You're About to Face the World on Tv Poll: JUST Knee High Socks Or JUST a Zorro Style Face Mask?

Knee high socks. So sexy ;)

1. Best anti-ageing skin ingredients that cost lesser than Rs 20

If you are a skincare junkie, you would agree that as exciting it is to receive a new package of beauty products, the price tag that comes along with it is not as pleasing. Skincare products are expensive and can be not-so-pocket friendly for issues that come with age. For dealing with skin problems like acne and pimple, you may not be spending a month's salary but as for wrinkle and fine lines, right from the cream to the needle-based treatments, all can make you smash your piggy bank. If you agree with what we just said even a slight, then we are guessing you are also looking for some wallet-friendly alternatives, right? In case the answer is a yes, today is your lucky day! As a sweet patron of all these cheap, natural and super-effective products, we have listed below ingredients that you can use to get rid of your wrinkles, fine lines, crows feet and other such skin issues that attack when you touch 30. These ingredients will cost you just a dime. To fight your wrinkles, pomegranate is a great ingredient. You can not just make it a part of your breakfast routine but also your skincare regimen. All you have to do is make a pomegranate mask using almond oil and rice flour. Take pomegranate seeds and make a paste, to the batter add one tablespoon rice flour and 3-5 drops of almond oil. Mix well and apply. Pineapple is an effective anti-ageing ingredient. It is rich in antioxidants and it can heal your wrinkles alongside triggering your collagen production, courtesy of the presence of Vitamin C. For using a pineapple, all you need to do is extract the juice of the fruit and apply it in an upward direction. Wait for the juice to dry out and then wash with lukewarm water. Run to the market and get yourself a yogurt costing Rs 20 and that's pretty much all you have to do. Take a tablespoon of the same and apply it to your skin every two days with a tint of turmeric. Not only yogurt helps in dealing, with wrinkles, but it also helps keep the face hydrated and smooth. Quit complaining about the smell, egg whites give your guaranteed results, do not you want that? Hoping that your answer is yes, all you have to do is apply egg whites to areas with prominent laugh lines and wait for it to dry out completely. Egg whites help in tightening the skin so goodbye wrinkles and also reduce laugh lines. Now that's what we call a win-win situation! Not just a healthy fruit to add to your diet, but also to your skincare treatment. One mashed avocado can give you at least three-four portions of face mask so do not worry about the cost. For this, all you got to do is mash an avocado and sides of each eye for about 10-15 minutes. Once done, wash this off with lukewarm water. The mask will help in maintaining skin elasticity. Running to the kitchen already?

2. how can i make my own face mask to protect myself against swine flu?

You know, the World Health Organization said that using a face mask will make very little difference. It's a flu. Check out their website at the link in my source

3. whats a really good homemade face mask for dry skin?

Try oatmeal banana honey and olive oil if your really dry mix them together until you have a paste and apply on your face. Let sit for 20-30 minutes. After, use a moisturizer

4. My face is really dry, how do I cure it????? Best answer gets 10 points?

Exfoliate your skin. Mix together brown sugar & milk... Make sure it's not too runny you want it to be kinda thick. Wash your face with water then put the mixture on. The milk moisturizes your skin then before you rinse it off just gently rub it around your skin. The dead skin will slough off. After you rinse your face should be clear of all or most of the dead skin. I love this home made face mask & it's also edible :3 yumm. But if you do not like it & would rather buy something. .. Go to the drug store & get the st ives apricot scrub. It's so nice on your skin. Or just get any exfoliator & read what it does on the back. Then to make sure your dead skin stays gone I seriously reccomend dream cream from lush. It's sooo amazing on your skin & it's all natural. It's really dream cream. It gets rid of dead skin everywhere on your body. But if you do not have a lush nearby try to get the moisture quench cream by boots no7. It's kinda pricey but I use it religiously & my skin has not been dry since I tried it ! So good luck ! I hope I've helped :D

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