Will the Drone Work Without a ESC?

Yes, it will. Most micro and nano drones do not use ESCs. They use coreless DC motors aa shown below:The problem with these motors is the low torque they produce. For higher torque, brush-less DC motors are used which need ESCs to operate.

1. 'US drone capture proof of Iran might'............?

with 3 ton weight and high speed and high attitude?

2. Is that legal to shoot air drone down if it flying over your property without permission?

It can also be illegal to shoot a gun inside the city limits, and that is easier to prove

3. Is it possible to power a super light airplane drone (made of sticks and cellophane) wirelessly?

As of now - NO, the technology for this simply does not exist yet.Stick with the traditional approach using Li-po batteries :)

4. Is a sticking point of this drone issue that cons seem to want some privacy in public places?

a million. you are able to think of up any style of bullshit, yet that would not make it genuine or advise that God did it. "Thou shalt no longer covet" should not be enforced besides. that's what keeps the financial equipment going! 2. this is mandatory to quarantine people who are ill by fact there have been no treatments returned then and that they did no longer want their finished race dying out from a virulent disease. It would not take a rocket scientist to work out that a debilitating ailment is not some thing you want to unfold around. And handwashing? They probable needed any unsavory flavors off their palms formerly they ate. no longer something to do with germs. 3. sturdy question. 4. they did no longer. They thought it grow to be flat. The Bible mentions countless cases the "ends of the earth." confident, they probable did think of it grow to be a circle yet that does no longer mean they thought it grow to be a SPHERE. They thought it grow to be a flat circle, likely.

5. Why did Obama allow Russians to crash our drone over Ukraine?

If our current President made three screw ups everyday, it would not result in more harm done our country than what Bush Jr. caused us.Bush caused the RECESSION

6. Is the person(s) who leaked the killer drone memo now in danger of being designated a "Terrorist"?

No. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot

7. If I were to fly a drone onto a stationary airplane, and then the plane took off, would the drone hit the floor of the airplane as it takes off?

Possibly, but it may also hit the ceiling (assuming it's a pressurized aircraft like a modern commercial airliner and the drone does not use GPS or other autopilot sensors like LIDAR).The drone flys by pushing the air inside the plane downward against the floor of the plane.When the plane cabin doors are closed and sealed, and the plane takes off all the air in the plane becomes a sealed unit that moves with the plane. There's no "breeze" inside the plane. So in terms of air movement, there's no impact on the drone.When the plane takes off however, we get simulated g-forces from the acceleration of the aircraft. They will push anything loose toward the back of the plane as the plane accelerates on the runway and then push things down to the floor and the back of the plane as the plane takes off and gains altitude.You may have experienced this if you ever got into a car with a drink and then had the drink splash back on you as the car started moving, or been pressed back into your seat by someone "flooring it."But wait, there's more!Depending on where you take off from, and what type of plane you're in, your drone may also be launched upward toward the ceiling of the plane before takeoff. If you're in a modern commercial aircraft (like a 787), and you are at a high altitude airport (like you may find in parts of Peru, China, Nepal, or Colorado US) your drone may go from a high altitude low air pressure environment (10,000 ft or higher) to a lower altitude higher air pressure environment (6,000 ft cabin air pressure). The increased air pressure gives the drone more thrust which will quickly push the drone into the ceiling.So we have two competing forces acting on the drone. The simulated g-forces will be driven by the aircraft's acceleration, and the pressure change will depend on the starting airport altitude above sea level and the type of aircraft being used

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