Why Does Foamed Silica Gel Strip Become the Best Choice for New Energy Lithium Battery

(source: silica gel commentator)

Why is foamed silica gel strip the best choice for new energy lithium battery? According to the data of China Automobile Association, there were 1.275 million vehicles in China in 2018, and more than 5 million vehicles worldwide, accounting for nearly half of the country in China. It has developed so rapidly in only a few years. The safety and practicability of the vehicle, especially the new energy lithium battery, has always been concerned by users, and the lithium battery is a thermal management system. The foamed silica gel strip under the system is an important gate.

Lithium battery thermal management system is the key research object of new energy vehicles, also known as nev. Once the foamed silica gel strip at the door of the thermal management system is not handled properly, the vehicle will not be able to land, but also affect the service life and vehicle stability of lithium battery. The worst result is that lithium battery cannot effectively conduct heat through foamed silica gel strip, resulting in damage to lithium battery Serious consequences such as vehicle fire, and when the vehicle is parked in the sun, the direct temperature is quite high, which can reach 40 100 ° (it is conceivable that an egg can be fried on the car cover).

At this time, if there is no effective thermal evacuation of foamed silica gel strip, the service life of lithium battery will be seriously affected. In the assembly process of lithium battery, foamed silica gel strip belongs to one of the last processes. Its function is not only heat conduction, but also flame retardant and sealing. Lithium battery is easy to catch fire at high temperature, The foamed silica gel strip can effectively control the fire inside the lithium battery without diffusing it and strive for effective treatment time. After dealing with internal factors, the foamed silica gel strip should also block external factors and play a sealing role to prevent water and impurities from affecting the operation of the lithium battery.

The sealing and thermal conductivity of foamed silica gel strips are better than those of conventional silica gel strips. Therefore, most lithium battery manufacturers use flame-retardant foamed silica gel strips. The reason for adopting them is that the foamed silica gel strips have no dead corners when sealing (their constitution is similar to that of sponge, and they will squeeze wherever there is a gap). The sealing performance will be greatly improved, Second, the heat transmitted by the thermal management system determines the heat conduction through the size of the contact surface, which is why a piece of heat-conducting silicone film or heat-conducting silicone grease is needed inside the lithium battery, and the deformation of the foamed silicone strip increases under pressure, resulting in a wider contact surface, and the heat conduction will increase with the increase of the contact surface, This is why the first choice of lithium battery thermal management system is foamed silica gel strip.

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