Xenon Strobe Vs LED

Moreover, in the 1990's strobe lighting technology took the public eye and replaced most incandescent lamps. For many years, the xenon strobe was really the only choice available. At least until LED technology immerged. These days, LED (light emitting diode) products are becoming very popular. This is due to the lower power consumption as well as being low in maintenance. Actually, it is now becoming the first choice in various fields, such as in the production of status signals. LED technology has undeniably seemed to take the lead in the global industry and may soon replace strobe lighting entirely, just as incandescent lamps were replaced previously.


Any body knows Infrared LED?

try jameco!

I Just purchased 100 LED Diodes and i want to make a torch.?

A typical LED is anywhere from 2 to 3 volts (and possibly more). You can parallel strings of 3 to 5 depening on the forward voltage drop. Subtract the drops and divide the remaining voltage by the current you want (typically 20mA). e.g. the LED has Vf = 2.5 volts, therefore stringing (4) together will give you 4 * 2.5 = 10V for Vf total. This minus the source voltage is 12V -10V = 2 volts and divided by the current you want (let's say 20mA or 0.020 A), then 2V / 0.020 = 100 ohms. Repeat this 24 more times for the remaining 96 LEDs and you will have your torch. BTW, 25 strings * 0.020 A = 0.5 Amps so make sure that the 12V can supply 0.5 amps for the duration you want.

Can Microsoft trace you if you mod your xbox 360 controller with a custom shell, without LED or any electronic?

only hard drive

Baby Led Weaning Mommies is this normal?

you can always make your own food with the mixer...and then when she seems ready you can give bits of food...I would rather be safe then sorry..BUT it's your baby... (KIA YOU SAID IT!) Then why not email the ppl that you want the answers from? Is not that easier? I thought you would want other opinions but guess not sorry!

LED Lights on my motorcycle drain the battery! help!?

Sorry your incorrect about a short. Kawasaki250 battery is not set to handle more power draw. The lights are not the problem it is the remote box. It still draws from the battery if it sits takes 2 week without being started.

Do LED lights lower risk of fire?

Fire Led Lights

Pi not booting, no ACT LED, not the polyfuse

Maybe your PSU is not supplying enough power. What is the amp rating for the power supply? Try measuring one of the USB ports with a volt meter and a amp meter and see if it's high enough

My first AVR C program- LED not blinking

Three problems:PORTD4 is not how you access that port pin. You would use PORTD, similarly to how I demonstrated the DDRD register above. Personally, I would rewrite your superloop to:.

The 'ACT' LED is not blinking and the CPU is overheating.

Which Pin of the Pi did you connect? The Raspberry Pi does not hace ADCs, and all digital Pins have a 3.3V level for HIGH. So I guess you damaged your Pi with that.A GPIO pin should never be connected to a voltage source greater than 3.3V or less than 0V, as prompt damage to the chip may occur as the input pin substrate diodes conduct. as stated here

Why do Pink Floyd fans say PF makes deep/dark music as compared to Led Zeppelin (please read details of ques)?

When they say dark, Pink Floyd takes you to a jouney to the darkest place of your MIND. They had the best audio system of any band and their music always started slow emotionally and when the song ended. It was back to its original state. But the middle of the song was the climax for PF. They had a different style and no way compared to Led Zep. Led Zep is one of the greatest band of all times. Period

LED in Shoes? Possible or Not? And How?

putting holographic or reflective tape around the bottom of your shoes would be cheaper, easier, almost as good, with no chance of failing

What Are Your Favorite Deep Cuts From AC/DC and Led Zeppelin?

AC/DC all the way. I do not listen to country

In Led Zeppelin's 1976 album "Presence", what is your favorite song?

Achilles's Last Stand

Can you put loft insulation over LED downlights?

They are two answers: from the first principle point of view you may as the heat loss of LED is so low. However, you need to check local rules and regulations. The electrical installation standards in your country may require certain gap between lamps and insulation. I don't think you are protected if that's the case. Also think further, the 'wire problems' are often at the termination point, so it is still a bad idea to cover it if a short circuit or over heating happens due to wiring problems.Can you put loft insulation over LED downlights?.

My computer is shut down and the charger is connected.Charging LED indicator is blinking.Battery fully charged.

Suggest me some solution ?

Press and Hold your Power Button for 30 seconds

Can't turn on ACT LED on baremetal Pi3

Expanding joan's answer:Raspberry Pi 3 B (1 GiB RAM) and A (512 MiB RAM)The green activity LED (GPIO 29) may be writtenThe USB power mode is fixed at high power

Why is there a transistor between the MCU and LED?

Taking the context into consideration, he was probably just using a transistor to have something to decouple.Otherwise:Attiny datasheet states Absolute max current per I/O pin: 40mA, and source/sink capabilities symmetrical.So, if you are going anywhere over 2030mA you would not want to drive the load with the MCU (50mA in his example). Another possibility is when your load needs a Voltage rail higher than supported by the MCU (not the case in his example)

Does my LED panel require a gap between it and the ceiling for cooling?

A bit of airflow would not hurt when dealing with electronics/transformers (though I assume this is a electronic transformer so much less heat is generated). If you do not want a frame just use some simple spacers like scrap wood or metal you have lying around the house. I would not use glue on this though as I do not want this thing crashing down on you. I would play it safe and use some screws

How do put LED lights on my XBox without soldering ?

my advice: if you have to ask a question like this, dont open up your xbox and play with the cables just to get some junky LEDs in it, i guarentee that they wont be as bright as you think and a couple LED strips in your xbox wont make it look much better anyways. i dont think its worth the $30ish or the risk of breaking the thing to put them in. if you want to have a sweet case mod then you should buy one or learn how to make one yourself.

Am I connecting the wires right on the LED strip?

If you cut the red and black wires at the same time, you almost certainly blew your cigarette lighter fuse. Your wire cutters created a short circuit between the power wire and the ground wire. Even if you cut them separately, you still may have shorted the power wire if your wire cutters were touching something metal in the car when you made the cut. Check your fuses.

Are LED Tealights safe to put in a helium balloon?

No problem with either helium or blowing them up yourself. Helium is inert, so it does not react with anything. It actually sounds like a neat idea. Good luck!

How scientists can say that LED is using less power.?

A higher percentage of the energy supplied an LED is converted to light. This is not always true as switching power supplies are typically used to interface the LED to the power source and protect the LED from power surges. Somewhat different switching power supplies are used for CFL = compact florescent lights which are almost as efficient, but do not last as long as the better LED circuits. Incandescent lights are typically inferior by five to ten times in almost all respects

Safe Led resistor path [closed]

If each LED should have 200 ohms in series you can either put two 100 ohm resistors in series for each or two in parallel to give 50 and then 100 to each LED. Four resistors either way, the first way is better. simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLabShorting the section above R3 degrades the current sharing a bit, but the nominal current is the same if the LEDs are identical.

Red dots over the LED monitor

DVI-VGA converter might be bad or cables not 100% properly connected into it (look for bent pins). Try replacing it. This is likely the issue.Make sure your graphics card is securely plugged in and set properly in the case.Try switching cables.Try connecting to an alternate monitor. Try moving graphics card to another x16 slot of your motherboard has one. If none of the above help, your graphics hardware is having a problem and should be replaced

What is a PSP 1000 Extended Life LED pandora battery?

It has LED display (there are a few differant ones) but that is likely becasue the Battery can be swithced from normal to Pandora mode. Might also on some units show availble battery life

Register LED blink without reference to ground

Putting the opto-coupler in parallel did not work well because of the different forward voltages of the infra-red (IR) opto-LED and your visible LED.Figure 1. LED forward voltage vs current.Figure 1 shows the problem. I think you have two potential solutions:simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLabFigure 2 (a) existing circuit, (b) series circuit and (c) parallel circuit

What is the one song where Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones crossed paths?

The live version of Star Star from the Some Girls Live In Texas '78 tour that was recorded in Fort Worth has Mick singing, "Jimmy Page, was all the rage, I could not see the reason why."

Serial chaining of LED strips

Your premise is built on a false assumption. While Voltage across parallel circuits is the same, and Current across Series circuits is the same, you are forgetting one thing. Each of these 12V led strip segments are composed of 3 leds AND ONE RESISTOR set for 20mA 12.If you were to place two segments in series, you would not get the same current if you do not double the voltage. In fact, 6 3.2V diodes in series would require more than at least 16V to even light up.simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLabIn essence, you have Doubled the Voltage & Doubled the Resistance, thus keeping the current the same. I = V/R is the same as I = 2V/2R. But total power is the same. 12V * 0.04A = 48mW. 24V * 0.02A = 48mW.As for the current rating of the FPC, keep in mind that RGB led strips have 60mA per segment (3 Colors x 20mA), and a typical 5 meter roll has 300 leds, so 100 segments. 6 Amps are full power. 12V * 6A = 72 Watts. But keep in mind, that FPC has a high resistance per meter. You quickly start seeing color fading at the far end of the strip. Ideally, any long runs are have power injected at 2.5 meter increments.

Arduino onboard LED pin number as a constant


I want to make LED tailights for a 2001 - 2003 oldsmobile aurora...Any ideas on how to do it?

You can buy direct replacement tail LED light bulbs for these cars at parts stores

Where to buy LED dome lights for jeep wrangler?

Try www.rustysoffroad.com or www.4wd.com or www.4wheelpartswholesaler.com

If I attach 5mm 12V prewired LED's to a 9V battery clip will they work?

Hard to get 12 volts from a 9 volt battery. Could try a big 12v drycell, or a couple of 6v drycells

Articles recommandés
Design and Analysis of Constant Current Driving Circuit for LED Display Screen
1. IntroductionLED display screen is a new type of information display media developed rapidly in the world in the late 1980s. It uses dot matrix modules or pixel units composed of light-emitting diodes to form a large-area display screen. It has the characteristics of high reliability, long service life, strong environmental adaptability, high performance price ratio and low cost, It has been widely used in the field of information display.LED display screen mainly includes LED array, driving circuit, control system, transmission interface and corresponding application software. The design of driving circuit plays a very important role in the display effect, production cost and system operation performance of LED display screen. Therefore, it is necessary to design a control drive circuit which can not only meet the requirements of control drive, but also use fewer devices and low cost. This paper analyzes the design of conventional driving circuit, and puts forward the design method of constant current driving circuit.2. Design of conventional driving circuit of LED display screenThe design of LED display driving circuit, combined with the control system used, is usually divided into two categories: dynamic scanning driving and static latch driving. The following analyzes the design of dynamic scanning driving circuit as an example:The dynamic scanning driving mode refers to that n rows of light-emitting diodes such as 4 rows, 8 rows and 16 rows on the display screen share a set of column driving registers. Through the time-sharing work of the row driving tube, the lighting time of each row of LED accounts for 1 / N of the total time. As long as the refresh rate of each row is greater than 50Hz and the visual persistence effect of human eyes is used, people can see a complete text or picture.The design of conventional driving circuit generally uses serial in and parallel out general integrated circuit chips such as 74HC595 or mc14094 as column data latch, 8050 and other low-power n PN triodes as column drive, and Darlington triode TIP127 as row scanning tube. The circuit is shown in Figure 1.Such as monochrome dot matrix, 16 lines & times; If 64 is listed as a basic unit, 8 74HC595, 64 8050 and 16 line scan tubes are required. Its working principle is that eight 74HC595 are connected in stages and share a serial clock CLK and data latch signal str. When the data to be displayed in the first row passes through 8 & times; 8 = all 64 CLK clocks will be moved into 74HC595. At this time, a data latch signal str will be generated to lock the data in the subsequent latch of 74HC595, and the 8050 corresponding to each output bit will be saturated on or off; At the same time, the line scanning control circuit generates a signal to turn on the first line of scanning tube, which is equivalent to that the positive ends of the first line of LED are connected to the high level. Obviously, the lighting of the first line of LED tube depends on the signal locked in 74HC595; While the first row of LED tubes are lit, move the data to be displayed in the second row in 74HC595, then lock it, and at the same time, the row scanning control circuit closes the first row of scanning tubes and turns on the second row to light up the second row of LED tubes. By analogy, when the sixteenth line is scanned and then returned to the first line, as long as the scanning speed is high enough, a complete text or image can be formed. Its working sequence is shown in Figure 2.Fig. 2 working sequence diagram3. Defects of conventional driving circuit(1) when a row of driving tubes is effective, the lighting current of all led corresponding to the row will flow through the row driving scanning tube, and the number of lighting LED tubes in a row will change continuously with the text or graphics to be displayed. Therefore, the current flowing in the row scanning tube will change greatly, which will change the tube voltage drop;(2) the change of current caused by the number of LED tubes lit will also affect the fluctuation of power supply voltage, which will affect the voltage at both ends of the first row of LED tubes, make it fluctuate with different display words or graphics, and affect the brightness uniformity of the whole display screen.
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