Why Servo Instead of DC Motor? Robotics?

Why do people use servo instead of DC motor?.. The accurate answer is, it all depends on the application that the motor's controlling. For example, you need the robotic arm to move at a precise angle of 37degrees..than servo motor is the one. If you only want the robotic arm to just rotate then use DC motor.. Angle controlling can be done in 2 ways, by using servo motor or stepper motor..but typically eople would go for servo as it give more accurate output. To understand how servo works is something that is hard to explain here at Y!A because of the limitation of space to write, so, you can google PWM = Pulse Width Modulation..that will give you the general idea of how servo works.. p:s/ if u need more explanation on servo, feel free to email me.

1. 56 to 15 Volts Regulator for DC Motor Driving

I planned to drive gate with 100 ohm resistor in order to reduce driving current and reduce the power loss along the lm2576.A MOSFET gate is a capacitor: to turn the FET on, a certain amount of charge must be pushed into the gate, this is called Qg or total gate charge.The output current capability of the driver only changes how long it takes to push Qg into the gate. For example with your Qg=130nC MOSFET, at 1A drive it would switch in 130ns, and at 0.1A drive it would switch in 1.3s.Once the FET is turned on, the driver only consumes its idle current, which is listed as "Quiescent VCC supply current" in the datasheet, and the maximum is 340A, which is tiny.Thus, gate drive current only influences switching speed (and MOSFET switching losses) but has almost no influence on the current used by the MOSFET driver. This current can be estimated as:$ Frequency * Qg * 2 $Since there are two FETs, it will use the above amount of charge (coulombs) per second, and since current is coulombs/s, you have your current.For 25kHz and 130nC it will be about 6.5mA. Size it up for 10mA maximum, you will be fine.(also your IR2106 wo not work without the bootstrap caps and diode). In fact, the gate drive current should be chosen to make the FETs switch as fast as necessary to keep switching losses down, but not faster, as this increases EMI

2. RS-550 DC motor controller 24V (35-70) A working range and a stall of 120A

How soon is this robotics challenge? Unless it's sometime in 2025 I can tell you from experience that you probably are not going to be able to build one in time. People that understand how to drive high power MOSFETS at high frequencies do not seem to want to share their knowledge. Go buy a Sabertooth 2x50 from Dimension Engineering and be done with it.

3. rotating a dc motor one direction then the other with a single power source?

much easier to do with one pushbutton and a DPDT switch to reverse direction. But it can be done with two double pole pushbuttons. the problem is that if you push both at the same time you will short out your power supply and blow fuses. And ruin the pushbuttons. Edit: you can fix this by adding four diodes in the proper places. You can also use 2 single pole pushbuttons and two relays. And a "chip out of a joystick" wo not do any motor switching.

4. Is there any DC motor produces 7000 RPM and 100 HP,if so then what will be the input volt and wattage?

Since it used on a car then there is no reason for specifying 7000 RPM which needs lots of gearing to be stepped down

5. Hooking a 12v DC motor directly to GPIO 5v , possible? [closed]

All the Pi's GPIO are 3V3 and can only supply a few milliamps, not enough to power your motor.Even if the GPIO could supply enough power it would be damaging to connect a motor direct to the Pi. The back EMF from the motor as it is switched off could destroy the Pi/GPIO. The 5V pins on the expansion header are not GPIO, they are not switchable. They are always "on" while power is applied to the Pi.You can buy a motor driver board for a few UK pounds from eBay, e. g. look for L9110S and L298N boards. That would be the "correct" way to control a motor from the Pi.It would be sensible to use an external power supply to power the motor. In that case you still need to join the Pi ground with the power supply ground.

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