What's the Issue with My Computer. Graphics Card GTX 970.?

What issues are you having exactly with your games?

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New York Institute of Technology Computer Graphics Lab

The Computer Graphics Lab was a computer lab located at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in the late 1970s and 1980s, founded by Dr. Alexander Schure. It was originally located at the "pink building" on the NYIT campus. The lab was initially founded to produce a short high-quality feature film with the project name of The Works. The feature, which was never completed, was a 90-minute feature that was to be the first entirely computer-generated CGI movie. Production mainly focused around DEC PDP and VAX machines. Many of the original CGL team now form the elite of the CG and computer world with members going on to Silicon Graphics, Microsoft, Cisco, NVIDIA and others, including Pixar president, co-founder and Turing laureate Ed Catmull, Pixar co-founder and Microsoft graphics fellow Alvy Ray Smith, Pixar co-founder Ralph Guggenheim, Walt Disney Animation Studios chief scientist Lance Williams, Netscape and Silicon Graphics founder Jim Clark, Tableau co-founder and Turing laureate Pat Hanrahan, Microsoft graphics fellow Jim Blinn, Thad Beier, Oscar and Bafta nominee Jacques Stroweis, Andrew Glassner, and Tom Brigham. Systems programmer Bruce Perens went on to co-found the Open Source Initiative. Researchers at the New York Institute of Technology Computer Graphics Lab created the tools that made entirely 3D CGI films possible. Among NYIT CG Lab's innovations was an eight-bit paint system to ease computer animation. NYIT CG Lab was regarded as the top computer animation research and development group in the world during the late 70s and early 80s.

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Computer graphics and system are great but game is lagging badly.?

Maybe try re installing the game. What sort of graphic card do you have? Intel HD4000 graphics are very bad so that might be the reason

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Have you ever learn 3D computer graphics? I think the universe has the same concept. Let me explain!?

Drawing an analogy between a 3D video game and he universe does not mean that both have to follow the same rules. In a 3D graphics game objects are created all over the 3D space, but the most popular theory for the formation of the universe is that everything expanded out of a single point, so already there is a difference

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Do I really need a Mac Computer for Graphics Design? What is the reasons?

If you are a student just get a MacBook from eBay, a white/black one from last year. I bought one for my studies, and it cost me 400, but Apple sell them "refurbished" for over 700. I have no idea why Macs are preferred, but I prefer them to PCs, they are much easier to use and have a better Graphical User Interface.

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computer graphics going slow what can i do?

First off your system sounds ok but should run fine. Back when I had a system like this I came across omega drivers you should try them! I can not tell you how much better my system became after changing them. Link below, trust me you want these drivers!!!! Link below.

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Choosing best representation for hit detection in computer graphics

Let the centre of a sphere be $(s_x,s_y,s_z)$ and the sphere has a radius $r$. Let the arrowhead be at $(a_x,a_y,a_z)$.Determine if:$$sqrt(a_x-s_x)^2(a_y-s_y)^2(a_z-s_z)^2le r$$If so, the arrow has punctured the sphere

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Why is the origin in computer graphics coordinates at the top left?

This is caused in the history. Early computers had Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) which "draw" the image with a cathode ray from the upper left corner to the lower right.To ease the interface between the graphics card memory and the CRT the memory was read from the beginning and the image was drawn from the top left (with the lowest memory address) to the lower right (with the highest memory address).Extension (based on the comments)The CRTs are based on analog TV sets that were available at that time. The TV sets create the image line by line first from left to right and then from top to bottom. The reason for this can only be assumed to be based on the writing style in western contries

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Computer/graphics card compatibility dilemma (seeking the advice of a computer expert!)?

If it's a old computer it wo not be much of a great idea. It might fry up the graphics card like I did to the last one you had. Get a alienware it would be worth it rather than buying a nice graphics card and having it fry up.

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