Why Can't I Use Diesel Fuel?

why can't I use diesel fuel?

Why Can't I Use Diesel Fuel? 1

If you want a cheap and cleaner fuel, consider this car that runs only on water. Think of the savings. They even have planes that uses the same fuel, hydrogen. Both are better and cleaner for our environment.

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How to Get Rid of Diesel Fuel Smell

How to Get Rid of Diesel Fuel Smell Keep a lid on any containers that you are using to transport your diesel. You may also want to lay an old towel down in your trunk in case the container leaks. Then you can just throw the old towel away. If you are working with diesel fuel, you need to be careful you do not spill any. Spills can be cleaned up, but the odor is very strong. It can remain for a long time, regular air fresheners are not effective at removing a diesel smell. If you get the diesel on your clothing, you will need more than your regular laundry detergent to remove the diesel odor. Lay mothballs around the room that had the diesel spill. Obviously you do not want to do this inside of your home if you have pets or children, but it is a great option for your garage or the back of your car. The mothballs are successful at neutralizing the odor. Wash your clothes in Listerine if they have diesel on them. This is what firemen use to get the smoke smell out of their clothing. If the diesel was spilled on a floor or car mat, you may want try rubbing some Listerine in it. Then use a carpet shampooer to wash it clean. Spray OdorGone in the air of the room that smells like diesel. This product is all natural but very strong. It was created to get rid of some of the strongest odors. If the odor is on your clothes, you can spray them and let them sit awhile before washing. You also have the option of spraying the OdorGone directly on the diesel stain. Combine hot water, ammonia, washing soda and vinegar in a clean empty gallon milk jug. Shake the jug and then use it to clean the surface where the diesel was spilled. This will clean the area as well as eliminate any odors.

Why Can't I Use Diesel Fuel? 2

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How can I flush diesel fuel out of a gasoline lawn mower engine?

I would isolate the gas tank and filter if it has one and flush thoroughly with gasoline.Then I would refill the gas tank with fresh gasoline and run the engine on partial choke the new gasoline should flush out any residual diesel. The spark plug probably is fouled and will probably have to be cleaned a couple of times during the process.

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What would happen if I tried to fuel a modern jet liner with standard diesel fuel?

I suspect it would start and run? It would probably smoke a LOT as the fuel control is tuned for jet fuel. I've always suspected that Jet Fuel was basically Kerosene.But . jet fuel has additives in it (including anti-icing additives, that can be important when the outside air temperature is -40 degrees. Probably colder yet at higher altitudes).

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How are the tiny holes drilled into a diesel fuel injector tip?

most likely they are done by computer calibration and on a drill press assembly line before they are completely assembled

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How do you stop a diesel clatter?

If you have a diesel that clatters it's a pretty good bet that it's an older model that has a mechanical injection pump. If you had more money and time than common sense, you could convert it to an electronic injection common rail injection system. Otherwise you have a couple of options, maybe more. First, you could buy a newer engine that already is set up with common rail injection. Or to minimize the clatter you could add some cetane boost to the fuel to raise the cetane number. This is because clatter is caused when the fuel ignites and explodes before the Piston gets quite to top dead center and the cylinder pressure spikes very high because of it. Another thing you can do is use propane or alcohol injection to give it a little bit of fuel to burn before the diesel fuel is injected. The extra hydrogen in the propane or alcohol also acts as a catalyst to combustion, allowing it to burn the fuel quicker and more completely. This increases power and mileage while reducing exhaust gas temperatures or EGTs. It does this by getting the burning of the fuel done earlier in the power stroke so that it can do good by pushing down on the Piston instead of heating up the exhaust gasses more. Lower EGTs result in less heat stressed Piston domes and exhaust valves extending the life of the engine. Also less pinging or cackling means less stress on cylinder liners, bearings, and ring lands. I hope this addresses your problem. These methods should also allow you to reduce the amount of soot your engine produces if you do not turn the fuel up too much in a quest for more power. How do you stop a diesel clatter?.

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