Which Ranks Higher Sheriff Or Chief of Police?

which ranks higher sheriff or chief of police?

Which Ranks Higher Sheriff Or Chief of Police? 1

The rank is the same. They are both the head of their department. If someone thinks that our county sheriff who commands 4,000 officers is of a higher rank than our city chief (called a superintendent) who commands over 12,000 officers he's nuts. The only difference is the size of the jurisdiction. Now if you are a sovereign citizen far right nut you would believe that the county sheriff ranks higher than the Governor of the state or President of the US.

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If You were Commander in Chief?

If I were in Obama's position here is what I would do about the North Korea situation. I would take about two weeks and do nothing publicly, in fact I would do what Obama has been doing and attend fancy balls, while secretly I would plan a major offensive against NK. Once everything is in position I would warn China and Russia that a certain nation near them is about to be attacked, then before either nation could respond or alert NK, all communication in NK would be cut, similar to the cyber attacks Russia used on Estonia and Georgia. Then the bombing would begin, an array of bombers would bomb every major city and military complex in North Korea, along with the firing of hundreds of cruise missiles from our ships near South Korea. Along with their cities our fighters would target their naval ships at port so their navy would be crippled. There would also be a deliberate effort to target North Korea's leader and his sons, so no one from that group could try and lead a resistance. This would all be done within hours and with surgical precision. After the initial attack, I would encourage South Korea to launch an all out ground assault into North Korea with U.S. and Japanese aerial and naval support. With North Korea's major cities in ruins, their navy gone, their military complexes annihilated, and constant attacks by the U.S. air force on any area where their military attempts to reform, their feeble national morale would utterly collapse and their would be minimal resistance to the South Korean troops that invade and occupy the nation. After all resistance is broken down I would encourage South Korea to annex the North, oh wait I forgot annex is not a politically correct word, I meant I would encourage South Korea to request (impose) a unified partnership for peace program with the north. China and Russia would whine and make scary sounding threats but as long as the United States holds firm and does not back down they will blink first. As strong as they are they simply do not have enough allies in the world right now, while if a major war was to break out the U.S. would have the EU on its side along with dozens of minor nations. Sadly however I am not the Commander in Chief, Obama is and he would never do anything like this. Think about it if he did the media would instantly end their love affair with him and attack him worse then Bush. That's one of the differences between good leadership and bad leadership, a good leader does what is necessary for the good of the nation even if it means less popularity, bad leadership bases their actions to much on what people say and how it will affect their image.

Which Ranks Higher Sheriff Or Chief of Police? 2

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Who was the first Chief Minister of Bihar?

Sri Krishna Sinha, was the first Chief minister of the Indian state of Bihar (1946-61)

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Is the Halo 5 campaign included in the Master Chief Collection?

Halo: The Master Chief Collection contains these games right out of the box (as the saying goes):The following titles are available as DLC - each for $10 USD last time I checked:You should play ODST before Halo 3 - as that is where it fits inside the Halo chronologyYou should play Reach before any other game - as that is where it fits inside the Halo chronology

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Who is more powerful chief minister or deputy chief minister?

Constitutionally, Chief Minister is the duely elected ruling head of the state who is assisted by his council of ministers.Deputy Chief Minister is nothing but a cabinet minister with a glorified designation and in no way better than any other cabinet minister. There is no provision in the Constitution of India by which the designation of Deputy Chief Minister is recognized. Even in the absence of C. M. under exigencies, the Dy. C. M. may not look after the responsibilities of regular C.M. unless other wise nominated by the C.M.So, we may conclude by saying the C.M. has all powers in the state and give directions for all departments and Dy C.M. would run his writ only the department under him or her. Who is more powerful chief minister or deputy chief minister?What is the difference between the power of a chief minister and a deputy chief minister?

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