Will There Be a Play When Hongmeng System Mobile Phones Are Made into a Series?

It is reported that the Hongmeng system will be available next year, and the equipment that can upgrade the system will also be exposed. Will Huawei specially develop a series, most as a Hongmeng dedicated or a Hongmeng system mobile phone?

The answer is not to launch a special sequence. The current Hongmeng system can directly update and upgrade the original Android. It is not that the Hongmeng system is independent. Do you know what Hongmeng means? It is: Pangu created heaven and earth. At the beginning of heaven and earth, chaos was born, and Hongmeng was born. Hongmeng symbolizes the beginning of the derivation and creation of all things in heaven and earth. This is the reason why Hongmeng is named. It implies that it is developed independently and expects to become another powerful system and ecosystem outside Android and apple OIS in the future.

Hongmeng is compatible with Android, web and other systems. Different from the single system of Android mobile phone, Hongmeng can integrate fragmented systems, and then build the Internet of things, so that the scattered system ecology can be integrated and unified. It is an upgraded version of the mobile phone system. It is no longer confined to the traditional mobile phone system, but a system for Huawei to overtake at the corner. Hongmeng system can be divided into parts, and its distributed architecture can accept the connection of all things. I think this is the real meaning and purpose of Hongmeng system.

At the Huawei Developer Conference on September 16, Huawei released Hongmeng 2.0, and the developer version of the mobile terminal will be officially launched in December. Yu Chengdong said, "in December, we will provide Mobile SDK to developers, and next year, Huawei mobile phones will fully support Hongmeng system". In other words, next year's Huawei mobile phone fully supports Hongmeng system, and did not say that it will launch a special Hongmeng system mobile phone alone. Hongmeng OS is a full scene distributed OS based on micro kernel. It can be expanded according to needs. It has its own independent language and can be carried on watches, tablets, car machines, speakers, televisions and other products, so as to realize the unification and communication of the Internet of things system.

So, what are the first mobile phones suitable for Hongmeng OS? According to the current analysis, the mobile phone equipped with emui 11 will be the first batch of upgrades. Of course, the recently released Huawei mate series mobile phones will certainly eat the first bite of meat. To illustrate, Hongmeng system is different from emui 11. In short, Hongmeng replaces Android, while emui 11 on mobile phone is still the same.

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Will There Be a Play When Hongmeng System Mobile Phones Are Made into a Series? 1

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