Which Batteries Are Generally Used for Digital Camera Batteries?

Digital cameras need batteries to maintain normal operation. Generally, digital cameras can use dry batteries, alkaline zinc manganese batteries, cadmium nickel batteries, hydrogen nickel batteries, lithium-ion batteries and lithium batteries as their power supply.

Alkaline zinc manganese battery

This battery is the No. 5 battery that we can easily buy in the market. They have not undergone special materials and technical transformation. Most digital cameras using this battery are bottom products. Because of the wide range of market sales, users do not need to worry about the price of this battery. However, due to the ordinary technology, its power supply and durability are far inferior to other batteries. Sometimes, his electricity is not enough to drive the start of the digital camera, and even affect the digital camera.

Nickel metal hydride battery

This battery is an alternative to the early Ni Cd battery. Compared with Ni Cd battery, Ni MH battery has more attractive advantages. It greatly reduces the "memory effect" existing in nickel cadmium battery, which makes the use of nickel hydrogen battery more convenient and the cycle life longer (up to 1000 times). In addition, Ni MH battery also has the obvious advantages of high capacitance, large discharge depth, resistance to overcharge and over discharge, short charging time and so on. The most important thing is that Ni MH battery no longer uses toxic heavy metals as materials, which can eliminate its pollution to the environment. At the same time, it is basically similar to nickel cadmium battery in electrical characteristics. In practical application, it can completely replace nickel cadmium battery without any transformation of the camera.

Of course, Ni MH battery is not perfect, it also has some disadvantages. Its high-temperature characteristics are relatively poor. In the high-temperature environment above 45 ℃ and the low-temperature environment below 0 ℃, the Ni MH battery will not work normally or even start the camera at all; In addition, the self discharge rate of this battery is also relatively high. After storage for a period of time, it will be found that its electric energy will be significantly reduced; Another is that Ni MH batteries also have a slight memory effect.

lithium battery

The price of lithium-ion battery is relatively high, but it has the advantages of light weight, large capacity and high energy density. Compared with Ni MH battery, lithium-ion battery is relatively light, but the energy ratio is 60% higher. Because of this, the production and sales of lithium-ion batteries are gradually surpassing Ni MH batteries and becoming one of the main batteries used in digital cameras. In addition, lithium-ion battery has almost no "memory effect" and no toxic substances, which is also an important reason for its wide application.

The technical status and performance of lithium-ion batteries and lithium batteries are relatively good, but the price is slightly higher, and the use is also more exquisite and complex. In particular, the charger of lithium-ion batteries must be "dedicated", which cannot be compatible with the chargers of other batteries. Although the unit price of alkaline zinc manganese battery is low and consumers can afford it, its short service life and long-term use make it difficult for ordinary consumers to bear the cost. In contrast, cadmium nickel battery and hydrogen nickel battery are relatively mature in manufacturing technology and reasonable in price.

If you use a mismatched battery or don't pay attention to saving, the battery will run out when you don't take a few photos. The following methods can save battery consumption: first, try to avoid unnecessary zoom operation; Second, avoid frequent use of flash. Flash is a big power consumer, so we should try our best to avoid using it; Third, when adjusting the picture composition, it is best to use the viewfinder instead of the LCD. Because most digital cameras will consume more power by turning on the LCD viewfinder, turning it off can increase the battery backup time by two or three times; Fourth, try to use the continuous shooting function as little as possible. The continuous shooting function of digital camera mostly uses the built-in cache to temporarily save digital photos. If you use these caches often, you need a lot of power. Therefore, reducing the use of continuous shooting and dynamic image short film shooting functions is of great help to save power.

Which Batteries Are Generally Used for Digital Camera Batteries? 1

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