What's Your Opinion on "Ice Cream", a New Song by BLACKPINK Feat. Selena Gomez?

What's your opinion on "Ice Cream", a new song by BLACKPINK feat. Selena Gomez?

Ok so I want to start by saying I am not hating on them or anything like that and I also had no expectations for the song :)-first of all let me talk about the only thing I actually liked which is the : music video ; the colours were really pleasing to the eyes , the girls looked really good , fun makeup , Selena looked really great too and I love the white lines background-now about the song itself. I personally did not like it , maybe it's not my style but I did not find it very musically pleasing-The lyrics ,again a personal thing but i disliked the lyrics and that's the main reason I can not get into the song . They were a little too explicit for my liking .

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What is the greatest basketball feat ever accomplished?

I am going to go with Wilt Chamberlain...but not his one hundred points in a game. His forty-eight point five minutes per game in a season. It shows what stamina he had while accomplishing all his scoring and rebounding feats.

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Why are there like 4 types of the XBOX 360...$279...$299...$349...$399...$450!!! WTF whats teh difference feat

ok the 280$ comes wit 5 classic arcade games, its called the 360 arcade, BIG PROBLEM=no hard drive=no saving games, 300$= all the cords,hard drive, and a new lowered price, 349$=same as the 300$ just wit all halo 3 stuff as a theme, 400$=BLACK, 120gb hard drive, so it holds A LOT more but no1 needs that much storage i guess

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Is this runecaster feat balanced? (Second Iteration)

When it comes to 5th edition tactics, spreading the role of Concentration around is very effective as it allows the high Constitution characters to concentrate on their own enhancement spells like enhance ability, haste, or polymorph. This also opens up the spellcaster's Concentration for other spells (usually less tactically important ones such as entangle or cloud of daggers).Your feat makes accomplishing this virtually trivial. You simply pack a rune with the enhancement spell for 20 gp (a relatively small amount) and the fighter/barbarian/paladin has its own Concentration spell. This is even more powerful than spell scrolls (which linkassin's answer tackles the relative monetary and time costs of) since the character need not even possess the correct spell list to gain access to the spell.This also allows the stockpiling of runes for a dangerous dungeon throwing out encounter balance. Scribing spell scrolls takes significant downtime, but a spellcaster could convert their entire set of spell slots into runes in a day at lower levels. This means that they have a full set of additional spells to use for whatever difficult challenge presented itself. There are a few instances in your homebrew where the wording does not quite align with the styles that Wizards of the Coast seems to adhere to. Here is a revision I put together in an attempt to remedy this. It is by no means 100% supported, but based on observations I've made in reading through the books (probably too many times):Prerequisite: the ability to cast at least one spell of 1st level or higherYou've developed the skills necessary to set your spells in runes to hold their magic for a later time. To do this you cast a spell as normal but the casting time is increased by 1 hour, you must expend additional material components related to the type of scribing costing 20 gp per spell level, and the spell has no effect other than creating the rune. The object you are scribing the rune onto must remain within reach for the entire casting time.While scribing the rune, you choose a trigger condition that activates the rune. You can further refine the trigger to require certain characteristics such as by requiring a specific creature or creatures, or the use of certain body parts. The set of creatures or body parts that are required can be as broad or specific as you like.When a creature activates the rune, the creature casts the spell as normal except that a spell with a range of Touch becomes a spell with a range of Self. If the spell has an area of effect, the origin of the area of effect is the rune. Once the rune is activated, it disappears, leaving no trace of its presence.Note that I removed the wording about choosing targets since it is redundant as the creature casting the spell always chooses the targets. Additionally, the section on having the GM interpret the trigger "as the character would" is largely confusing and if the GM is actively trying to use wording to adjust the usefulness of the feat, there are probably other problems at the table

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