Would the US Drone Strikes Be Acceptable to Americans If They Were Happening in Western European Cou

If al qaeda were hiding in Disneyland, we would applaud drone strikes there as well

1. Modern Warfare 3 Recon Drone (Simple Question)?

I used to have this problem all you do is when you aim the box at an enemy the box will turn red the press the RT button (the shoot button) and it will tag them. You get 50 points for a tag and a 70 points for a tag assist. I suggest you use Hardline Pro because every 2 assist turn into a kill and it's very easy to get assist with a Recon Drone.

2. Drone Payload Potential

Perhaps this link would be of some help.The key here is to have a payload to thrust ratio of 1:2. The thrust of your motors can be found on the datasheet and also based on the power produced, the battery and the props

3. Which is worse , waterboarding somebody or a drone strike in the middle of the night on their home?

Waterboarding leaves them alive to complain so it would be waterboarding

4. Will Obama be considering drone strikes on other American citizens?

If they are terrorists in a war zone, it is okay with me, I do not feel the need to coddle America's domestic enemies. As for part 2, put down the meds, you have had enough

5. What's your take on the downed drone in Iran?

US should be able to destroy it or had it self destroyed not captured

6. Do you think the drone delivery of packages will be important in 2020?

No, I do not . It is no more efficient than a truck cruising the neighborhood delivering parcels. Drones cannot carry what a truck can so must continue to return to base for more

7. Why should police risk their lives in a shoot-out, if a drone could shoot the shooter?

Because it's a lot more difficult to judge the situation through a video screen

8. Obama's willing to accept 36 civilian lives per terrorist shot by drone, are you?

Ron Paul had the correct answers, but he was the crazy isolationist right

9. Why do drone strikes kill so many children?

Because the USA does not give a damm about them. It really is that simple!

10. How do I destroy an assault drone?

I think Ian's answer is partially incorrect. I use EMP grenades frequently, and I am a pretty good shot. I've thrown many at assault drones without ever killing one. What I recently found as a much better strategy is using a launcher. Launchers will lock on to assault drones and are often a one hit kill

11. Would you pay more for Amazon drone delivery of your purchases?

LOL probably not. But maybe if my need was urgent

12. Do blacks and asians feel as drone in comparison to whites?

Mwahahahahahahahahaha Yeah right

13. How do I get a satellite to control a drone?

You ask your parents for lots of money

14. How to reset connection between drone and RC for MAVIC Air 2

According to page 36 of the DJI Mavic Air 2 manual the aircraft should be linked to the remote controller on arrival. If not, you should follow these steps:I think the issue was you did not try to link it through the DJI Fly app

15. Did Israel just shoot down a U.S. drone?

Michele Bachman is that you again?

16. Do you really live your own life? Or you just a drone?

I am free to believe as i want, i make my own choices and live how i want to, it may have been influenced by society but i tend to do the opposite of what I am told (with in reason). I change what i can

17. Drone attacks - the act of a coward?

using a drone is simply SMART not cowardly idiot...it is called technology...like dropping the A-bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima...that SAVED more American lives just as Drone attacks do today!.

18. Moral implications of Drone attacks?

The rules of how a war is to be fought is written by the winners of the previous war The rules change all the time, the better to punish the loser with But the first rule of war never changes Do not Lose

19. Why is it illegal to fly a drone around a commercial airline?

Do you sit around all day asking stupid questions for the hell of it or are you bucking for a job in the White House?

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BERLIN (Reuters) - The German Defence Ministry is evaluating a bid from Canada to buy a high-altitude surveillance drone that has been parked at a German air base for years after the cancellation of the Euro Hawk programme in 2013, with a further bid possible from NATO.Canada has submitted a formal bid for the prototype aircraft, which was stripped of key equipment and demilitarised by the United States in 2017, a ministry spokesman said on Wednesday without providing further details.Canadian media have reported that Canada could use the drone, built by Northrop Grumman, to monitor oil spills, ice levels and marine habitats in the remote Arctic region.NATO, which is buying its own fleet of Northrop drones, is also considering a bid for the mothballed German aircraft but has not yet submitted it, said sources familiar with the process. NATO had no immediate comment.There was no immediate reply from the Canadian government.A sale of the drone would end an embarrassing chapter that raised concerns about the German military's procurement process and triggered the transfer of former Defence Minister Thomas de Maiziere to another cabinet post.Berlin told lawmakers last year that it had spent about 700 million euros ($793.5 million) on the Euro Hawk prototype, and the ISIS surveillance system built by Airbus.Berlin initiated plans in 2000 to buy five Euro Hawk drones based on Northrop's Global Hawk unmanned system at a cost of about 1.2 billion euros but later cancelled the programme because of cost overruns and problems obtaining certification for use in civilian airspace in Germany.It had only received the one prototype aircraft that is now being sold.Berlin is now negotiating with Northrop to buy several MQ-4C Triton drones for delivery after 2025. Northrop last year said the process could take years to complete.German opposition lawmaker Andrej Hunko, a member of the radical Left party, said the government had declared the aircraft incapable of flight after the U.S. Air Force removed U.S. built radio equipment and other key systems when it demilitarised the aircraft in 2017."The airplane has salvage value at best," he told Reuters."Any proceeds from the sale would be a drop in the bucket, compared with the huge amounts spent on the programme." For NATO, the drone could provide additional support to the fleet of five high-altitude unmanned Global Hawk planes it agreed to buy from Northrop in 2012 for $1.7 billion, along with transportable ground stations.Industry officials said the Euro Hawk saga underscored problems in military procurement, noting that NATO's sister aircraft regularly traverse German air space to conduct surveillance missions over the North Sea. They also have no blanket approval for use in German civilian airspace but use case-by-case permissions from air traffic authorities.It was not immediately clear what steps would be needed to return the Euro Hawk prototype to flight.($1 = 0.8821 euros)
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