Where Can I Buy a Motorcycle Lens Visor That People Can't See My Face?

The same ebay store will have it, BUT, big BUT, even your lite tint gets really dark at nite, dark tint does not come with a White cane, and you WILL get caught out at nite. You want to hide your face? carry a small piece of tape with you a few days and see how low you can mask the visor and still see what needs to be seen, paint the INSIDE of the visor at the line but keep the eyes part clear.

1. How do you make a full visor for like a helmet.?

Well, you need these following materials: 'x2' 1/32" polycarbonate (obtained from local hardware/plastics store, do not remove the white film), 1'x2' auto tint (plastics store or auto bodyshop), 2 pieces of white printer paper, spray bottle , liquid soap (dishwashing detergent works well), tape, scissors, squeegee (stiff cardboard works well) ,adhesive backed velcro,shaving cream, paper towels,blowdryer, drill (or sharp screwdrivers), fine sandpaper and a pencil. So, first, you have to tape the two pieces of paper together and wrap it around the face opening. Make sure to completely cover the opening snugly as well as the mounting holes on the side where the visor used to attach. Tape it down. Trace out the face opening and note where the mounting holes are. Cut out the shape you drew and trace in on the white film on top of the polycarbonate. In the spray bottle, mix some soap with water, and give it a good shake. Remove the top white film. The tint is a thin film on top of a clear backing. Place the film adhesive side down onto the wet polycarbonate. Take the hairdryer and holding approximately 3" from the faceshield. Using the original paper cutout, mark on the faceshield where mounting holes go with a pointy object. Cut out small 1" to 2" strips of velcro, peel off the backing and stick the soft side to the helmet. Open the faceshield and trim off excess velcro. Remove faceshield and lay flat.

2. Hockey Visor or Cage?

They are required to have full facial protection so they can either wear a cage or the full visor that comes all the way down to the chin (same for women)

3. How to remove scratches from a NIKE football visor?

i found just washing it with dish soap made the scratch less visable

4. should i get a football visor..im gonna play in the spring in NY.should i get one, which brand?

Yes and get Oakley

5. Which football visor would you reccommend? PLEASE ANSWER?

In terms of visors I say Oakley (and if not then undersells over Nike as a second choice I would say). It also just looks cool to have non-Nike football gear for once, let alone Oakley gear. Oakley is a sick brand dude

6. How common is Geordi's VISOR technology?

Based on Geordi's conversations with Doctors Crusher and Pulaski in TNG: Encounter at Farpoint, Part I and TNG: Loud As A Whisper it would seem that the use of this technology is vanishingly rare. Sufficiently so that a Starfleet doctor with two decades of medical experience has not even seen one in real life and a renowned specialist in surgical research has only encountered a few similar cases in all of her years of practice.CRUSHER: Naturally I've heard of your case. The visor implants you wear ...LAFORGE: Is a remarkable piece of bio-electronic engineering by which I quote see much of the EM spectrum ranging from simple heat and infrared through radio waves et cetera, et cetera, and forgive me if I've said and listened to this a thousand times before.TNG: Encounter at FarpointandPULASKI: It's possible to install optical devices which look like normal eyes, and would still give you about the same visual range as the visor.LAFORGE: Done? You say almost. How much reduction?PULASKI: Twenty percent. There is another option. I can attempt to regenerate your optic nerve, and, with the help of the replicator, fashion normal eyes. You would see like everyone else.LAFORGE: Wait a minute. I was told that was impossible.PULASKI: I've done it twice, in situations somewhat similar to yours. Geordi, it would eliminate the constant pain you are under. Why are you hesitating?TNG: Loud as a Whisper

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