What Supplies Are Needed to Make a Tractor Diaper Cake?

It's taken me 30 seconds to 'get' this

1. Which tractor should I buy? Ford 8n, 631, 801?

The 801 would definitely be the way to go. The 8N does not have live hydraulics which means if you want to raise or lower your bushog, the PTO has to be engauged... This is especially frustrating when driving down the road. The 631 is not nearly as common or durable as the 801. If you can, go diesel! Good luck! 19 acres is a lot for such a little tractor

2. What is the best fire extinguisher for a tractor?

Since this original post new extinguisher technology has become available for safe and effective extinguishment of fires in cars, caravans, RVs, 4wds, boats and of course tractors.Totally mess free and non-pressurised in the stored state the condensed aerosol extinguisher can be used on any fire type and at a fraction of the size of conventional extinguishers. The compound is a solid until activated using a simple push button means there is no maintenance required to ensure that it will operate when required. As a career fire fighter of 11 years service I recommend these extinguishers as the safest and best option for the applications mentioned above in addition to use in the home or shed..You can see more about them by going to Fire One - one extinguisher for all firesWhat is the best fire extinguisher for a tractor?

3. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the tractor in Barton's garage was of John Deere company. But in Avengers: Endgame, when Barton travels to his garage for test run why does the tractor show FORD written on it?

Because he switched loyalties from John Deere to Ford

4. What is a good old tractor to buy for a small farm?

If you are going organic, how about a couple heavy horses? That would be far more in keeping with your image. And two or three good quality well broke horses could definitely handle the work you listed. I know a guy who farms 600 tillable acres with four horses.

5. Have you ever ridden a tractor?

Yes dear, it is part of my job. Even now I operate tractor...

6. Are Mad Max Gladiator Lug Nuts Illegal on Tractor Trailers?

uh never seen the movie however any lugnut covers that are found on tractor trailers are typically legal (unless home made by the driver) all the spiked lug nut covers and all that are legal. and if damage was done due to the other car hitting the truck the moron deserves it. it's kinda hard to miss something that's about 9ft wide is 65ft long (legal limit in my state yet most have done away with the 65ft law) and weights 80k. so that's what you are looking at there. hav not seen one for a while but IF i remember RIGHT they are only plastic that's been painted chrome. they might be steel I can not remember but if they are plastic it ai not like they are going to do to much. even the thread on one's are going to break off and the push on ones fall off enough as it is. I do not know if the spiked covers are the ones you are talking about like I said I ai not seen the movie but those are legal...and as far as I am concerned those are less dangerous than some idiot on a crotch rocket.

7. Anyone own a Kubota tractor and can answer this?

On hard surfaces use 2 WD. This is true for most 4WD cars as well. The answer about the locking of hubs is correct. This can put more stress on the differential and tranmission. Used to have a Kubota and thought it was a very good tractor.

8. tractor oil help which do i pick?

Go to a good auto parts store and they should be able to help you. There are 20W oils and the HD designation would indicate additives like zinc and phosphorous that most new car oils no longer contain but racing oils do and there is an additive for your oil that has what you need

9. Why does my tractor starter motor turn backwards?

u can jump the solenoid and see.. i assume because of teh year its a fender mounted solenoid???jsut use jumper cable to jump across teh connections and see if tractor starts

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If I Use Synthetic Oil in My Lawn Tractor, Can I Go More Than a Year Between Oil Changes?
One of the big problems, especially for seldom-used (and if you are not running a lwn-care business, your lawn tractor qualifies, in hours per year, even if you mow and blow snow with it) is that without an oil change, you are building up condensed water and various breakdown products, and storing them in the engine for a long time. As an opinion, I prefer the model of changing the oil on seasonal equipment just before you put it away for the off-season, so the crud is not sitting in the motor while the motor sits. For higher-hassle than most of us want to put up with, you can store it filled with a storage oil and replace that before running it in the next season; I do not do that, but I have manuals for some old military equipment, and they did that. In any case, that is the primary reason that very long (time) intervals for oil changes are a bad idea1. Most dentists recommend to do a checkout every six months. Is it really necessary or do they just want the money?Dental health is important. Many employers offer dental I insurance which isnot expensive. If you can get on a plan they normally provide 2 cleanings per year S an insurance benefit2. 5: Five Agency Planning Tips to Ensure Your Client Has Its Biggest Holiday Season YetAgency holiday planning can sometimes be even more stressful than at a brand. After all, your clients are counting on your agency's experience and skills to put together a winning strategy. With so much riding on Q4 for most retailers, agencies need to really make sure that they are pulling out all stops when crafting the end-of-the-season advertising portfolio. Now that the first photos of kids heading back-to-school are popping up on social media, it's time for retailers to start beginning the shift to holiday mode. Though Labor Day seems too soon to start rolling out holiday marketing, for agency practitioners it's actually the perfect time to put the last touches on your Q4 media plan proposal for your clients to approve. But, do not wait too long! A recent study by Facebook proves the holiday season is getting longer. One in five consumers now actually begin their holiday shopping in October. But shoppers are also starting early and finishing late; the advent of 1-2 day shipping means the season starts before Halloween and lasts until a couple of days before Christmas. So even though it seems like forever between now and New Year's, time is actually running out. For retailers, a happy holiday season actually begins in the summertime. For results that top last year, make sure your calendar is booked up through January with a cohesive cross-channel holiday marketing strategy. Here are our tips for agencies to make sure you put the very best ideas together for your clients' 2019 end-of-the-year holiday shopping marketing plan. Agency Holiday Planning Tip #1 - You might want to recommend more budget than you initially thought It seems like every story about holiday ad spend promises that this year will be bigger than ever before. That's because it's usually true. In 2018, shoppers spent over $850 billion dollars over the course of the holiday season, up 5.1% from the previous year, according to Reuters. Online sales also set new records; they were up 16.5% for a total of $126 billion. As sales continue to soar year over year, the National Retail Federation reports that many retailers say Q4 accounts for as much as 30% of their annual sales. And to keep pace with shoppers' spending, your clients need to keep spending more this year. Last year's Digital Advertising Trends report for the 2018 holiday season from Kenshoo found that 46% of companies planned to increase spending for the holiday season from the previous year, while 46% remained the same. But understanding where to place that ad spend is just as important as knowing how much to invest in holiday advertising. Our report also found that the three major areas of spending were Google Search, Facebook, and Instagram. The majority of respondents, 78%, said they would be running ads on Google Search for 2018 holiday season, while 72% said they would also be buying Facebook Ads. Perhaps surprisingly, Instagram came in third at 45%. So, even though you are probably recommending that your clients spend more than last year, make sure you do not shoot too low. When it comes to holiday advertising, timing is everything. If your client is looking for an SEO boost in time for the holidays, ClickZ's Mike O'Brien says you should probably try to begin building up your clients' audience pools in the early fall. "Ideally, you should have worked on your segments through the fall so they are ready by early November," O'Brien writes." If you have not already, update your website during the first two weeks of November to reflect your holiday deals so that search engines will have had a chance to index them by the week of Thanksgiving." You will probably need to plan your clients' social campaigns to run at about the same time as your search ads, since, according to 2018 data, most marketers rely on social and search to work hand-in-hand since consumers increasingly shift across channels during holiday shopping. As Chris Costello, Senior Director of Marketing Research at Kenshoo noted in our 2018 report: "Search and social advertising are both aspiring to be full-funnel experiences, which means they are starting to overlap in form and function." Agency Holiday Planning Tip #3 - Be ready for the "Cyber 5" The "Cyber 5" has come to refer to those major shopping days from Thanksgiving, November 28, through Cyber Monday, December 2. Consumers generally hunt for deals in-store on Black Friday, which falls on November 29 this year and look for bargains online the following Monday. The weeks before the Cyber 5 are an important push to make sure that customers do not forget about your brand on those all-important Thanksgiving weekend shopping days. So much so that our research found in 2018, marketers devoted 19% of their search budgets to Cyber 5 spending, though the days make up for just 9% of holiday shopping. One of the best ways to prepare for this year's Cyber 5 is to look at your client's marketing performance from last year. Did they go big and win? Or did they go big and lose? Did they play it a bit too conservatively last year and watch as their competitors cashed in? The Cyber 5 is a bit too important to leave to chance. You should have a very aggressive plan of action for your clients to maximize this incredibly important handful of days. Agency Holiday Planning Tip #4 - Help your clients to think big, but stay on message An excellent holiday campaign is one that appeals to both October shoppers and last-minute December shoppers alike, connecting experiences across search, social, and your client's website for cohesive messaging that keeps customers up-to-date throughout the season. However, when it comes to holiday advertising, simplicity is key. A complex, labyrinthine holiday marketing campaign might seem completely doable in August, but come November, when the holidays actually roll around, you are probably going to wish you would stuck with messages that drive customers to your website or into your store. Look carefully at last year's campaigns as if you were starting your holiday shopping right now (yours and your competitors'). Where did those campaigns succeed? Which areas could have been more cohesive. So, even though you want to really blow your client away with some incredible thinking, you may need to pull back a bit on the final plan to ensure that you can feasibly get everything done flawlessly. Agency Holiday Planning Tip #5 - Take cues from your client's Prime Day wins and losses If your client's campaign around Amazon's Prime Day was a winner-hopefully it was a success-then there might be some great insights there for holiday marketing. As we pointed out in our "Get Primed for Prime Day" white paper, Prime Day prep has a lot in common with holiday marketing, especially where your calendar is concerned. Look back on your data around each stage of your Prime Day campaign. What channels and messaging drove conversions and CTR? Chances are, they will work for the holiday season as well. And if there were areas where you could have been stronger, that knowledge gives you a lot of knowledge about ways you might need to pivot in the weeks leading up to the Cyber 5. On the other side of the coin, you can learn a lot from Prime Day misses too. Which products or deals did not seem to move the needle? Which channels did not drive the return you thought they would? There's an old adage, "You either win or you learn." Brand clients understand that not every campaign you run is going to be a winner, but they also have high expectations that their agencies will use those bumps and bruises to be more careful in the future. As Prime Day gets bigger and bigger every year, the insights from July become more valuable for November and December. Do you have the right agency technology in place for the holiday season? It's getting close! Marketing technology has become the X factor for advertisers throughout the year-but is even more important during these key Q4 months. The tools you use may absolutely be the competitive edge you need to drive the results that your brand clients need. Does your current platform really set you up to handle all of your client's campaigns? Does it have automation and machine learning to work 24/7 even when you are not in the office to oversee and optimize your client's advertising performance? There's still time to upgrade to Kenshoo. If you have any concerns about your current tools, why not just schedule a quick demo to see how we can help with your Search, Social, and Amazon advertising programs.3. How To Reduce Soil Compaction? Here Are 6 TipsWith the harsh winter cold prevailing all over the country, melted snow and wet soil are bound to result in pesky compaction issues. Soil compaction deteriorates the quality and structure of the farm's soil, which then affects crop health and yield potential. Naturally, farmers who practice no-till farming will find themselves in an advantageous position. No-till fields are more resistant to soil compaction than deep-tilled or subsoiled fields. However, if you can not jump on the no-till wagon just yet, there are other ways to address this problem. Create designated paths for heavy equipment on your farm. When you limit the areas where farm equipment is driven year after year, you protect a big chunk of your fields from compaction. More often than not, you might be operating a tractor that's heavier than necessary. For instance, extra ballast attached for tilling may be removed if you are merely pulling a planter. Cover crops do a lot to protect and enrich the soil on your farm. Keeping plants growing year-round ensures that the soil structure and organic matter levels are always in a viable state. This makes switching to bigger tires beneficial. If you can do so, adding more tires will greatly help, as well. If you can not switch to bigger tires nor add additional ones, checking your tires' current pressure can help, too. Overinflated tires have a smaller footprint, which is one culprit of soil compaction. If the surface and subsurface drainage on your farm is below optimal, consider taking steps for improvement. This will help the soil dry out faster-something that's especially important as the snow melts-ultimately ing the risk of soil compaction.
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