What Type of Engine Oil Should I Use?

I would use the Harley approved oil from the dealer. It has better shear properties and wo not void your warranty

1. does engine oil go bad in a car?

yes and no . First oil is always oil but time is not good for the additives in it . They will dry into a waxy sludge and it is very hard to rid the engine of it without disassembly and cleaning. Therefore drain the oil and remove the filter , then fill with synthetic oil and a new filter and crank it over to disperse the oil SYNTHETIC OIL WILL FIX MOST STORING PROBLEMS. The gas is another thing . They sell an additive called gas stabilizer that will help with this also be sure the tank is full to keep any dampness out. You will have to run it for 10-15 minutes after you put it in to be sure the stabilizer is all through the system. this will also keep all the gaskets in the system from drying out and causing leaks when you want to get the car going again. Putting the car on blocks and airing down the tires will keep them from flat spots and unnecessary weather cracking . There are probably other things I am not thinking of right now too. But I wish you luck Check with a transmission shop to see what they recommend. Unhook the battery.

2. im losing engine oil but no signs of oil leak. Whats going on?

If you do not see any external leaks, then either your oil is leaking in with your engine coolant... this can be confirmed if you pop open your radiator cap and see a milky, dirty white substance on the bottom of it... or the engine is burning the oil... which is evident if you have large amounts of bluish smoke coming out of your exhaust.

3. Oil coming out from Engine Oil filler Cap and some white smoke?

You have blowby entering your engine block form either a stopped up PCV line or the rings are worn and letting compression leak into the lower block. The biggest, easiest place for the stuff to escape is your oil filler cap, provided the PCV hose is partially blocked. I would replace the PCV hose and valve before I panicked because if that's all it is then you are 'home free'.

4. How to get engine oil/grease spots off of paved driveway?

Sounds strange, but try kitty litter. It will absorb the oil and remove the marks on the driveway. Works best on "fresh" spots

5. What engine oil should I get for an '88 GMC S15 pickup?

It should tell you on the oil cap on the valve cover or in the owners manual if you got one. I would use 5w 30 if it were me. I live in pa and its about the same temp. here I use 5w30 in my 350 engine

6. can adding petrol instead of engine oil for small time help engine clean?

mixing oil & petrol?...100% mistake just do regular oil changes and you have nothing to worry about

7. How to Check Your Transmission Fluid

Regular maintenance is an essential part of car ownership, and one oft-neglected component of maintenance is checking your car's transmission fluid. Learn how to check your transmission fluid, as well as how often you should check it, to ensure that you are taking care of everything on schedule. Rely on the knowledgeable experts at our service center for additional maintenance tips & tricks! How Often Do You Check Your Transmission Fluid? It's a good practice to check all the fluid levels in your car at least once a month. That includes checking your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, engine oil and even windshield-washer fluid. Of course, you can always consult your vehicle's owner's manual for a more detailed service schedule. Here's How to Check Transmission Fluid in Your Car Now that you know how regularly you should be checking your transmission fluid in Austin or Pflugerville, here's how you will get this DIY job accomplished: Make sure your car is in park. Turn on your engine and let it warm up for a few minutes. Then, pop the hood so you can get inside the engine bay. Locate the transmission fluid dipstick. For most front-wheel-drive GMC vehicles, this will be found to the right of your oil dipstick. For the exact location in your vehicle, refer to your owner's manual. Remove the dipstick and touch the fluid, moving it around between your thumb and forefinger. It should be clear, with a pinkish hue. If it looks dirty or gives off a burnt smell, or even feels overly gummy, then you should schedule automotive service right away. Use a rag to wipe off the dipstick. Put it back, but pull it out again immediately after to check the level. (If you've ever checked your oil level, this process is very similar). If the level is less than "full", you should add in more. Before checking your transmission fluid, there are several things you should know about the role of transmission fluid and your transmission itself in the normal operation of your vehicle on Killeen roads: There are many types of transmission fluid - types for automatic vs. manual transmissions, types for older vs. newer models, and more. Your owner's manual will be your best bet for finding out which type to buy for your car when running low. Checking the transmission fluid in a vehicle with a manual transmission often requires a jack to access a plug located underneath the car. In these cases, it's usually better to bring your vehicle in for service to get your transmission fluid checked. Low transmission fluid can cause hesitation when shifting gears with an automatic or manual transmission, but other issues could also be at play. If you experience this issue, it's best to schedule service now. How often should transmission fluid be replaced? About every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. Consult your owner's manual for more specific information. Nyle Maxwell GMC is Your Destination for Transmission Service Ready to get the transmission fluid level checked in your car? Want to diagnose transmission issues or get your transmission rebuilt? No matter the transmission service, we can help here at Nyle Maxwell GMC in Round Rock! Looking to service your transmission or learn other service tips like how to bleed brakes or the meaning of TPMS? Be sure to take advantage of our service & parts coupons or our diagnostic & repair coupons!

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Chevy Tahoe gives me a warning: Check Engine Oil?are you sure it does not say "change engine oil"? If so, the dealer did not reset the OLM (oil life monitor). You can do this yourself, by turning the key to "on" but do not start it, press the gas to the floor 5 times, start the vehicle, then shut it off. There are technical papers on this OLM system, and it's actually the most accurate and advanced version available by any manufacturer, but it is notorious for not always immediately re-setting, so if it does not reset after you do this, give it a few more engine starts and it will. I am not aware that this system has a "check engine oil" function, unless it is referring to low oil pressure, but I do not think it has the ability to tell you if your oil level is low, at least it did not on the 2002 models. If yours is newer, it may. If it does indeed say "check" and not "change", then there is something wrong with the system itself - loose wire to the sensor, bad sensor, something of that nature— — — — — —Vw beetle 1973 1200cc oil pressure indicator lights up when driving,why?low oil pressure. better get it checked out.— — — — — —I have a 1998 freightliner and my low oil pressure light continues to come on.?What engine and what type of freightliner? IE: century,fld,classic, etc Oil in the coolant is not good, but may not be related to the low oil light. First place to look for oil in the coolant is the oil cooler. If it's ok, then it's time to go to the head gasket. If it's not either of those, then it's most likely a cracked head or block. Oil in the coolant will cause the cooling system to get clogged up and make the engine over heat. If you have a detroit, what is the oil guage reading when the low oil light comes on? If the guage is ok, then it is probably a sensor or loose wire, or pressure switch. The sensor is on the left side of the block toward the back. There is a pressure switch on the air manifold, which on a century is behind the carpet at your right knee when seated in the driver's seat. A loose wire there is a common problem. On an fld or classic the air manifold is under the dash panel behind the air switches (tandem lock, suspension dump, etc) Not really common problem on flds or classics. Is it just a low oil light or is it a low oil high water light. If it's a low oil high water light, it could be the water sensor, because of the oil in the coolant.— — — — — —Low oil pressure after engine reaches running temperature.Change the sensor or use a mechanical pressure gauge to verify the actual oil pressure.— — — — — —low oil pressure in 1993 gmc 1500?What weight oil are you using? while you are using too skinny oil, it wo not save your oil tension severe and could drop straight away, and in the adventure that your truck runs warm verify your thermostat is not sticking. I actually have a 1994 GMC Sonoma with a 4.3 that has the around air filter out on proper of the throttle physique and that i run 20-50 weight in it.— — — — — —Motorcycles have a bad reputation to be noisy. When they stop at the red light,....?It is recommend for older Harleys to give them a little better oil flow.also when putting around at slow speed for the same reason.They run at low oil pressure and it gives it a shot of oil.— — — — — —How do you fix Low oil pressure when at Idle after the engine warms up?How To Fix Oil Pressure— — — — — —Low Oil pressure keeps popping up on my 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix, I maintain it well, why is this happening?It could be an assortment of problems without knowing the mileage of the vehicle. You could have a leaky oil pressure switch, the grade of oil or even the oil filter can have an impact. If the vehicle has high mileage, put a product called Rislone in the oil. Use it every oil service and over time it will clean the oil ports in the engine
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