Why Won't My LED Parking Taillights Work?

did you blow them out, because the light switch was on....when you were doing the wiring? or installing the bulb

1. led circuit - a challenge of designing a circuit with 192 LEDs in

Probably you could do something like this.the circuit is not complete. and you will need to do some calculations according to the datasheet to set the correct voltages and currents. Secondly, as I mentioned before, the max input voltage the TLC IC can take is 7V. hence you may need two regulators (1 for generating the 5V supply voltage for MCU and LEd driver) the other one for generating the supply voltage for the LED string.check this pic out. Again I specifically mention this :: THE CIRCUIT IS NOT COMPLETE. YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK OUT A SUITABLE LED ARRAY ACCORDING TO YOUR SPECS. :D.

2. do you know led zeppelin?

The four members of Led Zeppelin were... Bass Player: John Paul Jones Drummer: John Bonham (deceased) Guitar: Jimmy Page Lead Vocals: Robert Plant

3. What led to the fall of the Mongol Empire?

There are many reasons for the collapse of the Mongol Empire, but I think that the most important and unique reason is their hereditary laws, or specifically ultramogeniture and it's application in semi-feudal societies, such as the Mongol Khanate.The hereditary laws within the Mongol Empire, and other Khanates along history, gauranteed that large Khanates will dissolve into smaller Khanates over time

4. Is SEO optimization easier than we are led to believe?

Yes.. and no..You can have the best content, best onpage SEO etc etc.. but your site wo not rank... why? Well because you have fallen for the same trap as so many others by using a web builder or WordPress...Search engines can tell a lot about your site and how it was built...Put that same best content and onpage SEO into a website that has been developed by an experienced professional and designed by an expeirenced UX designer.. and it will market and SEO itself without you needing to do anything... easy.

5. Led tv with Roku Box or Led Smart TV?

Go with the Roku. Any smart tv will be outdated within 2 years. A regular HD TV you can keep for much much longer and simply upgrade the Roku to whatever cool video device comes along

6. What are some of the failed Bush policies which led to the economic meltdown?

Clinton was the one who signed deregulation of Wall St. into law. Bush did not have any idea of what was going on on Wall St. and just let them run amok into their own meltdown. His biggest mistake was ignoring it until it became a problem

7. what can power led lights?

A genric 12V power supply of adequate capacity will do

8. What led to the economic crisis in Greece?

Thanks for A2A.nWell, long story short, many European countries, like Greece, Spain, etc. get themselves into a very luxurious lifestyle. They had little money, so they borrowed it from ECB or European Central Bank. They more they spend, the more they need, and hence, the more they borrowed. Greece spend recklessly on salaries or government employees, elderly people and other government schemes. But they did not invest it much on improving their economy. Now, they have defaulted on their loans, especially Greece. So, to help them out, other European countries with good economic condition, like Germany imposed austerity measures, like less government spending, high taxes, etc. This has resulted is high rates of unemployment, recession, etc. Still, Greece is not able to pay back the loan(the loan amount is huge, just like you are asking someone earning $100 to pay a loan of $1,00,000). So, now they are asking for more time to pay the loan back, which the ECB has refused and hence, Greece is threatening that it will leave the European Union and will introduce its own currency.nThis is just the crux of the whole issue. If you want complete detail, please search for articles on this issue on The Economist or the BusinessToday

9. "Upside-Down” SMD LED

Yes, they exist. They are called reverse mount or bottom entry mounting. Sometimes they ask you to make square through holes, such as these ones from Kingbright:

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