two-thirds majority in both houses of the Kentucky General Assembly in summer 1861 and frequently overrode Magoffin's vetos. By August 1862 Magoffin made it clear that he was willing to resign the governorship. However, due to Linn Boyd's death, the person next in line to become Governor of Kentucky was Speaker of the Senate John F. Fisk, whom Magoffin thought unacceptable. After Fisk resigned as Speaker and was replaced by James F. Robinson, Magoffin resigned. Thus, Robinson became governor and Fisk was reinstalled as Speaker of the Senate.------John Read (Connecticut politician) of farm houseJohn Reed (1633 1730) was a member of the Connecticut House of Representatives from Norwalk, Connecticut Colony in the May 1715 and October 1717 sessions.He was the son of James Reed.He was an officer in Oliver Cromwell's new model army, and a soldier from the age of sixteen. When Charles II of England was restored to the throne, Reed left for America. He settled first in Providence, Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. In Providence, he married Anne Samson Derby. He later moved to Rye, Province of New York, in 1684, where he lived for three or four years. He then established himself in the western part of Norwalk, at a house he built on the eastern side of the Five Mile River, north of the Old Post Road and nearly two miles from the Long Island Sound at a place called Reed's Farms. His name is found among the records of the town of Norwalk in 1687. John Reed was admitted to the bar in 1708 in Norwalk, Connecticut. His house was used for a meeting place for some years. His wife died and he married again to the Widow Scofield from Stamford.He died in Norwalk, in the ninety-eighth year of his age, in 1730, and was interred in a tomb on his own farm.------Nat Patton of farm houseNat Patton (February 26, 1881 July 27, 1957), also known as "Cousin Nat", was a Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from the 7th District of Texas from 1935 to 1945.Patton was born on a farm near tiny Tadmor in Houston County near Crockett in east Texas. He attended rural schools and Sam Houston Normal School in Huntsville. He taught in the rural and high schools from 1899 to 1918. He was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1912, attended law school at the University of Texas at Austin, was admitted to the bar in 1918, and began his law practice in Crockett.During the First World War, Patton enlisted in the United States Army but was never sworn in because the armistice was signed. Patton was elected in 1918 as county judge of Houston County and served until 1922. He served in the Texas State Senate from 1929 to 1934. He was also a delegate to the Texas Democratic state conventions in 1924 and 1935. In 1934, Patton was elected to the Seventy-fourth and then to the four succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1935 January 3, 1945). Patton was defeated for renomination in 1944 by Tom Pickett, and resumed the practice of law in Crockett until his death; he is interred there in Evergreen Memorial Park.He was a member of the Miller group in Washington.------Nicholas Schoenenberger House and Barn of farm houseThe Nicholas Schoenenberger House and Barn is a historic residence located south of Winterset, Iowa, United States. Nicholas and Louisa (Tinnis) Schoenenberger were both natives of what is now Germany and acquired the title to this farm in 1856. He worked the land until the late nineteenth century, and died here in 1902. Since his death the house has been vacant for long periods of time. This house is an early example of a vernacular limestone farmhouse. The two-story gable structure is composed of locally quarried finished cut stone on the public facades, the quoins, and the jambs. Rubble stone is used on the other elevations. It also features dressed lintels and window sills. Because it is located on a south facing hillside, the house has a split-level appearance. Because it shares characteristics with other stone houses built in Madison County by local stonemason Caleb Clark, he may have been responsible for its construction. The lower level of the English-style barn is composed of coursed limestone rubble, and the upper level is composed of board-and-batten siding. It is located in a German-style hill setting. The house and barn were listed together on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.------History of farm houseThe community was established in the 1870s near a bend on the Colorado River and named Bowser Bend. The community was based around the farm of Mr. Sim Witted and the local ford of the Colorado was called Whitted Crossing. They had a Farmer Alliance store, a school house, a church, a post office, and even a cotton gin, but as buildings were frequently destroyed by flooding, starting in the late 1880s when the school house burned, new buildings were erected on higher ground about a mile and a half south of Bowser Bend, with the new elevation at 1312ft. A new post office opened there in 1892 and operated until 1921, when mail came out of the Mercury Post Office, some 8 miles to the west. Today, Bowser lies near the intersection of Farm Roads 45 and 765.With the advent of good paved roads, the population shrank. By the 1980s, Bowser was mostly a ghost town, with only two abandoned residences and the old school house still standing, but the Methodist church was still in use. The Church of Christ church, the Baptist church and the Holiness tabernacle had all been torn down. However, beginning in the 1990s and following, people seeking rural locations moved into the area.------Canal and railways of farm houseThe Wilts and Berks Canal, opened in this area in 1801, completed in 1810 and abandoned in 1914, passed through the far south of the parish on its route to Swindon. Tockenham Reservoir, on both sides of the boundary with Lyneham parish, supplied the canal with water. A flight of seven locks lifted the canal over rising ground; restoration of four of these was started in 2005.The Great Western Main Line, Brunel's route from London to Bath and Bristol, was built just to the north of the canal and opened in 1841. In 1903 the more direct route to South Wales was completed with the opening of the Badminton line, diverging from the older line at Wootton Bassett and passing close to the south of Brinkworth village. Both lines are still in use.Brinkworth railway stationBrinkworth station, on the southern outskirts of the village near the road to Dauntsey and Grittenham, was opened at the same time as the Badminton Line in 1903. There were two platforms with buildings of brick and stone, a footbridge, goods yard and cattle pens, and a station master's house next to the road. Traffic (both goods and passengers) was always light and the station closed in 1961. The station was demolished but the house remains as a private residence.------Agricultural village of farm houseIn 1846 a wealthy Englishman, Herbert Vigne, bought Weltevreden. He established a freehold agricultural village on Weltevreden in 1854, keeping two small portions for himself and bequeathing the remainder of the farm as commonage. He named the village "Greyton", after Sir George Grey, the then Governor of the Cape.Village layoutThe layout of the village was designed and set out by J G Rietz, a senior surveyor at the time, and remains essentially the same with only a few changes and additions through the years. The various sized properties were made available to buyers of any race, nationality or religion at affordable prices. This was the only town in the Cape in which such land with full title deeds, water rights and grazing rights was for sale to anyone.In the 1860s Herbert married a young girl of British stock named Elizabeth Belshaw 27 years his junior. They settled on their farm, De Bos, in the village (subsequently subdivided by his heirs after his death in 1895). Within fifty years, a dedicated community of people had built houses, established businesses and smallholdings, opened a school and built two churches in the town. Here they lived together in peace, harmony and religious tolerance.------Garrett Withers of farm houseGarrett Lee Withers (June 21, 1884 April 30, 1953), a Democrat, represented Kentucky in the United States Senate and United States House of Representatives.Withers was born on a farm in Webster County, Kentucky. He was admitted to the bar in 1908 and was a practicing attorney in Webster County, 1911-1953. He was elected clerk of Webster County Circuit Court and served 1910-1912, and was master commissioner there 1913-1917. He served as a member of the Kentucky Highway Commission 1932-1936; as a Referee in Bankruptcy 1941-1945; and as an appointed commissioner for the Kentucky Department of Highways 1947-1949. He was appointed on January 20, 1949, as a Democrat to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Alben W. Barkley to become Vice President of the United States. Withers served from January 20, 1949, to November 26, 1950. Withers was not a candidate for election to the seat to which he was appointed.Withers won election to the Kentucky House of Representatives in 1951 and then won a special election (due to the death of Rep. John A. Whitaker) on August 2, 1952 to the United States House of Representatives. He served as a Democrat in the Eighty-second Congress and was reelected to the Eighty-third Congress. He served from August 2, 1952, until his death in the naval hospital at Bethesda, Maryland on April 30, 1953.------William Alvin Pittenger of farm houseWilliam Alvin Pittenger (December 29, 1885 November 26, 1951) was a United States Representative from Minnesota's 8th congressional district. He was born on a farm near Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana and attended rural schools. Pittenger graduated from Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana, in 1909, and from Harvard Law School in 1912. He was admitted to the bar in 1912 and opened a law practice in Duluth, Minnesota.Pittenger served as a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives from 1917 to 1920, and was elected as a Republican to the 71st and 72nd congresses, serving from March 4, 1929 until March 3, 1933. He ran unsuccessfully for reelection in 1932 and resumed his practice of law in Duluth, Minnesota. He was again elected to the 74th congress, in which he served from January 3, 1935 until January 3, 1937, but was defeated in his bid for reelection to the 75th congress in 1936. He served again in the 76th, 77th, 78th, and 79th congresses, from January 3, 1939 until January 3, 1947. In 1946 he lost his bid for re-election to the 80th Congress. He made one more attempt in 1950 to reclaim his old house seat, but was defeated 63% to 37%.After his retirement from politics, Pittenger again resumed the practice of law, and died in Duluth, Minnesota, on November 26, 1951. He is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery.
How to Remove Scratches From an Led Tv PLEASE!!!?
Try it very carefully, use a Q-tip and some toothpaste, rub the white spot, wipe with a soft rag, see what happens. It may work. Also, try rubbing alcohol, or DVD scratch remover1. How to connect Altec Lansing 5.1 speaker to LED TV?The simple answer is you do not . That is a PC speaker system, for a PC with discrete outputs. You need a surround receiver that has digital and HDMI inputs, and speaker system.2. What led TV brands are Reliable?Samsung, LG, Sony are top brands3. How high should i hang my led tv?Whatever looks good to you. We are not the ones that will be in your house looking at it. I personally have a 61" sitting on a stand and an lcd hanging about 8" down from an 8' ceiling. And I am satisfied with both, and that's all that matters since it's my house.4. Samsung led tv monitor wont display color on wii?i might like advise you to purchase Samsung LED . Why Use LED television : a million. uncomplicated setting up 2. Low capacity intake 3. vivid image 4. extra balanced colour saturation 5. No Mercury used as in another liquid crystal exhibit backlight structures. for extra data. approximately Samsung LED :5. Is it safe to buy a LED TV from Flipkart or Amazon?I bought a LG led tv from Flipkart. When installation team opened the box then we found a crack on display. At that time I raised a request for replacement. It has been around 2 months still I am waiting for replacement. Now I am regretting why did I purchase it from Flipkart. Same thing happened with me two times but I did not faced such type of problem from Amazon.Once I ordered from Amazon then they took more time for replacement that they had mentioned. That time they gave me full refund with product. #Amazon is far better then #Flipkart6. Can I play my PC games with LED TV?Yes you can. As long as your pc has a suitable output port which can be connected to your TV input port. In my case I used HDMI cable to connect my pc to the TV.I would not recommend playing FPS games though due to a high response rate. Enjoy. . :).7. I have difficulties choosing these two led tv:?as long as they are both full HD it wont make a difference so if they are both full hd just get the cheaper one8. What should I use for the highest quality on my xbox 360 with a 1080p LED tv?HDMI is a lot better than component,and there's no difference between a 15$ cable and a 100$ cable,i tested it and the quality is the same edit: nice cable,but as I said earlier you still can save 15-20$ easily:)9. is there a way to hook my desktop up to my flat screen, led tv without a vga port?Get a HDMI to VGA convertor. Radio shack and lots of others have it. May lose some resolution.VGA is not HDMI. Why buy out dated junk?10. What is the best LED TV brand?This became an identical subject with me until now a month and that i searched lots to get the main suitable and finally I have been given this and that i am quite pleased with this product Sony BRAVIA XBR KDL-32XBR9 32-Inch 1080p 120Hz liquid crystal demonstrate HDTV A sixteen:9 finished HD 1080p decision Panel can provide optimal decision from any HDTV source that can provide 1080p content fabric that's a super HDTV. hands down is between the main eye-catching reflects in this length. that's a quite severe-end HDTV meaning that's designed for use basically to view HD content fabric over a HDMI cables.11. What is the difference on a LCD TV and LED TV?lcd uses ccfl lights, while led tv's use edge lighting technology which makes the tv thinner12. How can I purchase LED TV & Mobile from Bangkok, if I go there can I formy business.?I am not sure I get your business plan but if you want to be selling electronics, you better be going direct to the manufacturer - not purchasing at a retail outlet in Bkk - the little I know of the electronics business is that there are amny many many places doing it and margins are low and competition is high... good luck
If Camilla Were Not in the Picture, Would Prince Charles and Diana's Marriage Have Lasted? Were Ther
I dont believe so.What people often miss is that, had Diana NOT had Dianas True Story published and followed that up with the Panorama interview, shed probably still be alive and Princess of Wales today, no matter how far apart she and Charles were.The Royal Family has a stalwart ability to endure unpleasant situations for a very long time. The senior royals anyway have been trained from birth to get over it and get on with it. Thats exactly what Charles would have done had Diana not gone public. If Diana had possessed the self-restraint and discretion necessary she would have been able to have a separate love life and retained her status.Thats not something I would have done. But I also wouldnt have gone public and then expected to be able to remain center stage. If had done something like that, which I pray God I would NEVER do, I would then automatically retire from public life. Anything else, besides perhaps consistent, low-profile charity work, would be damaging to the institution of the monarchy.And because Dianas actions WERE damaging to the monarchy, divorce became the only viable solution. Diana could not remain within the royal fold. She would have burned it down. And whatever you think of Charles, the rest of the family certainly didnt deserve that (I dont think Charles did either, but thats just me). Nor should the Crown be destroyed because of one disgruntled member. As an American, I personally believe the monarchy should not be removed except by the express will of the British electorate. If the Brits vote to remove the monarchy, well then they have to go. Domestic drama shouldnt be the cause however.In addition, Diana had very serious mental health issues. She herself claimed builimia. Thats a very serious, life-threatening condition. It isnt typically caused by a spouse but by the conditions experienced in a sufferers family of origin. The partners of anyone with a serious mental health issue suffer greatly unless that issue is being treated. Diana wasnt treated properly in the early days and there are some who believe she was never properly treated. That alone can destroy a marriage, anyones marriage. Add in the pressures of being royal and in the public eye and a divorce becomes almost inevitable.The interesting thing one writer pointed out was that her sister Sarah also suffered from an eating disorder. In her case, Sarah recovered after being hospitalized. IF Diana had been hospitalized and properly treated the marriage might have had a chance. And by that I mean no affairs on either side. The problem was Diana wasnt treated well. And being with someone with an untreated mental health issue or a poorly treated one is like living with an untreated addict. The addict will drag that partner down with them if the partner doesnt get out and save themselves.Harsh. But thats what it looks like from the multiple pro and anti Diana books Ive read. Bottom line: it wasnt down to Camilla. Camilla didnt cause Dianas bulimia. Charles didnt waste time with Camilla at the beginning of his marriage. His motto is anything for a peaceful life. This man gave up his friends for Diana. Do you really think he would have had a girlfriend on the side in those circumstances? Not until things got to the breaking point.Thats my opinion anyway. Note: I wont be going back and forth over this and I certainly wont be trashing Charles based on the two pieces of propaganda I mentioned above. So please spare both of us if thats your intent when planning to comment• Suggested ReadingDo libertarians believe that "Child Protective Services" can be privatized?Probably. Absolutely. And then pedophiles would be very happy and child slavery would be worse than it still is. But some of them also believe in privately owned nuclear weapons and other non-nuclear weapons platforms.Some also believe they own the airspace above any land they hold title to (believing they actually own the land, not just hold a title), all the way up to the end of the universe. Infinity, in other words. I could go on, so I will. Free access to all drugs.Yay! Pot smoking! Fine with me! Shoot some smack! Go right ahead! Lemme get some antibiotics, I got a cold! BZZZZZZZT! Wrong! Antibiotics have no effect on viral infections! But that's where Superbugs come from. Bacterial infections that are so resistant to antibiotics they kill the entire human race.Libertarians are wonderful utopians. Utopia, as you know, means "no such place." Like many utopians, some are completely out of touch with reality. Not all. Noam Chomsky is not out of his mind. He is probably in the top ten of public intellects on the planet. He self-identifies as a libertarian socialist. And for good reason. Libertarian."The use of the word libertarian to describe a new set of political positions has been traced to the French cognate, libertaire, coined in a letter French libertarian communist Joseph Déjacque wrote to mutualist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in 1857."Read Proudhon's Property ís Theft! sometime. Where do you think the false "taxation is theft" trope comes from? For hundreds of years, Kings, landlords and usurers have tried to mask this distinction Locke and most others believed in.What Locke said in the Second Treatise, Chapter V (On Property) sec. 25 was:"God, as king David says, Psal. cxv. 16. has given the earth to the children of men; given it to mankind in common."Sec. 26. God, who hath given the world to men in common, hath also given them reason to make use of it to the best advantage of life, and convenience. The earth, and all that is therein, is given to men for the support and comfort of their being. And tho' all the fruits it naturally produces, and beasts it feeds, belong to mankind in common, as they are produced by the spontaneous hand of nature; and no body has originally a private dominion, exclusive of the rest of mankind, in any of them, as they are thus in their natural state:...Sec. 27. Though the earth, and all inferior creatures, be common to all men, yet every man has a property in his own person: ...For his labor being the unquestionable property of the laborer, no man but he can have a right to what that is once joined to, at least where there is enough, and as good, left in common for others. - John Locke (1690)Incidentally, a statement from John Stuart Mill is often erroneously attributed to John Locke:When the sacredness of property is talked of, it should be remembered that any such sacredness does not belong in the same degree to landed property. AYou should read what Adam Smith said. All four of these men were in total agreement. And so believed most Americans, After reading Henry George's Progress and Poverty and his proposed Single Tax. And yet, you have never even heard of him. I'll leave you with this: The game Monopoly was created by students of Henry George, and when played by the rules invented by those who stole the game, it was designed to show you what not to do unless you want to have your streets full of homeless people who cannot afford a roof over their heads. Clearly, the concerns of the flyover states are incongruous with those of their fellow citizens in the urbs and burbs than anyone could have predicted 200 years ago, but even famous commie fighter and founder of conservatism's National Review William F. Buckley Jr. was a Georgist, when he was alive and a member of that group that share in the rarefied air of Chomsky and other top ten public intellects on the planet
Universals Diversity Initiatives Will now Be Led by Former Disney Executive Janine Jones-Clark
Universal Filmed Entertainment Group is looking to devote more resources into their diversity program. According to the LA Times, new hire, Janine "Jones-Clark will serve as senior vice president of the studio's newly created Global Talent Development and Inclusion department." She will report directly to Universal Chairman Donna Langley, a huge supporter of increasing diversity throughout the industry. This move comes on the heels of successful films including the "Fast & Furious" franchise and 2015's "Straight Outta Compton." proving their is an economic benefit to supporting more diversity projects.While Jones-Clark will look to bolster the talent department with more minority and female actors, the former Disney executive will also "oversee and expand programs such as Universal's fellowship for emerging writers and the Sundance FilmTwo Initiative, launched last year to offer filmmakers, especially women and directors of color, support on their second pictures. "The diversity push is not just limited to Universal as Warner Bros has also "started anew film workshop for aspiring directors in 2016 as a way to boost undiscovered and underrepresented talent." With recent smash hits like the New Edition documentary on BET, there is tons of money to be made in the stories of minorities in America. Now with better processes set up to receive and promote them, we may be seeing a dawn of a new lucrative era for big budget studios.• You May Also Want to KnowWhat Is the Equivalent of a L1154F Battery?For Panasonic, Maxell, Mallory, GP and Sony, the equivalent for an L1154F battery carries the designation of LR44. Eveready, Energizer, Philips, UCAR, Sony and EXELL sell an equivalent battery labelled A76. Duracell also makes an equivalent battery marked PX76A or 76A. An L1154F battery is a small alkaline 1.5-volt button cell, commonly used in LED flashlights, laser pointers, multimeters, watches, calculators and other small electrical devices. Similar-looking batteries are the MR44 mercury cell, the zinc-air PR44 and the silver-oxide SR44. While these batteries are the same size as the LR44, they are not always interchangeable as the nominal voltage is different in each.how do i take care of a salt water tank?does your led lighting system have red led's? becuase red led's have been know to sometimes cause red algea blooms. if so i recomend replacing your lighting system with eco tech radions there pricey but far worth it! and you can get rid of ur algea by just taking it of the rock, or by buying a fish that loves to munch of red algea, tangs love red algea!What Are The Purchase Considerations For LED Wall Washer Light?What Are The Purchase Considerations For LED Wall Washer Light? As a new type of energy-saving light source, LED has been widely used in lighting. It is energy-saving and has a long service life. It has been favored by consumers, but how many consumers really understand the purchase of LED Wall Washer Light? Today LED Wall Washer Manufacturer will introduce you to the purchase considerations for LED wall washers: 1, LED brightness (MCD) is different, the price is different. LEDs for LED Wall Washer Light should meet laser class I standards. 2. Leakage current LED is a unidirectional conductive illuminator. If there is reverse current, it is called leakage, LED with large leakage current, short life and low price. 3. LEDs with the same wavelength have the same color. If the color is consistent, the price is high. It is difficult for manufacturers without LED spectrophotometers to produce pure color products. 4. LEDs with different illumination angles have different illumination angles. Special lighting angle, the price is higher. Such as full diffusing angle, the price is higher.What is the best selling single from ColdplayThe single Viva La Vida certainly has led the album tracks thus far, with 3.921.000 copies - both CD and digital - (of which 2.106.434 in US, 35.000 in. Australia.), making it the best selling Coldplay single to date.Are the LED lights worth getting on the inside of Scion?I got the inside LED lights on my 06 XB when I ordered it new. I love them. They are not too bright like some people thought they might be. They are not too flashy, I consider myself conservative. They just light up the floorboard which makes it easier to see things at night without having to feel around for them. Mine has a switch so you can turn them off if you want, but I always leave mine on. I also got the led cup holder lights, those are just cool. If you have a bottle of water in it, it lights up. You can make it one color or set it to change all different colors. I don't know if that is still available but it is really cool. It's not tacky though, they just glow, they are not too bright.When did Walt Disney make the multiplane cameraThe first multiplane camera was completed in 1937. Its inventor was actually William Garity, a. Walt Disney. Studios employee who led the team of engineers responsible for the development and building of the multiplane camera. It was Walt. Disney.'s ideas that put the project into motion. Walt was awarded the patent in 1940.Vizio 32" LED will it work in India if I take it from US?I have vizio 3d 55 inch led tv in ghana. I bought a converter which is able to get the analog channels but not digital channels.any help on how to get free to air digital channels on my tv with the converteri want to wholesale some products like Bicycle Light、Bike Light、Diving Torch,give me a good company?LEDs are ideal for use in applications that are subject to frequent on off cycling, unlike fluorescent lamps that burn out more quickly when cycled frequently, or HID lamps that require a long time before restarting. LED Lights have the benefit of a super long life span of up to 80,000 hours which means you can cut maintenance costs as the lamps last up to 8-10 times longer than standard halogen lamps making them an ideal replacement. This makes LED Lights not only energy efficient but extremely cost effective as air conditioning use can be lowered. Some LED Lights can be operated by mains power, but when used with a Low Voltage LED Driver, LED Lights will produce more light output per watt.These LED Lamps Mimic Natural Light and Are Perfect for Back-to-SchoolAfter hours of working on your laptop (ooor watching cat videos on YouTube), you may start to feel like you are working twice as hard to see. That's because we tend to blink less when we are preoccupied by the computer, or any screen for that matter, causing us to stare at the screen for a longer period of time. This is called Computer Vision Syndrome, and it affects nearly 75% of people over 40 who use a computer daily. You could just turn on the light, right? Well, most households have adopted the LED lightbulb into homes, and while they are cost-effective, using less energy and lasting longer, they are not the best solution for your eyes. Harsh LED lights emit blue light, which can cause retina damage. It's no wonder you are squinting to see the book (er, cat video) right in front of you! That's why Prevention has partnered with OttLite to create LED lamps that mimic natural light, which does a ton of good for your eyes, allowing them to finally relax and work the way they are supposed to. Read on for more about them:LED Industry News: LED lamp prices, India's lighting industry, Osram and China, Rubicon facilityThe latest analysis of global retail prices for LED lamps and luminaires from IMS Research of Austin, TX, has indicated that the most significant decline in LED lamp prices has occurred in China, with prices falling on average 62% (from $30 to $11) from September to November. IMS is tracking the sales of 420 LED lamps in 12 countries. Worldwide, it reported no 100W replacements on the market and only 32 lamps (7%) designed as 60W and 75W incandescent replacements. In South Korea, 26 of the 31 lamps tracked were mislabeled with regard to their wattage equivalency. In Japan, the average price of a 40W LED lamp is over $30. LED lighting is considered the key emerging lighting segment in the Indian market, driven by the move towards energy efficiency. Local issues include those of energy deficiency in remote rural regions and strong interest in energy sustainability. According to Frost & Sullivan Research, the LED lighting market in India was $73.3 million in 2010 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR 45.53% through 2014. The anticipated market growth will be mainly due to street lighting and railway lighting applications, which could account for over 60% of total demand next year. The research firm has warned that the penetration of LED lighting in India largely depends on standardization, government support, awareness and affordability. India's Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is working to address standards issues and limited awareness of energy-efficient options. The Chinese Minister of Science and Technology, Wan Gang, met with the managing board of Osram AG recently. Discussions focused on future areas of cooperation in the LED sector. This meeting followed an inspection of a test installation of LED applications in an art collection in Munich. Osram employs more than 10,000 staff in the Chinese market. Rubicon Technology, based in Bensenville, IL, has celebrated the first anniversary of its sapphire crystal growth facility in Batavia, IL . The company produced its first sapphire boule at the facility last November. The 135,000-square-foot manufacturing plant produces sapphire crystals that are in turn processed into sapphire boules and then large-diameter sapphire wafers used in LED manufacturing. Rubicon's sapphire crystals are grown from raw materials in custom-built proprietary furnaces. To date, the company has shipped more than 200,000 six-inch sapphire wafers to the LED manufacturing and RFIC industries.can you give me gardening hints on a moonlight garen with a rustic arbor attached?I just bought these solar powered lights that are pretty cool to look at in the dark. they are these plastic dragonflies over an led light that changes 5 different colors. super funky! I found them at home hardware-$10 each.Are there any reasons for any nation to not phase out incandescent light bulbs for neon and LED lights?Ever heard of a free market? It's the foundation of a capitalistic society. As cool as neon looks to the drug-addled, I prefer a cheap, reliable source of illumination. But thanks anyway.PS- How do my light bulbs cause global warming on Mars? I'll burn whale blubber in oil lamps before I drink your kool-aid.Edit: Evidence man is NOT the source of global warming is MISDIRECTION????? LMFAO!! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!Look who's misdirecting now....Are there dog collars that light up and beepYes there are collars that light up but Im not sure if they beep.. .Yes several types but none that bleep. You can get illuminated dog collars, led dog collars, and reflective dog collars and lighted dog collars such as a Puplight. These days too, reflective dog harnesses and lit dog harrnesses are a good option, being far more visible as they cover more of a dog's body.I have a chandelier bought from Czechoslovakia and wanted to change the bulbs to LED.?You get the kind that fit the bases in the chandelier. Just because it's called a chandelier doesn't mean it takes chandelier-base bulbs. We can't tell from here what it does take, but there really aren't that many base sizes to choose fromHow to wire LED's problem: one is dim??you have have been given a capability subject. the two the twine is in basic terms too small (effective until the capability is relatively cranked up), the amp has failed internally/otherwise you have have been given a battery project. a style of threeLED Solar Lantern and Charger from PanasonicSolar LED lights are a clean and renewable energy technology that lights up towns and cities using solar power. Energy from the sun is collected by solar panels and converted into electricity charging the battery. The LED light is powered via energy from the battery. It is an eco-friendly technology offering reduced CO emissions and can be installed easily. Panasonic has developed a Solar LED Lantern, for use in regions across the world with little or no electricity. It is dual-purpose with a rechargeable storage battery that powers the lamp at night as well as charge mobile units. The development of this technology is part of "Panasonic's 100 Thousand Solar Lantern Project" which benefits 1.32 billion people across developing countries across parts of Asia and Africa. • They are made up of five LEDs that ensure 360-degree illumination. The brightness of the LEDs can be set at high, medium, or low modes. • Lanterns are composed of a 3.5 W solar panel that fully charges the battery in about 6 hours. • They have a USB port for charging small devices like mobile phones. • IP34*7- rated protection which ensures that the light is resistant to water and dust. In 2012, Panasonic supplied 2000 solar lanterns to various schools, medical facilities, and small traders in Cambodia. They are also planning to send 5000 lantern units to India, 3000 units to Myanmar, and 2000 units to Africa. Panasonic hopes to launch its product in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kenya, followed by other developing countries, in the near future. Reports suggest that nearly 20% of the world's population has little or no electricity. Kerosene lamps are still used in many developing countries and not only provide insufficient lighting but also release toxic substances into the environment. • Panasonic's New Solar Powered Lantern Addresses the Poor, Replaces Kerosene Lamps - The Green Optimistic
Are LED Lights Eco-Friendly?
Light-emitting diodes are an eco-friendly lighting choice. LEDs are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional incandescent light bulbs, which waste 90 percent of the energy they consume on heat. Other energy-efficient lighting options include halogen incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps. All incandescent and fluorescent lights produce light that flows in all directions, wasting light as well as heat.LEDs are a rapidly advancing technology that uses energy more efficiently and can save energy in indirect ways, such as with air-conditioning costs (see References 1). LEDs use small, powerful sources of light that illuminate when electrons move through semiconductor materials. They shine in only one direction, produce a small fraction of the heat of fluorescent and incandescent lights, and lasting longer than other types of lighting.Energy Star, a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, labels LED lights that meet its energy-efficiency guidelines. Although LED lighting design creates efficiencies, poorly designed LED lights do not meet the potential of the technology. Energy Star guidelines require that LEDs consume at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 15 times longer. In addition, the bulb must turn on instantly.LED low energy-usage saves money in utility bills. As of 2011, an Energy Star-qualified LED bulb has an average operating cost of $1 per year. That compares to annual costs of $1.20 for an Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent bulb, $3.50 for a halogen incandescent bulb and $4.80 for a traditional incandescent bulb. In addition, an Energy Star-qualified LED bulb's longer life -- ranging from a minimum of 15 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb to a maximum of 25 times longer -- means there is much lower turnover of bulbs in your house. (See References 2 and 3) Technological advances with LEDs raise hopes for significantly reducing electricity usage in the United States. LED lighting could cut the electricity demand in the country by 1/3, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. The estimated savings from that adoption would total $265 billion, including preventing the construction of 40 new power plants.
Knowledge About Tumbling - Running Career of Tumbling
Running career of tumblingBorn in Sheno, Oromia Region, his first major international competition was the 2007 World Championships in Osaka where he finished 11th in the heats. His first major win came at the 2008 World Indoor Championships in Valencia at the 1500 m, where he was initially disqualified for a lane violation after winning the race. However, the Ethiopian Athletics Federation made an appeal, and the disqualification was reversed, giving Mekonnen the gold medal. He came third in the Dream Mile at the Bislett Games in June with an Ethiopian record of 3:49.72 for the distance. He gained selection for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but he just missed a place in the 1500m final as he was eliminated in the semi-finals.The following year, he became the first Ethiopian to win the Dream Mile and he further improved his national mark in the process, running 3:48.95minutes. He also improved his 1500m best to 3:32.18 minutes at the Herculis meeting in Monaco. He entered the 2009 World Championships in Athletics in Berlin and reached the 1500m final. He won the silver medal behind Yusuf Saad Kamel, becoming Ethiopia's first medallist in the event at the World Championships. He competed in both the 1500m and 3000m at the season-closer 2009 IAAF World Athletics Final, but failed to medal in either event.His focus of the 2010 season was to retain his world title at the 2010 IAAF World Indoor Championships. In the buildup to the competition, he ran at the Aviva Indoor Grand Prix in Birmingham and improved his 1500m indoor best to 3:33.10 fifth on the all-time rankings. At the World Indoor Championships Mekonnen held off a challenge from Abdalaati Iguider and became the first athlete since Hicham El Guerrouj to win back-to-back 1500m titles indoors. A stomach problem side-lined him for six months but on his return in January 2011 he broke Bernard Lagat's six-year-long win streak in the Wanamaker Mile at the Millrose Games.------Gameplay of tumblingThe basic gameplay consists of a gondola controlled by the player that shoots various treasures (Keys, Hearts, Coins, Rings, Vases, Stars and Lyres) directly upward towards plates that have matching slots on the side of a building in an attempt to match the treasure with its matching slot. Plates come in varied shapes such as bars, circles, half-circles, T-shapes, and X-shapes. They may hold as few as one and as many as eight treasure slots, and they may not be stationary. Some feature hinges that cause them to rotate when hit, while others shift or rotate positions when hit. The player usually has the ability to cycle between two treasures before firing.If a player manages to hit a high matching slot, the treasure will usually tumble and fill one or more lower slots for a combo bonus; each successive tumble increases the bonus and the chance of a power-up popping up. Bank shots earn extra points; when a treasure makes an inordinate amount of banks shots before filling a slot, the player is given a "Lucky shot" bonus. Once a grouping of slots are filled, that grouping vanishes and awards the player more points.A fired treasure can be diverted by obstacles that include bumpers (stone walls or ledges off of which treasures will bounce), locks and blocks (barriers that require a specific treasure to unlock), bricks (obstacles that crumble when hit), chutes (cylinders that redirect any treasure fired into them), shelves (special plates that hold a number of treasures), teleports (swirly objects that warp treasures from point to point) and baskets (objects that catch treasures and then drop them). If a player misfires, the treasure will either shatter after a long period of bouncing around the screen, or it will plunge into the water, costing the player one of three lives for that level. The player may prevent this by catching the treasure before it plunges.After each section of a building is completed, the water level rises to introduce a new part of the building, until all the sections are completed to finish the level.When a level is completed, the player receives scoring for accuracy, speed of completion, number of combos scored, and how many tries the player took to complete a level.------Monty's Pass of tumblingMonty's Pass was the winner of the 2003 Grand National at Aintree, Liverpool, when ridden by Barry Geraghty, trained by Jimmy Mangan and running in the colours of the Dee Racing Syndicate, a group of owners based in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland, and led by Blackpool born bingo hall owner Mike Futter.Monty's Pass was bred in 1993 by Montelimar in Ireland and began racing in point-to-points before turning to chasing, finishing fifth in the Mildmay of Fleet chase at Cheltenham and second in the Topham Chase over the Grand National fences in 2002 before landing over 200,000 for his owners when winning the Kerry National.The horse was lightly raced over hurdles in preparation for the 2003 Grand National in order to protect his handicap and was the subject of a huge gamble by the public on the day of the race, which saw his price tumble from 40/1 to 16/1 at the off. The horse won in what was considered by racing pundits to be one of the strongest Grand National fields of the previous two decades, landing a huge gamble of over 1 million for his owners in the process.His partner in victory, Barry Geraghty, later said of the race, "I couldn't believe how easily he did it, he jumped like a cat all the way, it was fantastic!" Trainer, Jimmy Mangan said, " That was unbelievable, he did everything right. He travelled well all the way and after he passed me with a round to go I said to myself he could win! The day was perfect and so was his performance and I have always dreamed of having a runner in the great race not to mind having the winner!"Monty's Pass finished fourth in the defence of his title in 2004 and completed the course again in 2005 before being retired to his trainer's yard at Conna in County Cork.------Research of tumblingCabrera is known for her work addressing how fathers' involvement impacts children's developmenta topic that has received considerably less research attention than mothers' participation in children's lives. By focusing on fathers' involvement in relation to family and child outcomes, her research furthers understanding of parenting behaviors that impact children's cognitive and emotional well-being.Cabrera started her research by investigating the effects of fathers' involvement in the lives of children and families on existing social policies, such as child support, welfare, and others. By examining how modern social trends are changing fathers' contributions to child development, her research team has proposed several social programs and initiatives. As the next step in her work, Cabrera paid particular attention to an underrepresented group of ethnically diverse low-income families. In her studies, she argued that positive father-child interactions appeared to obviate potential cognitive delays associated with poverty. She claimed that fathers' socio-economic characteristics were uniquely associated with child developmental outcomes and highlighted how fathers' contributions in childcare should not be ignored.Cabrera's work provides empirical evidence for the significant effect of father engagement on cognitive, emotional, social, and language development of children. She has argued that the quality of fathers' child-directed speech has a substantial contribution to children's receptive and expressive vocabulary skills. In addition, she has concluded that father-child relationship quality has the direct impact on children's peer-relationships and behavioral problems. Her co-authored article Explaining the long reach of fathers prenatal involvement on later paternal engagement with children was named Best Research Article regarding men in families by the National Council and Family Relations in 2009. In this article, Cabrera's team outlined important findings that unmarried fathers prenatal involvement was associated with their levels of paternal engagement when their child was one and three years of age.In another paper Fathers Are Parents, Too! Widening the Lens on Parenting for Children's Development, Cabrera and her colleagues provided a summary of the direct and indirect impact of fathers' involvement on child development. In this article, the authors discussed several issues related to father-child interaction and presented recommendations that can help further research to advance understanding of the role of fathering in a child's life.------The third round of games of tumblingOxford UCCE v Derbyshire (2022 April)Match drawnThe first day at the Parks left Derbyshire at 225 for 8 at close. After recent rain in Oxford, and with a swinging ball in hand, the Oxford UCCE bowlers were commendably accurate. If 2 or 3 more catches had been taken, the scoreline would have looked even more impressive for the students.On the second day, after Derbyshire moved to 246 all out, Luke Parker, a Warwickshire signing, scored 89 to help Oxford to 245 for 5, just one run behind Derbyshire. The third day saw Oxford UCCE consolidate their lead, and they were finally all out for 372, a lead of 126. The student bowlers were not up to the task of dismissing Derbyshire a second time in the 53 overs that remained. Indeed, they fared poorly, as Jonathan Moss scored 109 not out, with the game ending when the visitors declared on 226 for 2. (Cricinfo scorecard)Surrey v Bradford/Leeds UCCE (2022 April)Bradford/Leeds UCCE beat Surrey by 4 wicketsThe first day at the Oval went according to the script. Surrey piled on 433 for 7 declared, with Richard Clinton scoring a century, and then Bradford/Leeds UCCE got to 31 for 2 by stumps. Rikki Clarke twisted his ankle, and would not bowl again in the match.On the second day, the match changed. Bradford/Leeds UCCE, thanks to Adam Patel (54), James Duffy (64) and a defiant last wicket partnership of 86 between Tom Glover (42*) and Simon Crampton (42), took their score to 333, a deficit of 100. Even worse news for Surrey was a tear to Ian Salisbury's intercostal muscle which put him out of the rest of the game, and a re-aggravated hamstring injury to Martin Bicknell that stopped him bowling further in the match. Surrey then faltered with the bat, finishing the game on 132 for 6.On the last day, Surrey were dismissed for 217 (although Ian Salisbury was absent hurt), with Glover taking 4 for 47. This left the students with a target of 318 runs off 70 overs. Very much to their credit, they went for it. Thomas Merilaht (56), Duffy (49 in 41 balls), Ryan Bradshaw (89* in 95 balls) and Mohammad Ali (27* off 22 balls) treated the sparse crowd to the sight of a UCCE team consistently finding the boundaries against a spread out field. Bradshaw hit 5 sixes and 8 fours in a match-winning innings. Whilst it was against a second-string Surrey attack (Clarke, Salisbury and Bicknell did not bowl) Bradford/Leeds UCCE were delighted to win with 2.1 overs remaining. (BBC scorecard)
LED Tv Question (motion Blur?)?
Motion blur is an artifact inherent to the technologies slow response time. You can turn up the refresh rate of the display to combat it, but then you will loose the film "feel" of the movie and everything starts to look like a soap opera. Kind of like it was shot with a camcorder. For the gaming lag you need to do the opposite. You need to turn off the higher refresh rate to eliminate any extra processing the TV is doing. More processing means more time until you see it. You can also turn on "game" or "entertainment" mode to help reduce this even further. Game mode on your TV is one of the options in the picture menu ( standard, movie, game, vivid) The adjustment for motion blur is in the advanced picture options menu. It's called smooth motion effect on your TV. Use off for gaming and set to taste for everything else. Hope that helps.1. Do you think that God could have led me to this?Most people must learn lessons the hard way. If you make a mistake, you will be corrected2. how to make my led project?Batteries have purely a nominal voltage of a million.5 volts. the fairly voltage is temperature delicate and additionally varies with load because of the fact of inner resistance. Any proper designed LED circuit controls the present generally with a resistor. The assertion that the LED runs on precisely 4.5 volts is suspect because of the fact LEDs require a modern to function proper and that modern could be controlled by utilising the layout. A extra lifelike physique of strategies is to apply a greater voltage (maybe 6 volts) and then administration the present with resistance.3. What were the turn of events that led to the democracy in sikkim?The democracy did not come at an easy price. The reluctant monarch refused to sign the papers which would cede Sikkim into India. It was only after intense pressure Delhi put on him - denying him to travel abroad for his daughter's treatment who was critical and plotting the death of the crown prince (an Indian truck drove uphill in a narrow one-way road on the edge of cliff which the prince swerved to avoid hitting and fell several hundred feet to his death) that he signed the agreement but not without protecting the rights of his people. Princess Yangchen, who was to receive a kidney from her brother, the late crown prince, received a kidney from her cousin. The Chogyal himself died a few years later in New York after being diagnosed with throat cancer.He did not even discriminate the Nepalese populations, the majority of which had turned against him and carried out demonstrations to join India (which is an act of treachery) rather than demanding a democracy in independent Sikkim. It is because of his actions that the article 371 F was formed providing special protection to Sikkimese rights which the Sikkimese people, at present, have abused and exploited for material purposes rather than for the upliftment of people and protection of their values4. What led to the change in Neville Longbottom?Neville was never cowardly. He did lack self confidence. But anytime where Neville had to make a choice he made the right choice and stood up for himself and his friends. That was a clear plotline through out the books. Neville symbolized many people who have greatness with in them but limit themselves through their own self doubt. Neville had many successes but he chose to focus on his failures. This allowed Malfoy and his gang of thugs to pick on Neville which made this effect seem worse. But like all bullies standing up to them when they are picking on you is not where strength comes from. Strength comes from the ability to let the harrassment go and keep trying. Neville never backed down when his friends needed him only when it did not matter.The books are a journey of self awakening and discovery disguised as magic and action. They are powerful not for the magic and the action but for the inner story that they describe. The heroes are relatable to all of us with their weaknesses and their strengths. They give us hope that put in a position where we had to make difficult choices and take on a threat, that we could overcome and prevail.
Despite the Fact That There Are More Women-led Films in Tamil Than Bollywood, Why Isn't There Any Ta
What is there to misogynistic in films ??!!!Watch Iraivi (means Goddess)and let me any of the above movies talk about more stronger and better than female empowerment and women suffering• Suggested ReadingIs the pressure of Trump's impeachment and other investigations getting to Rudy Giuliani?I'm going to be blunt : I don't give a damn ! He put himself into the position that he is in. Trump put himself in the position that he is in.They can suffer the consequences of their actions just like everyone else does.------Who is the biggest killing machine in human history?No question. The Black Death.This was caused by the Yersinia pestis bacterium transmitted by Oriental rat fleas, and caused the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million deaths in Eurasia and peaked in Europe between 1346 to 1353, about 45 to 50 of its population. No other calamity or war came close------Did someone join your church on Sunday?I believe some children are making their first Holy Communion soon and I know of someone who is taking religious instructions to join the Church which will take place at Easter. Many people are realising the true benefits of being in God's Faith in His Church. There is no better feeling------How long will COVID-19 be spreading?Probably indefinitely.We have managed to eliminate one disease (smallpox) with the use of a vaccine. We might manage to do the same for Polio one day.So it is not impossible that we could eliminate Covid-19, but at the moment it looks as endemic as the common cold.------Is this painting of Lord Krishna obscene or is it freedom of expression?If such cartoon was made on Muhammad, it would have become a international issue..This would have led to creation of many terrorist organizations in India, bomb blasts, terror attacks and riots would have taken place......This cartoonist knows that he won't be killed.He is just trying to become popular by creating controversy.------Battlecrusiers were designed to defeat battleships using speed and range. Did they ever successfully execute this mission?No.In the first place, Battlecruisers were designed to engage and destroy cruisers and destroyers, not battleships. They were also intended to be commerce raiders. They were supposed to break off and avoid engagements with Battleships.In the second place, unless you have the armor of a battleship, a battleship will win. No battlecruiser ever defeated a battleship------Should engineers know how the math works or just how to use it (how to apply it in real life)?Here is one of the most notorious disasters that happened because of the lack of understanding of numerical analysis by engineers:------What is the meaning of Hz in an LED bulb?Hz in LED bulb is frequency of light emitted which is in Terahertz range for different colors according to visible electromagnetic spectrum.Usually called flickers.eg.For red led bulb speed of light / 633nm wavelength 474 terahertz, which places it in red region of visible electromagnetic spectrum.Blue 638THzGreen 535THzWhite mixture of above three!.------Does Prince Charles rule Wales with an iron fist?He doesn't rule Wales at all. The title Prince of Wales is named after Wales but comes with absolutely no rights or responsibilities in relation to Wales. As Duke of Cornwall he does have certain responsibilities in Cornwall that fall to the Queen in the rest of the country------What were the biggest strategic mistakes the Germans made during World War II and what was their reasoning behind those decisions?Bringing the United States into the European Theater of War. Germany couldn't have defeated Russia alone, but by declaring war on the US, Germany stalled their war effort in the East and rather foolishly created a two (and ultimately three) front war------What influence did corn (maize) have on the Soviet Union and its agricultural policies?Growing corn is like growing potatoes. 0.4 hectare yields 9 million kilocalories. So it is simply another hedge against starvation. But that wasn't the cause of Khrushchev's downfall.Fun fact: Wheat only yields 4 million kilocalories per 0.4 hectare. Potatoes yield 15 million calories.------Could elementary particles be entire universes?Inside their component designs they may exhibit a inner chamber within which the mechanism of the cosmos or the reality construct - the universe - could be structured and inflated within an encapsulation into a bubble universe. Meaning there is a hidden portion in the variational framework or a buried structure that relatively encapsulates the construct within its bubble cosm------Why do LED vehicle lights flicker if they are running on DC power?Duty cycling. Through pulse width modulation, you can produce an effectively brighter light with less power, as well as prolong life.They flicker at a frequency of at least 60Hz, but the flickering can be perceived by the eye under certain circumstances------What is the biggest failure of American conservatism?Failure to maintain a strong presence in the schools to oppose leftest indoctrination of our young people. Teaching of conservative values is discouraged or banned in too many schools and worked down from the universities to high schools and elementary schools.This is shown by the many who answer questions like this disparaging conservatives as greedy, uncaring of others and bigots.------How come Xi Jinping has now agreed that China will participate in the probe into the origins of COVID-19 but on his terms and parameters?hi. agreed? this virus came from decades of famines so government hey lets bring any kind of food, wild animals ccp dont know the world consequence.now how yeah they want to be number one find the cause??!?!------Did Steve Wozniak really invent the hard drive?As much good as the Woz did to help develop tech, he invented next to nothing that I know of. Steve Jobs invented nothing at all. The only thing Jobs ever did was PR really. Woz was the engineer.If anyone ever tells you anything was invented by Apple, theyre either misinformed or lying.------Why are some Armenians and Assyrians blaming the Kurds for the genocide that was committed against them in 1915 by the Ottoman Empire?Because when Armenians were expelled from their lands, the refugee columns were often pillaged by Kurdish irregulars in Ottoman service or by local Kurdish tribesmen. The Ottomans had long used Kurdish auxiliaries and irregulars as part-time militias to police border territories. As in many, many countries, such militias arent always distinct from the bandits they purport to control.------Is punching myself in the face a psychological disorder?No. It's a negative coping skill and may be a symptom of a mental disorder but not in and of itself. The only disorder where self injury is actually listed is borderline personality disorder, but it's actually quite common. Especially in adolescents and young adults. It's often seen with trauma and anxiety.------What led you to gravitate towards a complete stranger?With the first person i fell in love with it might sound silly, but it was her lips. They curled up at the corners like the grinchs in the cartoon. It had a sly but pure bliss presence. I just felt like I had to know her------Has history ever been written by the losers?Yes; that's how we know that the American Civil War was not about slavery, The atomic bombing of Hiroshima was not necessary, and no doubt soon, the Nazi SS were actually social workers------If you replaced Neil Peart, in Rush, with John Bonham from Led Zeppelin, would they have been as successful?In a word, no. From fairly early on, Neil wrote the vast majority of the lyrics. Im unaware of any songs John Bonham wrote.That was Rushs creative formula: Neil writes the lyrics then Alex and Geddy write the music.------Why did the Trail of Tears take place?Taking place in the 1830s, the Trail of Tears was the forced relocation of 100,000 indigenous people to land west of the Mississippi River. Motivated by gold and land, Congress (under President Andrew Jackson) passed the Indian Removal Act.It is a major blot on the history of the United States.------What characterizes bad blues/blues rock music?I second that. Atonal growling masquerading as bluesy wailing. String bending antics that owe more to Richie Sambora than B.B King. Thumpy drumming that doesnt follow the bass lines.------What do you think of golf club guests cheering as Trump tells them that they don't have to wear masks?I think like most normal people they hate and despise the press.They were delighted with him poking fun at them for exercising their peaceful protest rights.I thought that was pretty funny and quick witted myself.------Would you agree that the bass rhythm in Led Zeppelin's "Good Times Bad Times" ruins the song?No not at all. Its foundational for the song. Some of Zeppelins best work. During the solo the bass acts as the second / opposing lead instrument. Its a very similar tactic to the one used by The Who------What is the voltage drop across a 50W bulb if the resistance is 120 ohms and current is 0.75A?for the hundredth time a incandescent bulb is not a resistor. It resistance is non-linear and its resistance is only valid at the operations voltage and temperature. Its cold resistance is much lower than its hot resistance. At the operating voltage the voltage and current will correspond to its true resistance. the cold resistance is meaningless------At the time of American Independence, why did some Europeans view the United States as degenerate?Degenerate harsh word. Do you have any actual use of that term by Europeans in the late 18th century, in books, speeches, essays or letters? A specific use is necessary for analysis------President Trump clashed with Chris Wallace over Trump's claims of the US having the lowest mortality rates. Is it possible that President Trump is not a liar but is completely misinformed by his team?Trump is just a serial liar. He says whatever he thinks, never proves any of it, and his supporters lack the critical thinking skills and intellectual curiosity (and some would say the intelligence) to fact check his blatant lies and false claims------If the Queen of England had ordered her Guards to shoot Trump for no reason, how would the guards respond?A bit of a strange question, but I guess its a question of morals and how seriously you take these antiquated rules with Monarchs and the Army. If it was me, I wouldnt open fire, purely on the basis of personal moral ethics. Shes 92 and, who knows, she may be suffering from dementia?.------Many Republicans claim that Democratic leadership has led to the downfall of American cities such as San Francisco, Portland, and Baltimore. Do you believe that the Democrats are to blame?absolutely not. The authorities are at fault, red or blue. State and County governments perform in any manner they wish to Support their little principalities. Extortion is used Across the Nation. Avoid 911. Revelation 9 read it and See if something strikes you as familiar.------Is the "If women ruled the world, there would be no wars" perception accurate?No. Ask those who faced Margaret Thatcher or Golda Meir about the idea of women rulers and lack of war. It may take more for a woman to move towards violence but once there, they will fight with the ferocity of a mother defending her children and opinion in the moment be damned------Are Delhi voters happy with the AAP government? Has there been any survey conducted on this issue?AAP Govt. in Delhi is completing 100 days. In 100 days they have performed excellently in 50 dramas or so. I am very happy with their impressive dramatic performance.People are eager to know about their drama; not about their performance. Isn't it?.------What did Arthur C. Clarke mean when he said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."?He meant that people who didnt understand the technology could not distinguish it from magic.He was wrong. (1) technology works reliably, magic does not; (2) Anybody whos willing to learn can learn how technology works; for magic theres nothing to learn but mumble-jumbo------If the Flash and Green Arrow fought, who would win?Who would win between someone who is an expert at hand to hand combat and bowmanship, or someone who can run faster than anything, reaching speeds that can break time. Depends on the day and the flash we are talking about------What will the left do if it is proven that Hillary's private server hack led to the Benghazi attacks?I follow politics pretty closely. Ive never heard of such a connection.Im not sure if it is even a real question or if it is meant as some sort of flip side of the questions that I see on Quora about Trump------How do you explain the profound split between those who see Trump as antithetical (opposed) to democracy and those who see him defending democracy?His cult followers follow him with blind obedience and believe in all what he tells them! The majority of the people are not in his cult, racist or hypocritical evangelicals that condone his lifestyle of lies and cheating!------Why did the Spanish empire disintegrate so much earlier than the other European empires?It started out as a ground of conflicting religiosity then succumbed to superior british navy, the pope giving half of South America i.e. Brazil to the Portuguese didn't help. Conquistadors conquests of Mexico and Peru provided ill gotten gains. Don't forget royal inbreeding especially the Hapsburg line.------Which type of television lasts longer, LCD or LED?Led is related to lcd. LEDs have the potential for long reliability life. Usually if there was a crap made tv its not the leds thst go bad but something else. Get an led tv. From what I recall an led tv is a type of lcd tv with lcd itself just being an older version.------Is justice of karma exists?Yes of-course, Whatever currently you are going through in your life is not the outcome of someone's blessings or curse - it's your own deeds giving you the desired results (Karma)------What single weapon is responsible for the most deaths in human history?The spear. a simple and common weapon that has existed in the same form for thousands of years and been used on virtually every battlefield that man has been involved in------What is wrong with leftists these days?Leftists dont seem interested in the outcome of their actions. If they try something that seemed like a good idea at the time and it ends up being a disaster they frequently will try something similar again . Intentions and feelgood seem to be all that matters.------What are some interesting facts about blue colour?Here is a fact;In the year 1918, pink was the colour for boys because it was a stronger colour while the delicate blue was reserved for girls.It's amazing how things changed.(
Pump Up Your Visibility with Skyworth's Canopy Light
Ideal for illuminating entryways, walkways, warehouse and indoor depots, manufacturing areas, retail store areas and buildings, the LED canopy lights has become versatile and widely used in today's generation. People love it for many reasons and it is energy-efficient to top it all.Radiant, durable, clear light and stable - these are the four highlighted features of Skyworth's Canopy Light. Each of these lights are created with an ultra-clear tempered glass providing highest visual clarity and with an increased safety. It has a protective enclosure capable of higher light transmittance and higher strength vs. ordinary glass panels. Also, it guarantees longest service life because of the equalized internal air-pressure.Read more about Skyworth LED Canopy Light Models and Product Specifications·RELATED QUESTIONWere can I get quality outdoor LED lighting for my landscape project?If short maintenance, eco friendly landscape lighting is a precedence for you, outdoor LED lighting is a ideal option for your landscape lighting design. LED landscape lighting offers the protection, security and artistic qualities as any other landscape lighting solution, but it also offers a concentrated ecological footprint and lower maintenance.You can emphasize the beautiful architecture of your home's external or landscaping with tactically placed outdoor lighting by LV Lightings. While your options may seem endless, it's significant to believe the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Will they be for security reasons, or for more ornamental purposes?Outdoor LED lightingmay be more luxurious up front than other options, but in the long run it will go easier on your wallet than other bulbs. From LV Lighting's LED lights have a long life span and offer excellence lighting that is power efficient.Whatever options you settle on, you're sure to find a extensive selection of charming and well-designed landscape lighting right here on LV Lightings.
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