Would Led Zeppelin Have Been Better Or Worse If Yngwie Malmsteen Was Their Guitarist?

Hard to say. Would Sinatra have been better or worse if Dean Martin was his vocalist? Would Seinfeld have been better or worse with Ben Stein playing George?A band, particularly one as iconic as Zeppelin, is not simply a collection of musicians. It's an ensemble whose chemistry is in nearly perfect balance. Add to that the fact that Paige was, arguably, the creative genius behind the band and the answer, I think, is obvious. Change any one member, and it's possible we may have never heard of Led Zeppelin.Conversely, think of all the insanely talented bands that never made their mark simply because they didn't find the exact right combination of members (visit virtually any Chicago Blues Club and you'll get a sense for what I mean). It's damn near impossible to design a successful band of Zeppelin's stature. Simon Cowell keeps trying and, frankly, he's doing much better than I would have thought possible. But he still hasn't delivered a Zeppelin, and likely never will. Luck is a critical factor in that sort of success.

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What's the worst thing Indians have done?

Among the worst things Indians have done are dowry, foeticide for not wanting baby girls, and untouchability with many more like this.The worst of all, Indians have done discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and Varnas since ages with their country men. As a result of which no right to education, no right to life with dignity, no social and political status. Imagine eschewing a large mass of people from education, social status and other rights of living since generations. Then what's wrong if these people have been helped with migre facility of reservation that has done equality with them by way of inequality, as a consequence of how they had been maltreated since generations.Now imagine again, how current time India would been, if had there been no discrimination as above. I think India at present would have topped with list of developed countries.Still now the literate India would take measures against it or would conveniently treat the problem as it is.As a matter of fact, we Indians lack action unanimously for the problems as given above.

I would not mention murder, rape, as these are the worst things but universally


Are Indians proud of Narendra Modi? Why or why not?

Indians are very much proud of the achievements of Modi, therefore they are proud of him. Modi has contributed remarkable things to the country. Modi is visiting in various countries and inviting the PMs and Presidents of other countries to mobalize trade and investment in India. He has tried to contact the NRIs in various countries. He has boosted their morale by saving and supporting them during their difficult days in various countries. He has introduced various upliftment schemes for the masses. He has provided with the transparency in the public dealings. The super powers of the world are impressed by his working. The president of world bank, President Obama and the PM of England, Japan and France has praised him. The most important thing is that he has provided scam free government to the country. The opposition has not been able to criticize his government for its working. They have tried a lot to tornish his image but the masses still loves him a lot and they are proud to have such a nice PM of the country.


Is this painting of Lord Krishna obscene or is it freedom of expression?


Vivekanand Ji once said, get up and reach to the heights of your ideals, do not drag your ideals to your level. Now God being The Most Sacred, if He is projected in anything less than The Most Sacred possible at that time, is NOT a disservice to God. We cannot do anything, ANYTHING at all to Him. It is us, ourselves, who we hurt the most because we have just one heart and mind. If we give them the liberty to depict God in less than most sacred, believe me, these same heart and mind, will paint something most sacred to you, in lesser light. You will not be able to appreciate the beauty of the thing you revere most if you allow your heart and mind to disrespect God. This is a fact.

As far as freedom of expression is concerned, I would ask, to what end. What is it that we really want to achieve with such an expression. If it makes sense and is logical, by all means. But if it isn't, then remember it's you and the consumers of that expression are the ones getting hurt, not God...


How do I let go of spiritual ego?

The term spiritual ego simply means:Someone who identifies himself/herself as being spiritual, which he/she is not.When you are really 'spiritual', there can't be any ego.Ego is at the level of your mind, wherein you have identified yourself with few things which you are not. (Iness like, I am this, I am that etc.

)Example: identification with your body, mind, culture, religion, position, nationality, caste etc.Spirituality begins when you have transcended your mind and experienced something beyond the perception of your mind.But many people claim to be spiritual after reading some books, without actually experiencing anything spiritual.

The one and only thin barrier between you and the ultimate is your Iness.Once that is removed, you can experience that you are everywhere, there is nothing except youAwake!Aham ShunyamRelated:How can I change my life within the next 10 minutes?As a beginner, how do you meditate? Should I think a lot or nothing during meditation?Are there any spiritually enlightened people living today?What is it like to be in the presence of an enlightened person?What is it like to reach enlightenment?What is the wisest thing you learned in life?


What's wrong with Quora being used as a dating app?

Now, imagine if Quora become dating site.There would be lot of people writing questions like, How many quora users were rejected by XYZ Quoran, and how did they deal with the rejection?They will write questions like, Why is XYZ quoran rude and arrogant. All I did was hit on him/her and she/he did insert some shit?How many female quorans are annoyed by this XYZ quoran who keeps hitting on you and if you block them, they connect you with alternate account and Insult you?How do famous male quorans deal with fans who keep sending them love messages?The quora will be flooded by questions like these. Its better to stop it before it reaches this stage. If you wanna date, try in real life or use Tinder or Omegle. Its easy to confess online and its easy to be rude and act like a cunt on social networking. People dont need any kind of shit stuff pollute and kill the purpose of this site. Quora is a platform to share knowledge. Knowledge. K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E.


Who is the great economist of India?

Dr. Manmohan SinghHe was really a calm and cool person by his Personality and really served India well during 1991 when the whole world was suffering from huge Economic Crisis.This person is really gentle and calm. An amazing honorificabilitudinitatibusly rich character person.In 1966 he joined UNCTAD ( United Nations Corporation Of Trade & Development ) & he left it during 1969.

He also wrote 5 books on Economics in Oxford University.His journey was not easy because he studied at a Lamp Light on his village during his childhood and his school was very much far away from his home! He doesn't had any parents so his grandmother put an imaginary D.O.B ( Date Of Birth ) because he didn't know his actual Date Of Birth!During Demonitisation he predicted that after this the GDP of India will be decreased by 2% but now it's down to 5%.

Today he is suffering from a heart disease and has been admitted in AIIMS!I just pray for him to get well soon but don't criticize him now because you are not any judge or jury not even me!


Is the food we consume in recent times as nutritious and pure as the food those consumed before contamination and food modification were established?

There was never a time before food contamination. In the good old days, it was nearly impossible to store food so that it would stay free of vermin and mould. Meat was particularly vulnerable. There were no refrigerators.In Victorian times, food was heavily adulterated. Bread contained up to a third foreign substances like plaster of Paris, to make it look whiter and therefore more expensive.Milk was laced with boric acid to cover the sour taste, but it didnt remove the bacteria, so children were poisoned both by the caustic boric acid and the potentially lethal bacteria in milk.There is a reason why people drank so much wine and beer in the middle ages. The rivers were used as open sewage, so if you lived downstream of a city, good luck getting anything clean with river water.The Romans used lead-lined cooking pots and lead pipes for water. It was so pure that it caused madness and severe developmental issues in children.

Food today is safer and more nutritious than it has ever been.The charming image of the purer, simpler time in the past is lovely, but has nothing to do with reality


What does the world think about India when Modi is using governor to capture Karnataka inspite of people rejected Modi and BJP with not enough strength?

PM Narendra Modi is not using Governor to capture some state. Even saying this is insulting the highest constitutional position of the state.Governor takes consultation from Constitution Experts and analyse the situation from the point of stability and statutes and Supreme Court decisions that whether largest party irrespective of majority should be given offer to form the Government or an eithical alliance claiming majority. If no such pre pole alliance was announced and the parties forming alliance contested the elections against each other very bitterly and in public domain attacked each other with scurrilous language, accused each other of scams and corruption they lose the moral and legal ground to make an alliance showing pseudo solidarity and majority just for poltical gain to form the Govt.Governor also has to assess and ensure the stability of the Govt for 5 yrs so that the financial burden of re-elections on the tax payers can be avoided as far as possible.I think keeping these views in mind and assessing all pros and cons the honourable governor decided to offer the opportunity of forming the government to largest party BJP in Karnataka.


How has physics research led to better vehicles?

Physics doesn't do this directly. Improvements to vehicles is done by engineers using some of the principles of physics. And most of those principles are over a century old at this point.You might think of the field of Physics as a forest full of trees. Other than just enjoying it's beauty, there's a lot of steps to getting some good out of it. Someone has to cut down the trees, haul them to a mill, saw up the lumber, cure the lumber, transport the lumber, store it and then sell it. Then someone has to take the lumber, cut it to spec and use it to build a home.

In this scenario, the Physicist is the one that plants new trees. So it takes a long time for that tree to grow and go through this long process to become something useful. You can simply enjoy Physics like when you walk through a forest. But to build something, there's usually a lot of time and effort by a lot of other people involved first

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As the only truly mass-produced product in the next generation display technology roadmap, OLED is ushering in a "highlight moment" - although the sales growth in 2019 is limited, the joining of Huawei and Xiaomi is shaping a new image of "OLED".The killer mace of Internet brands?Recently, South Korea reported that LG display will supply OLED panels to Huawei, and the two companies are negotiating the supply. It is reported that this will be an emerging "TV" with 5g function.Lenovo thinks that the 5g package of the three traditional telecom operators has been officially launched in China; The fourth 5g license has Zhao Jingchun, chairman of China Radio and television. At the recently held world 5g conference, it was revealed that China Radio and television will promote 5g business for individuals next year. Huawei's smart screen series products will receive a "completely different product form upgrade" in 2020, which is a high probability event.It is also reported that emerging TV manufacturers Vizio and Xiaomi plan to use OLED panels next year to enter the OLED TV market. It is even reported that Xiaomi has signed a supply agreement with LGD for OLED display panels next year.If the radio and television 5g network is commercial, a batch of 5g TVs must be listed before. This is a "great opportunity" for communication enterprises and Internet enterprises to enter the color TV market. Industry experts believe that not only mobile phone companies that have "news" at present, but also other mainstream mobile phone manufacturers may launch 5g TV next year.In this context, OLED products with continuous tight supply of display panels will be particularly popular: just as OLED used to be synonymous with high-end in the mobile phone market. 5g color TV market, this scene may accelerate. In particular, considering that the new capacity of OLED panel supply of LGD in 2020 is concentrated on the 8.5 generation line in Guangzhou, there is no reason for domestic brands not to "get the month first".Therefore, 5g OLED, as the killer mace of the color TV industry in 2020, especially the mobile communication and Internet brands, has a sufficient "value foundation".Reshape the value chain of color TV, new brand new technologyAt present, the pattern of the domestic color TV industry, in addition to Xiaomi's great success in market share and sales scale by relying on low price and high quality, the traditional disk is still not much different from that 10 years ago."Among more than 10 innovative color TV brands, only Xiaomi is still active in the front line!" this is a true portrayal of Internet color TV entrepreneurs in the past few years. In this regard, industry experts believe that this is mainly because the "new brand" has no "substantive technological breakthrough" except "image, price and more dependence on e-commerce"—— The old routine of price war has also brought financial pressure under huge losses.The biggest feature of 5g OLED combination is the "hardware technology" which is very different from the traditional mainstream LCD TV.Wu Zhanghao, vice president of LG display and Minister of TV business, predicts that the sales of OLED TVs in China will reach 300000 400000 units in 2019, and the sales of OLED TVs in China is expected to reach more than 1 million units in 2020 - this product with short supply and growth is a good helper for the new brand to "create unique" technology competition value.On the other hand, 5g TV technology is bound to create a new concept of "cognition" between traditional TV brands and mobile phone and other communication enterprises. As a global leader in 5g technology, Huawei obviously has outstanding advantages in all aspects, especially in the fields of 5g signal processing antenna, chip, codec and so on. Industry insiders believe that the technical core capabilities of 5g TV and Huawei smart screen will be improved across dimensions."The new round of communication brand TV is very different from the previous Internet concept brand: because this round of new brand entry has 5g, OLED, fan aiot ecology and more hard core content."The battle for high-quality resources begins. Should the color TV industry changeFacing the upcoming 5g OLED color TV war in 2020, what is the biggest variable? The answer is the battle for upstream resources.On the one hand, the supply of OLED TV panels is always insufficient, which greatly limits the improvement of OLED market sales. For example, the data show that in the third quarter of this year, Samsung Electronics sold 1.16 million QLD TVs worldwide, a year-on-year increase of 520000 and a month on month increase of about 70000. Similarly, as a high-end TV, LG OLED TV sold 1.06 million units in the first three quarters, an increase of only 1%.On the other hand, the supply of 5g related chips and other products is also in the "initial stage". Unlike 4G new products and system products, high, middle and low-end gears are fully supplied. In 2019, the layout of many mobile phone brands on 5g mobile phones actually received the restriction that the chip is not in place. For example, apple is a typical example.Therefore, in the expectation of tight supply, Huawei Xiaomi seizes the new technology of OLED 5g TV, which has the effect of "dimensionality reduction and attack on traditional brands". Industry experts believe that 2020 will be an extraordinary "turning year" for the color TV market!
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