What Would Happen If the POTUS Personally Led Troops in the Field?

This PONTUS? Ultimately we would lose the war because he would never lead even when forced! His bone spurs would not allow him to serve his country!

1. What led to the downfall of Britney Spears?

It really pains me when I talk about such topics,of how young talented people,with hope and dreams are thrown into the limelight and turned into cash churning machines of the Hollywood royalties. Time and again people have talked about the dark side of hollywood. In todays world being a teenager in itself is a daunting task,imagine being 16 and having people stalk you,having people interfere with your every single decision and having to deal with criticisms that even grown ups find hard to cope with. Fame is like a drug and if not careful,it can throw a person out of balance.Everything from the dress Britney wears to who she hangs out with to who she broke up with turned into a topic of national interest.Even when Britney was going through one of the most difficult times of her life,the media turned it into a celebration,pointing out her flaws,telling how she 'went crazy during a interview' or how she 'cheated on her boyfriend' or 'how she lashed out at a fan' and such. She was simply having a tough time,but it was made into something else by the media.I am not completely blaming the media for what happened,because when you sign up for stardom,you are agreeing to accept the good,bad and the ugly.But Britney was still very young,with nobody to guide her,stuck with people awaiting an opportunity to exploit her. And as for her music,I think it's an observed pattern that the popularity of stars like Britney,Gaga etc start waning after a while simply because what attracts the crowd to such artists in the first place is the fact that they are different from the rest,there is something very unique about them.But after a while this excitement dies down and it reduces the artist's popularity.However,I think Britney Spears is a very talented artist. Remember when "Ooops. ..I did It Again" came out and how she took the whole world by storm?.She may not be as popular as she was 10 years ago,but she is still as talented and as beautiful,and if she puts her mind into it,she can do it again ;)

2. What led gastroenterologist doctors to choose gastroenterology as their career?

I'm quite sure that the answer is highly individual.For me, a major part of the attraction was my experience with the gastroenterologists I was lucky enough to work with while a resident. At that time, Boston University had a superb gastroenterology division. What I liked about that group was that they were really bright and accomplished but also shockingly approachable. Almost to a man (because they were all men at the time), they had quick wits and an almost perfect balance of seriousness and levity.Sure, the nephrologists were probably smarter, and the cardiologists saved more lives per hour, but the gastroenterologists were just fun to be around. Furthermore, they seemed to like me pretty well, or at least they didn't mind having me around.I wish that there were more depth to my answer, but there really isn't. I got very lucky that my impulses drove me in the right direction. Who knows how I would feel as a specialist in a different medical specialty, but I love my profession. By the time I started my fellowship at Yale, I knew that I had chosen the right field. I plan to hang around as long as they'll have me. Note that this cannot be considered specific medical advice to any patient. Rather, the content contained herein is provided as general knowledge in hopes of increasing medical literacy among all readers. If you need specific medical advise, you must seek a consultation with a medical provider.

3. Bright blue led headlights what are they called?

they are called "illegal to use in the US" !!!!

4. DMX512 Remote controlled LED

Be sure to terminate RS485 at both ends. 54 to 100 ohm range. To switch LEDs on, Choose the number of LEDs by forward voltage at rated current to add up like zener diodes and allow 1V for current limiting resistor for fixed regulator (use 2V drop, if using battery, say 13V with /-1V tolerance. Vf of LED depends on colour and current. LEDs must have a good heatsink. You can choose any transistor that has enough current gain from logic level to LED.Choose MOSFET or BJTs (Darlingtons is more current gain needed as single stage BJT gain is only 1030x typ saturated.)Alternatively use constant current sink which regulates well but less efficient than 2V drop min. on MOSFET) If= 0.7/Rs If fixed regulator, I would go with

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Articles recommandés
Design and Analysis of Constant Current Driving Circuit for LED Display Screen
1. IntroductionLED display screen is a new type of information display media developed rapidly in the world in the late 1980s. It uses dot matrix modules or pixel units composed of light-emitting diodes to form a large-area display screen. It has the characteristics of high reliability, long service life, strong environmental adaptability, high performance price ratio and low cost, It has been widely used in the field of information display.LED display screen mainly includes LED array, driving circuit, control system, transmission interface and corresponding application software. The design of driving circuit plays a very important role in the display effect, production cost and system operation performance of LED display screen. Therefore, it is necessary to design a control drive circuit which can not only meet the requirements of control drive, but also use fewer devices and low cost. This paper analyzes the design of conventional driving circuit, and puts forward the design method of constant current driving circuit.2. Design of conventional driving circuit of LED display screenThe design of LED display driving circuit, combined with the control system used, is usually divided into two categories: dynamic scanning driving and static latch driving. The following analyzes the design of dynamic scanning driving circuit as an example:The dynamic scanning driving mode refers to that n rows of light-emitting diodes such as 4 rows, 8 rows and 16 rows on the display screen share a set of column driving registers. Through the time-sharing work of the row driving tube, the lighting time of each row of LED accounts for 1 / N of the total time. As long as the refresh rate of each row is greater than 50Hz and the visual persistence effect of human eyes is used, people can see a complete text or picture.The design of conventional driving circuit generally uses serial in and parallel out general integrated circuit chips such as 74HC595 or mc14094 as column data latch, 8050 and other low-power n PN triodes as column drive, and Darlington triode TIP127 as row scanning tube. The circuit is shown in Figure 1.Such as monochrome dot matrix, 16 lines & times; If 64 is listed as a basic unit, 8 74HC595, 64 8050 and 16 line scan tubes are required. Its working principle is that eight 74HC595 are connected in stages and share a serial clock CLK and data latch signal str. When the data to be displayed in the first row passes through 8 & times; 8 = all 64 CLK clocks will be moved into 74HC595. At this time, a data latch signal str will be generated to lock the data in the subsequent latch of 74HC595, and the 8050 corresponding to each output bit will be saturated on or off; At the same time, the line scanning control circuit generates a signal to turn on the first line of scanning tube, which is equivalent to that the positive ends of the first line of LED are connected to the high level. Obviously, the lighting of the first line of LED tube depends on the signal locked in 74HC595; While the first row of LED tubes are lit, move the data to be displayed in the second row in 74HC595, then lock it, and at the same time, the row scanning control circuit closes the first row of scanning tubes and turns on the second row to light up the second row of LED tubes. By analogy, when the sixteenth line is scanned and then returned to the first line, as long as the scanning speed is high enough, a complete text or image can be formed. Its working sequence is shown in Figure 2.Fig. 2 working sequence diagram3. Defects of conventional driving circuit(1) when a row of driving tubes is effective, the lighting current of all led corresponding to the row will flow through the row driving scanning tube, and the number of lighting LED tubes in a row will change continuously with the text or graphics to be displayed. Therefore, the current flowing in the row scanning tube will change greatly, which will change the tube voltage drop;(2) the change of current caused by the number of LED tubes lit will also affect the fluctuation of power supply voltage, which will affect the voltage at both ends of the first row of LED tubes, make it fluctuate with different display words or graphics, and affect the brightness uniformity of the whole display screen.
Led Folding Screen Disassembly Details, Led Folding Screen Design Structure Introduction
Among the many single products of LED display application product series, this product which can realize 360 degree folding process has always existed as a product with niche, highly customized and non standardized positioning. Although it has all the characteristics of conventional LED screen products, and even has the unique characteristic of "flexible folding", which is of great practical value and creative value, due to the complex manufacturing process, more stringent requirements for manufacturing process, high R & D investment in product upgrading and relatively long return cycle of input-output.Therefore, for most LED screen manufacturers, folding screen is not particularly popular. There are very few enterprises willing to continue to focus on products in this field. The current situation directly fed back is that many domestic end users, including some users in the international market, do not know the existence of this product at all, let alone popularized application.At present, most of the groups that are using this product and transforming it into "loyal" users are concentrated in large-scale high-end performing arts stage dance beauty solution enterprises, media companies with prominent cultural genes of "creativity" and "innovation" and some sporadic have come into contact with this craft product, and there are ultra-thin, ultra light, portable Project users with special requirements such as foldability.LED display application industry has developed so far, whether from the perspective of some practical characteristics of LED folding screen products themselves; Or from the serious homogenization of products and aesthetic fatigue in the market, especially in the advertising media market; Or from a purely commercial point of view, in fact, it has enough capital to become a mainstream LED display application product.Next, we will disassemble the LED folding screen products that we are not very familiar with, understand the composition and characteristics of the products, and then try to understand some technical trends and changes in product design concepts that led folding screen products will bring to the industry.The installation mode of LED folding screen is similar to that of conventional screen. It can be seen from the picture that the power supply system and the signal receiving system are integrated together, and the connection between the display modules is connected through special steel wire rope devices. This process design achieves the purpose of simplifying complexity, and can directly save the box structure and the vertical and horizontal interleaved flat lines and power lines on the back of the screen.Therefore, the process characteristics of the folding screen are extremely ultra-thin, extremely simple, the transportation, installation, maintenance and flexible space utilization of the screen body. It even directly affects the operation stability and service life of the screen, so that its performance in these two aspects is much better than that of LED display application products with conventional technology.The following figure shows the display module of the folding screen product of the indoor fixed smart6 model, with a size of 192mmx192mm (except this model, other models are 250mmx250mm modules). The optional lamp bead material is the smd1921 encapsulated by Guoxing, and the thickness of the module is 16mm. Therefore, the overall thickness of the whole screen is 16mm, while the thickness of the conventional P6 model display screen is almost 90mm.The back of the module adopts a fully enclosed bottom shell design, which is simple and beautiful with good integrity. It can also effectively protect the PCB circuit board inside the module and greatly reduce the product failure rate. The four corners of the module are designed with sliding blocks, which are used to fix and lock the steel wire rope directly connected between the module and the module. By sliding the sliding buckle and taking out the steel wire rope, the module can be easily removed and replaced.The connection between the control box and the screen integrated with the power supply system and the signal receiving system is mainly through the interface in the figure below. Only one interface needs to be set for each row of modules of the screen, which can fully realize the power supply and signal transmission of this row of modules.The following figure shows the two in one control line integrated with power line and signal line. One module is placed in a row, and the standard length is 1m. This design is quite convenient and saves a lot of work for product manufacturing and screen installation.The control box is an important and indispensable part of the LED folding screen. The screen receiving card and switching power supply are installed in the control box in the figure below. Generally, the standard configuration is that four rows of modules are equipped with a control box, and the internally configured switching power supply will select switching power supplies with different power consumption according to different screen power consumption.Product packaging is a very common air box packaging, which is convenient for transportation. This product of smart6 model can fit a folding screen of 10 square meters, that is, the aviation box with a height of 1m can fit a screen of 30 square meters. Basically, a slightly larger household SUV can be easily installed, and the degree of convenience can be imagined.Well, here, the main components contained in the whole LED folding screen product have been decomposed, which may not be very detailed. If you are interested in the product, you still need to actually look at the physical product in order to more intuitively experience the charm of this product.fqj
Various Applications of LED Large Screen Display in 2020
In 2020, the new infrastructure will be completely in full swing.As a key area of new infrastructure, big data center has also ushered in a climax of construction, and has been continuously applied in various fields to change our lives. In its application process, it is inseparable from data visualization. Powerful giant color HD intelligent LED display stands out in this field and has become one of the indispensable terminal displays for the collection, analysis and presentation of all kinds of big data information, creating many classic cases.Digital government fieldBig data is used to improve all aspects of our city. Through the powerful giant color LED display control system, ultra-high definition, split screen display, rapid response, energy conservation and environmental protection, it can efficiently present all kinds of huge data and pictures, provide "clear" and "accurate" scientific basis for urban planning, urban management, government decision-making and administrative services, and provide intelligent decision-making support for the government.Security fieldBig data has also been widely used in improving security and law enforcement, especially in the fields of public security law enforcement, intelligent transportation and other monitoring and command. The powerful large color LED display with high definition, high brush and fast response speed can quickly present all kinds of information, image data, strategic deployment and on-site conditions in high definition, greatly improve the efficiency of public security case handling, and help the traffic management department optimize the road network mechanism.Enterprise fieldBig data provides effective support for optimizing enterprise production and management processes, innovating products, services, business models and intelligent equipment. The powerful large color LED display, which integrates the advantages of high-definition high brush, nanosecond response and flat like a mirror, can meet the needs of enterprises for 24-hour real-time high-definition monitoring of enterprise personnel changes and various production big data changes, and escort the safe production and efficient operation of enterprises.Energy fieldThe concept of energy big data is the technology and idea related to the comprehensive collection, processing, analysis and application of data in energy fields such as electric power, steel and coal. As an important carrier of information visualization, powerful giant color LED display has also been applied on a large scale, effectively helping energy big data statistical analysis, operation monitoring, planning and early warning, and boosting the high-quality development of energy transformation.epilogueBig data center has played a huge advantage in human social practice, and its utilization value is beyond our imagination. As an important intelligent interactive display terminal of the big data center, the powerful giant color LED big display not only functions as a display carrier, but also becomes a node for sensing and collecting data on the big data value chain links, so as to realize the "one screen sensing" of the overall situation of various application scenarios.
Application of White LED Driver Cat3636 in Portable Equipment
At present, various consumer electronic products are constantly given new functional features, and with the improvement of complexity, the corresponding power consumption also increases. How to avoid the excessive growth of power consumption by improving the design has become an important topic in front of hardware design engineers. For example, for products such as mobile phones, PMP and GPS, the power consumed by the LCD backlight accounts for a very large proportion of the power consumption of the whole machine, and the LCD screen has a further increasing trend, which will further increase the corresponding power. Therefore, how to reduce the power consumption of LCD backlight has become one of the primary problems to reduce the system power consumption.At present, the mainstream architectures of LCD screens on the market are CSTN and TFT, both of which need a certain brightness backlight to achieve visible images. The brightness demand of the backlight is basically proportional to the size of the LCD screen, but also related to the surrounding environment and the subjective feeling of users. The more popular backlight scheme in China is that the LCD screen below 2.8 inches adopts 2 4 white LEDs, and the LCD screen of 2.8 4.3 inches adopts more than 5 white LEDs. Considering the service life, index and price of LED, the current of single LED is generally controlled at 15 25mA.Most portable devices are powered by lithium batteries. The discharge range of lithium battery is about 3.2 4.2V, while the forward voltage required for white LED in normal operation is between 3.2 3.8V (if = 20mA @ VF = 3.5V). When the load of the system increases suddenly, it will cause battery voltage fluctuation. Therefore, driving white led directly with lithium battery will cause abnormal phenomena such as dark screen or flashing screen.The solution to this problem is to insert a primary boost driving circuit between the lithium battery and the white LED. At present, there are two commonly used architectures: one is inductor boost type, and the other is charge pump boost type.For the driving scheme of 5 6 white LEDs in portable devices, although the inductive boost architecture has more high efficiency advantages than the traditional charge pump boost architecture, noise and the size of peripheral devices are still difficult to overcome in this scheme. In order to drive 5 6 white LEDs arranged in series, the inductive boost chip needs to output at least 16 (3.2V / LED & tips; 5) 21V (3.5V / LED & tips; 6) driving voltage, and its inherent switching circuit ripple is a large noise source for other small signal circuits. If the PWM signal is used to control the enable end of the boost chip for dimming operation, not only the PWM signal itself, but also the fluctuating driving voltage will have an adverse impact on other circuits.Cat3636 is a charging pump capacitor boost white LED driver, which is especially suitable for LCD screen with 5 6 white LEDs as backlight. Similar to the popular capacitor boost architecture, it does not need inductors, only a few small capacity ceramic capacitors are needed in the periphery, and the small-size 3mm & tides are also used in itself; 3mm square tqfn-16 package. Different from the popular capacitor boost architecture, it adopts the patented Quad modetm charge pump technology of catalyst semiconductor company, which can effectively improve the conversion efficiency of backlight LED driver and reduce the power consumption of backlight circuit.At present, most popular charge pump LED drivers provide only three working modes according to the ratio of output voltage to input voltage: 1 times, 1.5 times and 2 times. Quad modetm architecture adds a fourth working mode - 1.33 times. The 1.33x working mode makes the output boost voltage as small as possible, which greatly reduces the useless power consumption and subsequent heat loss of the device. At the same time, the 1.33 times working mode also effectively reduces the input switching current at the battery end, which not only effectively prolongs the working time of the battery, but also minimizes the input noise of the whole system. In particular, in order to realize the 1.33 times working mode, the cat3636 still adopts the peripheral configuration of the popular charge pump LED driver, and only two flying capacitors are used to realize voltage conversion, which makes the chip do not have to increase the number of pins due to the increase of working mode, so that the device can be packaged with small but still cheap TQFN, which is conducive to actual production and procurement.Quad mode charge pump principleCat3636 adopts quad-modetm charge pump boost architecture. Its principle is different from inductive boost circuit. The output voltage and input voltage have a discrete multiple relationship. The charge pump has four working modes: 1 times, 1.33 times, 1.5 times and 2 times.The double mode working principle of quad-modetm charge pump is shown in Figure 1. In the first phase, input the power supply VIN to charge the two external capacitors C1 and C2. At this time, the two external capacitors are connected in parallel, and the a terminal of the capacitor is connected to VIN and the B terminal is grounded. The voltage between the two poles of the capacitor is the input voltage, that is, Vc1 = vc2 = Vin. In phase 2, terminal B of external capacitor is connected to VIN and terminal A is connected to Vout, which is Vout = VIN VC = 2vin. Due to the repeated conversion of the first phase and the second phase, the charge is continuously "pumped" to the output.Fig. 1 principle of 2x Mode BoostSimilar to 2x mode, the working principle of 1.5x mode is shown in Figure 2. In the first phase, C1 and C2 are connected in series between VIN and ground, and the input voltage Vin charges capacitors C1 and C2, Vc1 = vc2 = 1 / 2vin. In the second phase, the two external capacitors are disconnected from the ground and connected to Vout. At this time, Vout = VIN VC = VIN 1 / 2vin = 3 / 2vin. Similarly, this process is repeatedly converted to achieve 1.5 times the boost.Figure 2 1.5x Mode Boost principleDifferent from the traditional 1.33x mode, quad-modetm charge pump can realize 1.33x mode by using only two external capacitors. In the first phase, VIN charges the external capacitors C1 and C2, and C1 and C2 are connected in series. In the second phase, the capacitors C1 and C2 are disconnected from the input power supply VIN, and C1 is inversely connected to VIN and Vout. At this time, C2 remains floating. In the third phase, C1 and C2 are connected to VIN in series, and the positive pole of C2 is connected to Vout. The steady-state output voltage can be solved according to Kirchhoff's voltage law:Phase 1: VIN = Vc1 vc2 (1)Phase 2: Vout = VIN Vc1 (2)Phase 3: Vout = vin-vc1 vc2 (3)Substitute equation (2) into equation (3) to obtain:VIN VC1=VIN-VC1VC2 (4)VC2=2VC1 (5)Replace equation (5) with equation (1):VC1=1/3VIN (6)Then substitute equation (6) into equation (2) to obtain:VOUT=4/3VIN。Figure 3 catalyst's innovative 1.33x mode architectureIf the input voltage Vin is greater than the forward voltage drop VF of the LED, the LED does not need to be boosted, and the quad-modetm charge pump operates in the double mode.According to the principle of energy conservation, the input power Pi of cat3636 is equal to the power pl consumed by the external led plus the power PE consumed by itself, that is, pi = PL PE. The power consumed by cat3636 itself mainly includes charge pump voltage conversion power consumption PC, passive power consumption PS of internal constant current source, power pf consumed by internal logic function module, and heat loss Pt, i.e. PE = PC PS pf Pt. As shown in Figure 4.Figure 4 power consumption distributionConversion efficiency of cat3636 η= PL/PI=PL/(PCPLPSPFPT)。 Since PF and Pt values are relatively small, η ≈PL/(PCPLPS)。 Under the condition of constant current operation, the power consumption pl of LED is approximately constant. Therefore, in the same boost mode, with the decrease of input voltage, the output voltage decreases, and the voltage acting on the internal constant current source also decreases. Therefore, the power consumption PS of constant current source also decreases, and the conversion efficiency of cat3636 η rise; Under the same input voltage, the higher the mode and the higher the output voltage, the greater the power consumed by the internal constant current source and the lower the conversion efficiency. This is why the LED Driver with 1.33x mode has higher comprehensive conversion efficiency than the driver with only 1.5x or 2x mode. Fig. 5 is a diagram of the conversion efficiency of the cat3636 operating within the lithium discharge range.Figure 5 cat3636 conversion efficiency
Design of LED Display Screen to Display Single Character
With the development of society and the needs of the information age for the rapid release of all kinds of information, many government departments, enterprises and institutions have widely adopted LED electronic display products in order to improve their own image and standardized information management. This kind of multimedia display system is used to display text, graphics, images, animation Stock market and other information, as well as television, video, DVD and other signals, are effective tools and good windows for traffic command and guidance, military operations, power departments and public places to carry out corporate image publicity, information release and spiritual civilization construction.Using the field programmable logic device (FPGA) as the controller, selecting the appropriate device, using the rich I / O port, internal logic and wiring resources of the device, and adopting the top-down modular design method, the whole display system can be designed conveniently.Electronic design automation (EDA) technology is a digital electronic system design based on programmable device (PLD). It is a new design method for system chip integration. It is also rapidly replacing the traditional design method based on PCB. With the support of EDA tool software MAX plus Ⅱ, this design has passed the compilation, adaptation and software simulation verification. Finally, the hardware experiment loaded into the real experimental system proves its correctness.1 system structure and principleCombined with the EDA experimental box produced by Shanghai hanghong high tech company, the 16 character font to be displayed has been stored in 8000h 807fh of EPROM, and a single 8 × 8LED dot matrix (wtd3088) displays characters, and the display control is realized by field programmable gate array (FPGA) epf10k20tc144-4. The system principle is that FPGA first generates the dot matrix font address, reads out the data from the memory, stores it in the 16 bit register, and then outputs it to the column of the LED dot matrix. At the same time, the dot array is scanned circularly to dynamically display the data. When the column that needs to display the data font can be coordinated with the selected column, the characters can be displayed correctly.2 FPGA design and principleFor at 8 × To display characters on the 8LED dot matrix, first express the characters as 8 × 8 pixel points (AD0 Ad7) are character pixel information extracted and arranged in sequence by column, all of which have 8-bit word length. Then, the pixel information is extracted from the multi characters in turn and stored in EPROM in order to get a data sequence to be displayed. Further, by controlling the release process of the data sequence through the addressing method, it can be realized in 8 × The purpose of scrolling multiple character information on 8LED LED dot matrix. Page controls the scrolling speed of character display, and its value range shall be 0 n. col determines the scanning speed of column switch of LED dot matrix, and its value range shall be 0 7. The address pointer that can locate the data to be displayed in the display data sequence at a certain time can be calculated by the following formula: addr = page Col. it should be noted that the scanning speed shall be much greater than the scrolling speed, The scanning clock used in this design is 1kHz, and the rolling speed of characters is 1s / piece. Adjust the scrolling speed of character information; Changing the repeated scanning cycle of col can improve the stability of displaying complete character information on LED dot matrix.In addition, it should be pointed out that since the operation of addr depends on hardware, the modulus of address pointer addr should be n, and in order to roll all character information through the LED dot matrix, 8 empty data bytes must be added before data n. According to its working principle, a VHDL language program describing the hardware function of FPGA core is designed. This design combines EDA experimental box and MAX PLUS II R & D tool of Altera company, and adopts the way of behavior description.The VHDL program is as follows:libraryieee;use ieee.s td_ logic_ 1164.all;use ieee.s td_ logic_ arith.all;use ieee.s td_ logic_ uns igned.all;entityledisport (clk1,clk2,reset: ins td_logic;led_s: out s td_logic_vector(2downto0);memcs,rd,wr,cs0809,sELmled:out s td_logic;a: out s td_logic_vector(15downto0);ad: out s td_logic_vector(7downto0));end;architecture led_ archoflediss ignalcol:integerrange 0to7;s ignalpage :integerrange 0to15;s ignaloe:s td_ logic;beginproces s(clk2,reset,col)beginifreset=‘’1‘’ thencol《=0;els if(clk2‘’event andclk2=‘’1‘’)thencol《=col1;endif;led_s 《= conv_s td_logic_vector(col,3);a(2downto0)《=conv_s td_logic_vector(col,3);endproces s;proces s(clk1,page)beginif(clk1‘’event andclk1=‘’1‘’)thenpage《=page1;endif;a(6downto3)《=conv_s td_logic_vector(page,4);endproces s;ad《= “ZZZZZZZZ”;oe 《= ‘’0‘’;memcs 《= ‘’0‘’;rd《= ‘’0‘’;wr《= ‘’1‘’;selmled《=‘’1‘’;cs0809《= ‘’1‘’;a(15downto7)《=“100000000”;endled_arch;3 experimental verificationBy using the emulator in EDA tool software MAX plus Ⅱ, the VHDL design of the compiled character rolling display is simulated and verified, which proves that the core hardware of FPGA works well. In addition, after downloading the VHDL program to the EDA test box produced by Shanghai hanghong high tech company, the characters stored in EPROM can be displayed correctly, which explains the hardware system The scrolling and scanning of Chinese characters are also normal, which verifies the correctness of the design.4 Conclusion
Why Does Low Power Factor Make My LED Bulb and Clock Radio Flicker at 0.2 to 3 Hz?
Likely problem: The computer psu is almost certainly running in a "burst" mode, drawing a short pulse of energy occasionally. This is for less than a mains cycle and/or not synchronised to the mains waveform, so the waveform is arbitrary & non sinusoidal with random shape, so many harmonics are produced and power factor is poor. The filtering on the other devices is not adequate to remove the harmonics. Possible solution: Adding a load - maybe via a USB port (fan / light / coffee warmer (higher power) ...). If the USB ports are powered up in this mode then you can probably tailor the load to keep the psu in non burst mode - and waste a few watts in the process1. Will this 20,000k LED bulb function as a grow light?A 20,000K lamp will have peak output at 145 nanometers (Wien's Displacement Law). That's hard ultraviolet. It will hurt your plants. 10,000K still peaks at 290nm, UV. You want a lamp with a far redder color temperature. Here's a nice graph of the wavelengths plants like: See the page Light and Plants2. I have a 60 watt equivalent led bulb that takes 10 watts can i use that and leave it on all night in a 40 watt lamp?Mike's answer is correct but does not answer your question. The LED bulb is actually using only 10 watts, thus lower current and would be safer in the fixture rated for 40 watts. You should be able to leave it on for extended periods with no danger if everything is as you have stated. To be safe, check to see if the socket is getting warm after an hour or so. I leave some like that on 24/7 with no problem3. How do i make a simple LED bulb flash on and off ?The basic concept is a power supply (battery), a switch, and a resistor. How complicated you want to get beyond that is up to you. Although I could understand it's not real fun to run the switch by hand for very long. Beyond that you get into more circuitry; anything from a 555 timer, all the way to playing with a pic-processor like the Arduino which is very popular. It should be easy to find example circuits and even videos.4. How do I make a battery-powered lamp? If it's a LED bulb, could I do it with ONE AA battery?Yes and No ,, A high powered led just one will produce as much light as a 60 watt light bulb ..somewhere around 800 lumens ..it will seem brighter because it's generally more focused but if you shot the beam into a diffuser like a frosted opaque plastic looking lightbulb it would look pretty much the same ,, The down side is ....NO a AA battery wo not do 800 lumens . it takes a serious battery to give you that much light An 18650 battery is a cell like the ones in your lap top battery pack or the ones that the tesla roadster /electric Lotus sports car uses (thousands of them ) The new flashlights use them , the battery is 18mm across and 65mm long and cylinrical so they call it an 18 65 0 18650 It has 3.6 volts basicly and that's like 3 AA batteries It's also a different chemistry ..it's a lithium ion battery like your cell phone battery (which is also about 3.6 to 3.7 volts ) it just has a greater capacity to store energy for a longer period of time because it's bigger than your cell phone battery capacity is measured in amperage . the 800 lumen light would kill the little AA battery in an a matter of minutes ,in fact it would not even run on a AA battery without a small curcuit board called a driver which electronicly boosts the voltage of the AA from 1.2 1.5 volts ...up to 3.6 .. here we are agin at 3,7 volts which lots of electronics curcuits seem to like ..certainly these high power led emitters do . the AAA has i/3rd the power of a AA battery .They are really lame And the AA has 1/3rd the power of a 18650 So this battery about the size of your thumb (if you have a long and fat thumb ) is the most researched and about the best our battery science can give us . We've sort of hit the wall so to speak .Any efficiencies as far as lighting needs to come from the new leds . No is the answer :)
Was Led Zeppelin the Best Band in Terms of Musical Ability?
As much as I love Zep the answer is no. Three bands of same vintage that far exceed Zep in musical ability would be ELP, Yes and of course Pink Floyd and these are just a small example. Both Steve Howe of Yes and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd are far superior guitarists compared to Jimmy Page. The most musically talented member of Zep was of course John Paul Jones.• Suggested ReadingWhat are the differences between an LED Strip 2835 and a 5050?First,you shou know what are the 2835 and 5050 ,According to the power size which can be divided into small power and high power, generally 0.5W above the lamp is called high power lamp; According to shape which can be divided into inline and patch type; Actually, the low-power SMD LED can be divided into 0805, 1206, 3020, 3528, 5050 and etc according to the external dimensions, which is the origin of the aforementioned.if you want get more information about the leds,you can link this blog:------How does industrial revolution led to the emergence of imperialism?Imperialism is much older than the Industrial Revolution. Throughout history human nature manifested itself in many forms of enacting power over women, over children, over animals, over the different; imperialism was, and is, one of those forms.But this question makes sense given the fact that imperialistic practices facilitated the expansion of the industrial revolution in three main ways:Acquisition of much needed raw materials to feed industrial activity.Demographic expansion to create bigger and bigger markets.Territorial competition, to prevent other nations from controlling and taking those benefits------Does Canada have any far-left politicians?Not in the mainstream, and none that are elected. We do have some on the sidelines, as do most places.Our furthest left party is the NDP. They've never been elected federally, but have ruled several provinces. They are democratic socialists, generally fairly moderate ones. In provinces where they have been elected, they usually have a better fiscal record than Conservative and Liberal governments, but they do favour programs that work for average people instead of corporations------Can C access the hardware as deep as Assembly?Can C access the hardware as deep as Assembly?When it comes to memory mapped I/O, yes.But even then there are specific registers that a CPU can use that are not part of any language - things like invoking a bus reset (usually a reset instruction), enabling/disabling/controlling the MMU (special instructions or special reserved registers), moving data to/from different memory spacesInitial stack setup (sometimes yes, sometime no - usually has to be done in assembly)------What constitutes a nuclear family after marriage?This is the kind of question better suited for Wikipedia than Quora.Nuclear familyHistorically, most people lived in groups of extended families, including grandparents and often uncles and aunts, especially if unmarried.The nuclear family concept reflected the primarily American phenomenon of a man and a woman with dependent children. Since adult Americans in the post-WWII era moved often for college or employment, they began to live separate from their parents. Because of the timing, this group was called the nuclear family------What exactly led to cause riots in Shamli (U.P.)?It was the hatred created by politicians from all major parties among the common people.Crowd was misdirected using religious platforms by political/religious leaders.Administration was equally responsible for not acting on time and was in the mode of just wait and watch.Even media was responsible for giving religious colour to each and every incident/crime in the district.It was totally avoidable.Only poltical parties gained from it. everyone else (common people from every religious background, bureaucrats, police) suffered or suffering from it------Is Avatar Roku responsible for the extinction of air benders?No. He was dead when the Genocide occurred. How can he be held responsible for that? The only culpability he has is that he didnt do enough to stop Sozin, but that could apply to virtually anyone in the world. The Fire Nation nobles and generals. The Earth Kingdom. The Water Tribes. But in the end, Sozin planned and carried out the genocide, so hes the primary one responsible for the genocide------Which is the best LED Vu TV: a 40 inch or a 42 inch?I suggest going for RIDAEX NUKE Series TVs which are the best product you can get with completely loaded specifications and Durable which lasts long.Ridaex Nuke 43 Inch 4K Android 7.1 Smart TV - Version 2Product Technicals : 3840p 4K Ultra High Definition LED Tv With HDR 10 Bit Android 7.1 2GB RAM 16GB Internal Memory 800 Nits Brightness 2 x USB 2.0 , 2 x USB 3.0 100% Stabilizer Free Technology Android Hardware Upgradable> Comes with the Dolby Speakers> Comes with a surprising Magic RemoteAnd Guess what this costs just RS.32,999/-Thanks------What book has transformed you completely?Well, every book I have read did change me in some way or the other. But if I have to name one, then it would be The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho. When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in giving it to you is something I strongly believe. This book has made me an optimist. Another book would be The Secret'. These books have made me a better person. I would suggest you to read these if you are feeling low or looking for something inspiring------I heard Ireland is rejoining the UK in 2022. How can I stop this?Recognise England Scotland Wales and N.Ireland as being Countries (not colonies )and refuse to deal with the Quisling British Govt in London. We English Scots Welsh and N.Irish and The Countries of Europe were promised by Churchill and Roosevelt that we would have our own Nationally Representative Democratic Governments as soon as the war was finished! These promises were set down within the terms of The Atlantic Charter of 1941 and England has waited to be free of Londons dead hand for long enough!------What are some suggestions for my LED problems?When I first received an LED strip, the lights came on fine, then after testing for about 30 minutes they quit working. When I plug them in they flash once then nothing. The blue light is on, on the power supply. I feel like it could be a remote issue. (Hot! RGB led strip 3528 flexible strip light DC12V 5M 300led24key IR remote controllerpower adapter EU/US/AU/UK Plug free ship)What are your suggestions for my LED problems?------Are there any reasonably priced alternatives for Apple's Thunderbolt Display or LED Cinema Display?There are no third party Thunderbolt displays AFAIK. However, Thunderbolt carries the same display signal as Mini DisplayPort, so you can use a Mini DisplayPort adaptor to go to DisplayPort. HDMI or DVI monitors of your choice.The main issue for Thunderbolt equipped Macs is that the display necessarily would have to be the last link in the Thunderbolt chain, so if you were adding hard drives etc. to Thunderbolt, they would all need to have Thunderbolt pass-through for daisy chaining------Does anyone actually believe Trump is religious?From what Ive seen the only faith he has is in himself. No church attendance, no prayers, no piety, no compassion, no humility, nothing. He courts religious elements by supporting very conservative positions against abortion, etc., but hes more talk and not so much walk.In the end, I think well all see that the only reason Mr. Trump wanted to be president was because of his enormous ego.------Has the Gita led anyone towards Hinduism?Gita is a part of Mahabharata but Mahabharata itself is not among 18 purana . If you walk through 18 Purana , Mahabharata , more than 100 Upanishad and other scriptures , you will not get the very word 'Hinduism . All Indian scriptures are based on four types of VARNAS ie. Brahmana , Kshatriya , Vaishya and Shudra ie. The society has four types if people . Now the question within the above raised question in Quota is that from where this word - Hinduism has come ?------Why do so many programmers have a vertical monitor?It lets you fit more lines of code on screen at once.My current setup is a 29 Ultrawide monitor (21:9) on the left in landscape for Unity, and a 24 in portrait in the right for Visual Studio (10:16), with my Retina MacBook Pro in the middle for everything else.It works great for me, Unity is much easier to deal with in one screen in Ultrawide and code is easier to read on a vertical monitor.------Which right-wing U.S. politicians and activists have successfully opposed the religious right?Two of the largest religious bodies in America, the Catholics and Jews, are renowned for voting Democrat. Its a free country.Catholics vote Democrat for some misplaced notion that the Democrats are for the Little guy or have humanitarian concerns. Methodists and Presbytarians vote Democrat for similar reasons.So there you have it. Religious and right are nothing more than a concept.There are religious people on the right, but they dont behave as a voting body------During the reign of Emperor Susenyos I (Malak Sagad III), Ethiopia was a Catholic nation. What led to the demise of Catholicism: the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the royal family, or the peasantry?The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is alive and well in Ethiopia and dates back to the 3rd century. It is not dead and is called the Orthodox Tawahedo Church and is autocephelous (meaning its Patriarch is independent) of the Coptic Orthodox Church. I am not sure what you mean by the peasantry as you seem to be completely unaware that Ethiopia is a modern country with univerisities, well established monasteries and a long-standing clergy.------What would be the down-side of outlawing organized religion?This argument is invalidated on the face of it in exactly the same way as most arguments against gun-control are. The Constitution does not GRANT a single right. You have all those rights from just being human. The right to worship as you please is not GRANTED by law, the government is PREVENTED by law (the Constitution) from attempting to deny your already existing right to worship as you wish. So you can attempt to outlaw it with an unconstitutional law, but its not gonna fly------Between Tulsi Gabbard and Kamala Harris, who do Indian Americans prefer?Indian Americans would prefer Tulsi Gubbard because she is strongly supported by RSS backed organizations in the US. She keeps meeting RSS/BJP managers and supports Hindu nationalism to seek Indian American votes.Kamala Harris, though a half Tamil brahmin does not project it for getting votes, and is a straight shooter. She is a candidate for US elections, not Indian elections. She may not show any favoritism to American Indians, but will be good for America------Are your beliefs found in the Bible?No. I dont actually have any beliefs other than make-believe. Anything I make believe about is imaginary. Sometimes things that begin in my imagination actually end up happening:Pretty silly huh?Instead of beliefs, I have internal heuristics. Those are rules of thumb that are based entirely on self-enforcing rules. A good example of a self enforcing rule is the Law of Addition. If you violate it, you are automatically incorrect.------If you like to read science fiction and fantasy, what works fed your interest and led you into this sort of fiction?Memory can be a spotty thing sometimes. What got me started on science fiction, I think, was watching Flash Gordon serials and Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, when I was growing up (mid- to late 50s). Some years later, in high school, I picked up a copy of Asimovs Foundation, on the recommendation of a friend, and I was hooked. On the fantasy side, I first read The Lord of the Rings during the summer of 1967 (just before my senior year in high school). . .and that got me hooked.------Referring to the Holocaust, what is the final solution?The Final Solution (or Endlsung in German) was the plan for systematic genocide, i.e extermination of all Jewish people during WWII. It was the culmination of the racist legislation in the years after Hitler took over control over Germany.After anti-Jewish laws, boycotts of Jewish businesses, and the culmination of it all - the Night of Broken Glass pogrom, the policy of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party) towards Jews evolved into a full-scale plan to gather them into camps and exterminate them------What policy decisions and missteps have led the US to be in the position of likely losing Afghanistan and its people to the Taliban?The unwillingness to understand that the Taliban is coterminous with the Pashto ethnic group. The Pashto majority regions in the east and south will NEVER accept anything short of full Taliban rule. But that leaves the north and west, dominated by other ethnicities (Tajik, Uzbek, and Hazara). These groups were treated with shocking cruelty by the Taliban during its previous rule. The obvious solution is to partition the country, and the US is making a mistake by not encouraging it
Knowledge About Military Uniform | Family of Military Uniform
Family of military uniformJames Pattison was born in 1723, the second of three sons of James Pattison, a merchant, and Mary Maxey. His two siblings, Nathaniel (c.17141784) and Samuel (17261756), went on to play important roles in the silk industry in Cheshire, especially in Congleton.James married Mary, daughter of Albert Borgard, the man of Danish origin who was instrumental in the establishment of the Royal Regiment of Artillery. Mary was baptised in 1724 and was buried at St. Nicholas, Plumstead, Kent on 1 July 1792, aged 72. They had a son Nathaniel, born on 8 February 1754 in Perth, Scotland. He died the following year and was also buried at St. Nicholas on 9 December 1755. General Pattison died on 1 March 1805, at his house in Hill Street, Berkeley Square. He was buried on the 9th with his family in Plumstead.------Trucial Oman Scouts of military uniformThe current United Arab Emirates military was formed from the historical Trucial Oman Levies which was established on 11 May 1951. The Trucial Oman Levies, which were renamed the Trucial Oman Scouts in 1956, were considered a long symbol of public order in Eastern Arabia and were commanded by British officers from the British Empire. The Trucial Oman Scouts were turned over to the United Arab Emirates as the nucleus of its defense forces in 1971 with the formation of the UAE and were absorbed into the newly formed united military called the Union Defence Force (UDF). The Union Defence Force was established officially as the military of the United Arab Emirates on 27 December 1971 from a directive issued by the UAE's founding father and first president, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.------Signing of military uniformAt the signing ceremony, the President was joined on stage by men and women who had lost family members in two-victim crimes, including Laci Peterson's mother, Sharon Rocha. During his remarks at the ceremony, Bush said, "Any time an expectant mother is a victim of violence, two lives are in the balance, each deserving protection, and each deserving justice. If the crime is murder and the unborn child's life ends, justice demands a full accounting under the law." Senator John Kerry, his main opponent in the 2004 Presidential election, voted against the bill, saying, "I have serious concerns about this legislation because the law cannot simultaneously provide that a fetus is a human being and protect the right of the mother to choose to terminate her pregnancy."------Aduaneros of military uniformThe aduaneros (lit. "customs officers") were a special military force created by Toms de Zumalacrregui during the First Carlist War. They were entrusted with the levying of revenue for various consumer goods. During the first years of the war, they prohibited the export and import of goods to isolated barracks and fortified villages that had sided with the Liberal (Isabeline) cause.The aduaneros' uniform included corduroy pants, jacket, and vest; a flesh-colored corset; blue beret with white tassel; gray cloak; and alpargatas, a sort of light sandal made of hemp. Their weapons included a bandolier and carbine.Mariano Jos de Larra wrote a satirical article about them called "Nadie pase sin hablar con el portero" ("No one can pass without speaking first with the doorman").------Work of military uniformShe started drawing and writing poetry in secret circa 1920, but most of her early work has been destroyed; director of the hospital Hans Steck and general practitioner Jacqueline Porret-Forel first took an interest in 1936, and her work was finally discovered by Dubuffet in 1947. He believed Alose cured herself by ceasing to fight against her illness, by choosing to cultivate it and make use of it instead.Her work is erotic, consisting primarily of beautiful women with voluptuous curves and flowing hair attended by lovers in military uniform. She used the vivid colors of crayons, pencils, and flower juice to fill entire sheets of paper. Her compulsion to make marks on every inch of paper is a "horror vacui" remarkably similar to that of Adolf Wlfli.------Silesian Eagle of military uniformThe Silesian Eagle (German language: Schlesischer Adler) was a medal awarded for fighting the Silesian Uprisings as part of the Freikorps Oberland under the Weimar Republic.Instituted on the 19 of June 1919 by VI. Armee-Korps Generalleutnant Friedrich von Friedeburg, the Silesian Eagle declined itself in two classes, 2nd class for three months of service and 1st class for 6 months of service and could be adorned with oak leaves, swords, or both. This medal was one of the few Freikorps awards that were allowed to be worn on uniforms during the Third Reich after the 1935 ban on unofficial medals. However, the swords, and oak leaves, denoting additional bravery, merit or service were banned, but despite interdictions, many veterans continued wearing them in active military service with the Third Reich.------Campus and academics of military uniformHill Military Academys original campus was located in a residential area in northwest Portland. The campus consisted of two buildings, the main building and an armory. The two-story armory measured 50 by 100 feet and included a drill hall and workshops. Hills main building was a four-story structure with battlements on the exterior wall, and in general designed in the Scots Baronial Style. This building housed the boarding students of the academy.Students at Hill wore uniforms and attended college preparatory classes as well as classes in the military department. The school had both boarding students and day class enrollees. Summer courses were held at camps held on the Oregon Coast or in the mountains. The school was considered a pioneer in military education in the Pacific Northwest.------Aircrew Badge (Nazi) of military uniformThe Aircrew Badge (German: Fliegerschaftsabzeichen) was a German military decoration awarded to members of the German Air Sports Association (Deutscher Luftsportverband or DLV e. V.), an organisation set up by the Nazi Party in March 1933 to establish a uniform basis for the training of military pilots. The German Air Sports Association was a cover organization for the future German Air Force (Luftwaffe). Its chairman was the future Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe Hermann Gring and its vice-chairman Ernst Rhm. Since the Treaty of Versailles officially forbade Germany from building fighter planes of any sort, the German Air Sports Association used gliders to train men who were still officially civilians for the future Luftwaffe. It was the first qualification badge recognized by the Luftwaffe..------Organization of military uniformAlthough the regiment was organized on January 11, 1812 the regimental colonel, James Burn, was not appointed until April 25. Secretary of War William Eustis delayed recruiting for almost a month, then allowed recruitment of only three out of twelve companies. No clothing or equipment was supplied until September and October. The regiment was not fully equipped until December. Purchase of horses had been ordered in March but by September only half the regiment was mounted; many of its mounts were unfit for service. Eustis scattered the regiment from the Ohio River to New England. One company disappeared from the War Department's records.While stationed at Sackett's Harbor, New York, both the 1st and 2nd Regiments had their strength increased by the transfer of soldiers from the 26th Infantry Regiment.------Support of military uniformAnti-abortion organizations strongly supported the act. On July 3, 2003, the U.S. Judiciary Committee heard testimony for and against passage of the UVVA. Feminists for Life of America President Serrin Foster submitted her own testimony, as well as that of Sharon Rocha. In addition, Foster argued against passage of an alternative bill by Rep. Zoe Lofgren, which would have provided "additional punishment for certain crimes against women when the crimes cause an interruption in the normal course of their pregnancies" but not treated the unborn child as a second victim. "We are asking our elected representatives to honestly answer the question in the case of Laci Peterson and baby Conner," Foster asked. "Was there one victim or two? Those who support the single-victim substitute would deny women justice."------Early life and First World War of military uniformStantke was born in Fitzroy, Victoria, on 15 August 1886. Educated at the University of Melbourne, he served in the Australian Military Forces as a senior cadet from 1906, and was commissioned through this scheme, reaching the rank of captain by 1909. However, after working as teacher at Brighton Grammar School, in 1911 he relinquished his previous rank and joined the Permanent Military Forces. In the Permanent Force, he was appointed to the Administrative and Instructional Staff (A & I Staff), as a lieutenant, before transferring to the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) during the First World War, and being posted as the adjutant of the 29th Battalion on the Western Front during 1917 and 1918. Promoted to captain, in 1919 he served as Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General, 1st Division before returning to Australia later that year.------Louisbourg Grenadiers of military uniformThe Louisbourg Grenadiers was a temporary unit of grenadiers formed by General James Wolfe in 1759 to serve with British Army forces in the Quebec campaign of the Seven Years' War.Grenadiers from the 22nd, 40th, and 45th regiments were brought together by Wolfe at the Fortress of Louisbourg in Nova Scotia in preparation for action along the St. Lawrence River. The unit was involved in numerous battles during the months-long prelude to the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, including the ill-fated Battle of Beauport on July 31, 1759. After Quebec City's capture, the Grenadiers went on to be involved in the fall of Montreal the next year. After the end of the Seven Years' War, the unit was disbanded and its members returned to their original regiments.------Commodore (Canada) of military uniformCommodore (Cmdre) is the lowest flag officer rank in the Royal Canadian Navy of the Canadian Forces. It is equivalent to Brigadier General in the Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force. It is junior to Rear Admiral and Major General, and senior to Captain and Colonel.A wide gold band with executive curl is displayed on each sleeve of the service dress and mess dress. Shoulder boards and rank slip-ons have a single maple leaf, above which is a crossed sabre and baton surmounted by St Edward's Crown.Navy uniform variationsCurrent shoulder board and cuff insigniaDress uniform tunic - pre-2010Cuff insignia - July 2010Shoulder boards for:short-sleeve shirt,tropical white tunic,summer white mess dress,2C shipboard mess dressUniform shirtsCADPAT uniform------Auxiliary Marine Safety (Trident) Device of military uniformThe United States Coast Guard Auxiliary has a similar device called the Auxiliary Marine Safety (Trident) Device. This device is awarded after completion of:The following marine safety courses: Introduction to Marine Safety and Environmental Protection; FEMA Emergency Management Institute Courses ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 210 or ICS 300, IS 700 and IS 800; and the Ocean Conservancy Good Mate Course.Four Performance Qualification Standards (PQS) as described in the USCG Auxiliary Marine Safety Performance Qualification Standards.Five years of service in Marine Safety & Environmental Protection missions (consisting of at least 96 hours of service per calendar year); however, a conditional award of this device may be awarded based on a recommendation from the local USCG Captain of the Port if all aforementioned requirements are met other than the five years of service.------Celebrations of the golden jubilee of military uniformAfter the parade in Moscow the demonstration march of the workers of various sectors of the Soviet Union took place, preceded by an historic fireworks display at the beginning- one that had never been done before to mark the golden jubilee anniversary of the Revolution. The daytime fireworks display was a once in a lifetime moment and one of the big highlights of that year's Red Square parade. There were parades in cities such as Yerevan, Baku, Tselinograd (modern day Nur-Sultan), Priozersk, and Kubyshev (modern day Samara). During the parade on Lenin Square in Baku, the parade was opened by a guard of honor (from the Baku Higher Combined Arms Command School) instead of drummers, one of the first cities to do that in their annual parade.
Sliding Door Murders Could They Have Been Solved?
When you have been a crime reporter for 40 years, many old cases are long forgotten. But there are those that stick with you - the ones where you still wonder, "What if?" They are the sliding door ones, where the slightest change of circumstance could have brought about justice rather than open files and unanswered questions.Peter MacDiarmid sat in the lounge room of the family home with his wife Sheila by his side as he described their daughter Sarah's last known movements nearly four years earlier. For me, it was a relief he was talking in a matter-of-fact way because it made me feel as though I wasn't intruding on their almost unbearable grief.And then he burst into tears. Sitting next to me was a blonde, female photographer waiting to take a snap for the story. "I'm sorry," he explained to her, "the sun just hit your hair like it would Sarah's." That is the burden of not knowing for relatives of murder victims. It simply never goes away.On July 11, 1990, Sarah played tennis with workmates then caught a train to Kananook Station, arriving about 10.20pm. Police believe she walked to her car carrying her backpack, which contained her work clothes, tennis racquet, Walkman and about $60.The strongest police theory is that a group of homeless drug addicts jumped Sarah as she walked to her 1978 Honda Civic at the railway station car park, stabbed her and stole her backpack. Her body has not been found. Eventually Peter, Sheila and son Alisdair moved to Brisbane to try and escape the daily physical reminders.Peter found that if his eye caught some dumped rubbish he would stop and search in the hope it would lead to Sarah's missing bag. "You would drive around looking for clues. It hurt too much." For Roger and Joy Membrey, the sharp pain of intense grief has been replaced by the dull ache of not knowing. Their daughter Elisabeth was murdered in her Ringwood home in December 1994. And like Sarah, her body has not been found.There were suspects, hope, false dawns and finally, a man charged. Shane Andrew Bond was a regular at the Manhattan Hotel where Elisabeth worked and was implicated by several witnesses as the killer. In 2012 Bond was acquitted of the murder, but has been left damaged by the investigation and trial. He became an ice user and has been moving around the country searching for anonymity.Naturally, the Membreys want the police to keep looking. And the Membreys have an ally from the strangest corner - one of Bond's relatives is calling for a reinvestigation to catch "the real killer".Deborah Boundy was killed by a ruthless group of gangsters to stop her implicating them in a paid hit, even though she had risked her own freedom to protect theirs.Yet after her murder many believed she had jumped bail, with police placing her on the top 10 most wanted list.When hitman Christopher Dale Flannery and his murder partner Kevin "Weary" Williams were charged with the murder of Melbourne businessman Roger Wilson, Boundy became the star prosecution witness.Wilson went missing on his way home to Narre Warren on February 1, 1980 and his body remains undiscovered.Boundy (who was having an affair with Williams) at first implicated the hit team but later retracted.Flannery, and those close to him, believed Boundy remained a loose end - even though she had refused to implicate them at the inquest. And Chris hated loose ends.On Christmas Day 1980 she had lunch with her parents, reported for bail (charged with perjury when she retracted her statement at the inquest) and then slipped over to a Richmond pub for drinks.Someone she knew lured her from the Royal Oak Hotel in Richmond, then forced or tricked her into writing a letter to her parents saying she was running away.So who was the killer?The chief investigator in the case, Frank Bellesini, says gangster Alphonse Gangitano (murdered in 1998) was the main suspect. Flannery was acquitted of the Wilson murder but went missing in Sydney in May 1985. Like Wilson, his body was not found.But the man alleged to have ordered the hit on Wilson and the woman who lured Debbie from the pub remain alive. She wisely keeps a low profile, while he occasionally takes to Twitter as if his past has been forgotten. It hasn't.Conventional wisdom is that serial sex offenders don't stop until they are caught or incapacitated, which makes the case of Karmein Chan so baffling.Karmein, 13, was abducted from her Templestowe home more than a quarter of a century ago in what was clearly a well-planned crime.The offender did his homework and hit the large house surrounded by a two-metre fence when parents, John and Phyllis Chan, were at the family business, a popular Chinese restaurant in Main Road, Lower Plenty.Occasionally I would eat there with then assistant commissioner Frank Green and his wife, Norma. They were regulars, where Phyllis would entertain front of house as part host and part comedian. Years later Frank's wake was held in the same room.Most police involved in the case believe it was a child abductor dubbed Mr Cruel, responsible for at least three other attacks from 1987 to 1991.In the three previous cases the victims had been released, which fed the hope Karmein would eventually be freed. But a year later her body was found at Edgars Creek, Thomastown. She had been shot three times in the head, execution-style.This didn't fit Mr Cruel's profile, as he had previously assured his victims they were not in danger. One told police: "He appeared to be acting out a fantasy like he was married to me. He showed this by the affection he showed to me and how chummy he was to me." Mr Cruel was obsessive about removing any possible forensic evidence - leading police to suspect he may have had some law enforcement experience. He also concealed his face from victims. Mr Cruel was constantly in the headlines, and Karmein told friends that placed in similar circumstances she would fight.This led police to speculate she may have grabbed his mask and was killed because she could identify him.So why did he stop? Perhaps the killing destroyed his elaborate fantasy world, or he was jailed on other offences, or he is dead.A police taskforce codenamed Spectrum identified 27,000 suspects and received 10,000 tipoffs. They checked 30,000 houses and arrested 73 people, but none was identified as Karmein's killer.In 2010 the case was reviewed and all the evidence is intact. All that is needed now is a name. I recently came across an ex-cop known to have molested children who fitted the Mr Cruel profile. But he had been investigated and cleared. Another dead end.If the first 48 hours are considered the most important in a homicide investigation, then the case of Jane Thurgood-Dove may have been doomed from the start.Jane, 34, was shot dead in front of her three children in her Niddrie driveway and the suspicion soon fell on a serving policeman obsessed with the married woman.He fitted the description of the pot-bellied gunman and wanted to buy a cemetery plot next to her's. He built a memorial to her inside his house, his mobile phone number and computer password were derived from her date of birth, and to top it off he failed a lie detector test when asked, "Are you responsible for the death of Jane Thurgood-Dove?" The case, while short of justifying laying charges, appeared compelling except for one flaw. He didn't do it.For five years police pursued the wrong man just as the killer had pursued the wrong woman, for the paid hitman was supposed to kill another blonde mother who lived in Muriel Street. The target was Carmel Kyprianou, whose crooked husband, Peter, had a habit of making enemies.One was former Crown solicitor Philip Peters, who had been caught planning to abduct and torture Kyprianou over a $200,000 fraud scam.Jane was killed in November 1997, just months after Peters was released after serving time for the abduction plot.Once the policeman suspect was cleared, the murder theory became that a drug dealer Peters met in prison was the go-between for the murder contract.The dealer, who once worked for Australia's biggest amphetamine syndicate, used his connections to pull together a hit team from Geelong bikies. Police say the triggerman was former Rebels Motorcycle Club bikie Steven John Mordy, while his mate, James Ian Reynolds, organised the getaway car.Before police could move Mordy died of natural causes and Reynolds in a boating accident, meaning the case appears to be at a dead end. But, and it is a big but, the go-between is still alive and there is a million-dollar reward on offer.And in the underworld, greed is a bankable currency that can sometimes prick the conscience of even the most callous crim.Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000.
Why Are LCD and LED so Prefered Over Plasma TVs?
It depends on who you ask. Personally I prefer plasma due to the stunning image quality with movies and sports. I think most "videophiles" would get a plasma over LCD. If I were buying a TV for the bedroom, guest bedroom, etc. I would probably get an LCD. For my main home theater setup, its plasma all the way. BTW: My plasma has an anti-glare screen.1. What to get, Plasma or LCD?Use a seek engine style in plasma vs liquid crystal show. do no longer seek LED, because of the fact it is in basic terms merchandising. LED TVs are in basic terms liquid crystal show TVs with LED backlights extremely of CCFL backlights. liquid crystal show TVs with LEDs many times carry out greater suited than different liquid crystal show TVs, yet they nonetheless have all the failings of liquid crystal show TVs2. What are possible reasons to use Cathode-Ray Displays by tech-advanced civilizationsCRT is essentially a vacuum tube on steroids.While it took us a long time to develop LCD technology, at its core are liquid crystals. The modern LCD use LED for backlight, a solid-state semiconductor technology. Do you see already, where I am going? Let's heal a headache with decapitation!And also no germanium or gallium arsenide.Transistors were never invented. Diodes are still regarded an esoteric technology part from early radio days: detector radios are just as primitive as camera obscura and just that far from the real modern tech.While LCD is strictly not a transistor-based tech, it became practical in the integrated circuit era. The major benefit of LCD (even with non-OLED backlight) is its size. You do not really need to spare on size, if your devices are not portable anyway.So, just follow the tube-based electronics ad absordum. People still built TVs and computers with it in real history. So, things like "let's simulate an earthquake or an A-bomb explosion" are still feasible. Things like "let's give almost everyone a portable device with computation speed of a decade-old supercomputer to look at pictures of cats" are rather not. Already in our history people got quite creative with tubes. Tubes in metal hulls. Mini-tubes. Tubes almost as efficient as easy as early transistors. You microwave is most certainly still tube-based deep inside. Unsure, if PCBs exist, by the way. While early tube design surely did not have this, in the later years people indeed used some circuit boards. This could habe been the transistor influence or indeed a genuine development. People generally get very creative with a technology piece, especially in absence of alternatives. So, expect a lot of creative usage and miniaturisation of the tubes, but not "transistor revolution" and also no "digital revolution".Those elsewise poor folks also happen to have a much better and nicer sound, if you ask audiophiles, but I digress.Byline: The whole solid-state electronics was missed by this version of humanity. Or even the physics in that world does not work this way: tubes work, transistors do not . (Doubt.)Anyway, they do not have LCD display, because CRT is enough. Because it's impossible to pack a single computer in less than two racks.3. what is the best t.v. on the market? Our Hitachi, new, needs a new bulb every year @ 400.00, buyer beware!?what is the best t.v. on the market? Our Hitachi, new,00, buyer beware!?4. What are the differences between a plasma, CRT, and LCD televisions?OK now CRT are just basic TV screens you see any where, LCD or Liquid Crystal Display are two thin glass screens with a liquid between them making up the picture and Plasma are similar to LCD but more advanced and more expensive Personal I think Plasma are the best I heard they last long then LCD they way u can tell the different between LCD and Plasma is when you push your finger on a LCD it ripples like water but plasma do not I hope this helps5. What brand of TV is the best ?I say Samsung and Sony. Also Vizio is good most of the time. Try for a TV with 120hz or higher but it's not a big deal if it's not. And if you want you could even get LCD which is an LED but with different lighting (darker and less color contrast) I say plasma looks the best but they are usually very big. I say Samsung
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