What Will Happen If I Take All the Gas Out of My Motorcycle Out and Let It Dry Out for Like a Month

What will happen if i take all the gas out of my motorcycle out and let it dry out for like a month or two?

What Will Happen If I Take All the Gas Out of My Motorcycle Out and Let It Dry Out for Like a Month  1

This is not a good idea, it will allow the tank to rust or oxidize, and the fuel lines to dry out and crack. The best way to store it is to remove the bad fuel, refill the tank with fresh gas, add the proper amount of "sta bill" which is available at auto parts stores, then run the bike for 10 minutes to get the stabil into the carbs/fuel injectors and shut it down. This will protect the fuel system for many months and keep the gas fresh. Then, the best thing to do is purchase a battery tender (not a trickle charger) and hook it to your battery. A trickle charger will add a charge non stop, drying out the cells and over heating the battery. A battery tender will top off the battery charge, then go into standby mode, monitoring the battery, if it loses some of it's charge, the tender will come back on, top it off again, and go back into monitor mode. I use this proceedure to protect all my bikes and vehicles, including my $30,000.00 Harley touring bike, and have for many years. ride safe

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If my van has been sitting one year what should I do?

A year? Top it off with fresh gas and drive it.

What Will Happen If I Take All the Gas Out of My Motorcycle Out and Let It Dry Out for Like a Month  2

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I washed my scooter and now it putt putts when I try to accelerate fully and then it dies?

water in the gas and or carb and or air cleaner. Drain the tank, remove the air cleaner to dry. drain the float bowl. put in fresh gas. put air cleaner back in.real simple if you cant do that take the bus.

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Nighthawk will start, but won't run?

Drain all of the gas and put in fresh gas. Put about 5 ounces of Sea Foam in the fuel tank. Run the engine for about 10 minutes so the sea foam makes its way into the carburetors. Let it sit overnight. If this does not work, you may need to remove the carburetors so you can disassemble and clean them. In the future, add the recommended amount of Sta Bil to the fuel any time you expect the bike to sit unused for more than 2 months. A little bit of prevention can save a lot of work. Get yourself a shop manual for your bike. You will find this to be the best investment you will make. A Clymer manual will only cost you about $23 shipping. The service manual you can get online. The Sea Foam and STA-BIL you can find at most automotive parts stores.

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Gas Out of Tank. Please Answer, 10 Points Given?

Ok if you remove the tank have it steem cleaned and forget all that other junk. The steem will dislodge all the old junk and the tank will dry on its own. The reinstall tank blowing out the old lines with air. Check all the rubber and be shure it is not cracked and dryed out. Replace any you find. Install fresh gas, and connect to carb. she will have a clean tank and clean lines and a new carb. As the great one Jackey Glession once said" AN AWAY WE GOOOOOO"

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I think my Honda mower needs the carburator cleaned?

do your maintenance procedures clean the air filter first,you must use fresh gas if your using last years gas then its going to studder , if there is gas in the tank from last year get rid of it it spoils quick. new plug helps alot

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help! whats wrong with my motorcycle?

I had this same problem with my bike. I drained the gas tank out, and than drained the carb as well. put fresh gas in, cleared the carb with the drain and pushing gas through the slide with the throttle cable and it ran like new again. sometimes just the little basic things can go a long way.

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I put some old gas in my lawn mower, and now it keep stalling. What can I do?

Find the fuel line as it comes out of the gas tank and loosen the clip that holds it to the carb and pull the fuel line off the carb and into an empty gas can. Drain the tank and reattach the fuel line as it was. Refill with fresh gas and start again. After you burn up what is in the carb bowl, the engine should smooth out. If it does not , pull the spark plug and clean it off or replace it. If the engine now runs badly even with fresh gas, consider replacing the carb with a mail order replacement. They are less expensive than a rebuild and solve all kinds of problems related to the air/fuel mixture. Old gas will gum up the jets in your carb because the resin in the gas separates out and attaches to the jets as it goes through the carb. you can just replace the jets, but unless you work on carbs a lot and have the parts laying around, it's simpler and pretty cost effective to replace the whole carb, depending on the price you find online. I've spent as little as $35 for a new carb for a B&S engine.

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