Who Would Be Your First Pick to Lead the Entire World?

I would have recommended Bill Gates but hes getting old. Then theres The GOAT Roger Federer who has a really good persona but am not sure if he knows anything about politics or the world. But, given his acumen I believe he will be a good candidate to lead the entire world. His energy and endurance would definitely help him get everything done. Besides, he is really popular which will make him fit for the task.He is also cool tempered and thinks before acting. I have never seen him showing any tantrums or misbehaving.He understands various cultures and is quiet respectful to all of them.Definitely, the best candidate to rule the world.

All Hail! The GOAT King Roger Or lets say Emperor RogerThis king didnt have to slay anyone or even had to use a sword to win hearts of billions of people. Just his racquet was enough.His terracotta statues in China.We also have his logo already for his familys coat of arms Or we can use his familys coat of arms which was always thereWe would even have (or already have) an official opening score to all his ceremonies.Though, there has already been a king named Roger in the pastKing Roger II Hauteville, King of SicilySources:-Roger Federer - WikipediaKing Roger - Wikipedia (Opera)Cool Federer Image Was Forged in a Hot HeadRoger Federer Explains How He Keeps His Cool On The Court And When He Stopped Being Angry.

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Isn't it weird that George Weasley ended up marrying Angelina Johnson?

We don't know if Fred and Angelina dated. All we know is that Fred took Angelina to the Yule Ball - and that he didn't exactly ask her in a quiet, private way. He yelled across the Gryffindor Common Room and asked her. Came across entirely as a 'lets go as mates' instead of 'I like you and want to date you'. Now Angelina did smile after Fred asked her, yes. But it could have been a relieved smile 'thank Merlin I don't need to find a date' or 'Thank Merlin, if such-and-such asks me, I can tell him I have a date'. Or it could be an amused smile - amused with how Fred had asked her. A smile can mean a million things.After that - there is no canonical evidence that Angelina and Fred were in love with one another and were dating.In any case. Hermione went with Krum - they didn't get married. Ron went with Padma - they didn't marry one another. Harry with Parvati - they didn't get married. Ginny went with Neville... they didn't get married. Fleur went with Roger Davis - they didn't get married.So no - it isn't weird that George Weasley and Angelina Johnson ended up getting married.And even if Angelina had liked Fred, dating George doesn't mean that she's 'replacing' Fred with George. It isn't beyond the realms of possibility that they comforted each other in their grief, and from there they fell in love with one another


Who do you think had the most responsibility for the War of the Five Kings: Littlefinger, Cersei or Joffrey?

Littlefinger. By far.The War of Five Kings was Littlefingers creation. Every other major player, including Cersei, Varys, Tywin, etc. wanted to prevent the War of Five Kings. Littlefinger almost singlehandedly, make the war happen.

His first action was supplying Lysa with poison so she could assassinate Jon Arryn and then advising her to send a letter to her sister blaming the Lannisters. He told her it was the only way she can keep her son at her side and by blaming the Lannisters and running to the Eyrie, she will be safe from accusation.In reality, he was hoping to poison the Stark-Lannister relationship and create strife between them.

He then lied to Catelyn about the dagger being used against Bran as Tyrions, again, to sow dissension. It worked better than planned when Catelyn kidnapped Tyrion and Tywin went to war against the Riverlands.The dissension between the Starks and Lannisters led to Neds continued investigation into the death of Jon Arryn which in the end led to his discovery of Cerseis incest. This forced Cersei to arrest him which led to Robb calling his banners.Lastly, its possible that Littlefinger convinced Joffrey to have Ned executed instead of being sent to the Wall. All it would take is for him to play on Joffreys ego, a few offhand comments about how a King should not take advice from women, or how traitors should be dealt with harshly and sparing traitors is weakness. This prevented the Lannisters from being able to forge peace with the North to ensure that the war kept going


What is the most ridiculous thing you have heard from a creationist?

During the televised Bill Nye the Science Guy vs. Ken Ham debate, Ham claimed that if Adam was not historical, Christians cannot believe that Christ can save them. (So much for their omnipotent God.) This claim is repeated by many others on Ham's site, Answers in Genesis. A search forhistorical Adamjust now on their home page returned 1,290 hits just on their site.In Defense of the Historical AdamNo Adam: no gospel. If Adam and the Fall are not historical, then Jesus

died for a mythological problem and He is a mythological savior offering us a mythological hope.Such Creationists firmly believe that if they accept science, they will necessarily go to Hell. They are in need of better theology before we can discuss reality with them. Actually, Old Earth Creationists and those who treat the Creation story as an allegory report the same experiences of being saved or Born Again as the Creationists. And so do non-Christians. I can cite examples from several schools of Buddhism, Judaism, Sufism in Islam, shamanism, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman religion, Hinduism, and Daoism, and I know where to find more in other traditions.Shakyamuni Buddha personally declared the age and origin of the universe not to be religious questions. He compared someone insisting on a religious answer to those or other such questions to a person shot with a poisoned arrow who refuses to have it removed and the wound treated until he knows who shot it and why. Hindu cosmology makes this just the latest in an inconceivably long sequence of inconceivable long kalpas. Buddhism can work with that when talking to those who believe it, and it is used as a background for several Sutras, but we really don't care.


What were some of the greatest mass cavalry charges in history?

There is probably no consensus on this subject, however we can take a guess.Which army would have the highest number of cavalry?Probably not Europeans, when you have to be a noble or knight to be able to afford a horse. Same goes to all agricultural societies.It would most likely be the nomads. Because, well, horse is their transportation! They ride horse before they walk. The per capita ownership of horse is multiples of human beings. And these guys are usually all fighters, not just professional fighters among them that we came to call soldiers.Would it be the Mongols? The Turks? The Huns? The Arabs?I dont know. But just take a look at the list of Mongol battles you will see quite many epic cavalry battles: Category:Battles involving the Mongols - WikipediaThis one is in the European theatre: Battle of the Kalka River - Wikipedia20000 Mongols against 80000 (the Rus number is very much disputed but I highly doubt the 8000 estimate because they are the home team).This one in Eurasia: Battle of Mayi - Wikipedia100,000 Han cavalry. Note that ancient Chinese text are known to be pretty vague and inaccurate on troop strength, but Emperor Wu pretty much exhausted his huge empire with his campaigns against the Xiongnu.

This one is the most famous epic battle: Battle of Yehuling - WikipediaMongols against Jins, 90,000 against 150,000 cavalrymen.In all these battles cavalry is not used in a single charge of course, that is not Mongols tactic, but they usually will charge together once enemy is trapped, from all sides


Why have an affair? Why not leave your partner instead? If you love your partner, why cheat?

I never thought Id cheat. It was the most despicable thing in my opinion and I always wondered the same thing - why cheat when you can leave your current partner if you want to be with someone else. Turns out, its a lot more complicated than it sounds.I am in a very loving and happy relationship. I love my partner a lot and I have my whole life planned with him. I cant bear the thought of living without him. Leaving him is just not an option in my books. He is too tied in with my family, he loves me way too much, he is perfect for me, he is the guy I can see a future with, and I just know that I will spend my life with him.For the past 2 years of our relationship, everything has been perfect. But now, I have moved away to another country for some work reasons and were in a long-distance relationship. Its been going great but I have somehow find myself in the midst of an affair. It happened once with a close friend and I let it go as a mistake. But then it happened again, and again, and again, and I cant seem to stop. The said friend has made it very clear he has no feelings towards me and nothing can ever happen between us romantically. I agree with him. But for some reason, we have this crazy physical chemistry besides our bonding as friends. I feel guilty about it - I am having an affair - but I cant leave my partner who I will spend my life with. So far, Ive told myself this affair thing is temporary, its a phase and it will pass. I cant ruin what I have with my partner for it


Which type of knowledge do you think is the most powerful?

Hi,my answer to this question is based on internet search (copy/paste)Knowledge is information that is meaningful in cognitive forms such as understanding, awareness and ability. It is typically acquired by experience, information consumption, experimentation and thought processes such as imagination and critical thinking.So from based on the surfing of internet and advises that I got from real world,I suggest these 4 Knowledge1. Factual knowledgeFactual knowledge consists of the basic elements students must know to be acquainted with a discipline or solve problems in it. It includes knowledge of terminology and specific facts. For example, within an adventure game, students may learn that India is in Asia, or from the instructions of a game, students may learn that start-up disk refers to a 3.

5-inch square disk that fits in a disk drive.2. Conceptual knowledgeConceptual understanding is knowing more than isolated facts and methods. The successful student understands mathematical ideas, and has the ability to transfer his/her knowledge into new situations and apply it to new contexts.

3. Procedural knowledgeProcedural knowledge involves knowing how to do something - ride a car, for example. We may not be able to explain how we do it. Procedural knowledge involves implicit learning, which a learner may not be aware of, and may involve being able to use a particular form to understand or produce language without necessarily being able to explain it.

4. Metacognition knowledgeMetacognition is the process of thinking about thinking. It is the process of developing self-awareness and the ability to self-assess. It is contemplation about one's education and learning -- past, present, and future.

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The Difference Between LED Projector Light and LED Flood LightLED Projector Light (LED Downlight) call spotlight again, cast shoot light, shoot light to wait a moment, basically use to do building adornment illume to use, and commercial space illuminates with, the component of adornment sex is heavier, its appearance has circle also have square, because must want to consider commonly the reason that come loose, so its appearance and traditional cast light still have a few distinction.LED projection light features:LED projection light is controlled by a built-in microchip, which can be used without a controller in small engineering applications. It can achieve dynamic effects such as gradual change, jump change, color flicker, random flicker, gradual change and alternation, etc. It can also achieve chase, scan and other effects through the control of DMX.LED Flood Light is a point light source that can be irradiated uniformly in all directions, and its irradiation range can be arbitrarily adjusted, which is shown as a regular octahedron in the scene. Omni is the most widely used light source in rendering. Standard omni is used to illuminate the whole scene. Multiple omni lights can be used in the scene to produce better results.Features of led flood lights:LED omni lights, which shine evenly in all directions from a given point, are the best analogy to light bulbs and candles. Floodlights can be placed anywhere in the sceneIf I flick the light switch on and off will it damage the light?That statement originated (to my knowledge) in the damage that can be caused to incandescent lights (those that produce light as a result of [super] heating some element in the light).Fluorescent lights can also be damaged by repeated on/off switching of the "switch," still due to a startup-effect, but differently than incandescentsIf a light year takes light to travel a year...?A light-year is a measure of distance NOT time. As is a light-month or a light-day. A light-year or lightyear (symbol: ly) is a unit of measurement of length, specifically the distance light travels in a vacuum in one year. While there is no authoritative decision on which year is used, the IAU recommends the julian year. Other units of measurement of distance used in astronomy are a parsec and an Astronomical Unit. Here are some conversion factors: 9.46110^15 metres 9.46110^12 kms 9.46110^18 mm 94.60710^24 63.24110^3 AU 3.26 parsecs US customary / Imperial units 372.4710^15 in 31.03910^15 ft 10.34610^15 yd 5.87910^12 miles So if a light-year is just under 6 trillion miles, a light-month must be just under half a trillion miles and a light day about 16.3 billion miles It is about 40 light minutes from the Sun to Jupiter, 5.5 light hours to Pluto, 4.2 light years to the nearest star (Proxima Centauri) 10.5 light years to the nearest star with a planet (Epsilon Eridani) and 20.4 light years to the nearest star with an inhabitable planet (Gliese 581c). Hope that helps put it all in perspective.What happens to light after it enters an eyeThere is some heating that takes place, but the amount is pretty trivial, because there just is not that much light reaching the back of your eye. A back-of-the-envelope sort of estimate would be to say that the light of the Sun reaching the Earth's surface amounts to about a kilowatt of radiation per square meter. Your pupils have a radius of maybe a millimeter, probably much less in bright sunlight. So, if you are staring directly at the Sun (which, hopefully, you are not really doing), you are getting at most a few milliwatts delivered to the back of your eye. That's not going to tax the temperature regulation systems in your body, given that a living human generates about the same heat as a hundred-watt light bulb.If you dramatically increase the amount of light delivered to your eye, say by accidentally catching a high-power pulsed laser in the eye, you can overwhelm the body's ability to carry away the heat, and do real damage. The pulsed-laser lab next to the office where I did my undergrad thesis research had a sign on the door explaining in gruesome detail what would happen if you were to catch a full YAG laser pulse in the eye, which involved the boiling retina basically blasting your eyeball out of your skull. Which is why you wear safety glasses in those labs, and knock before entering any optics lab
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