4 Wheel Tractor SH Abusair Agriculture Machinery 1
4 Wheel Tractor SH Abusair Agriculture Machinery 2
4 Wheel Tractor SH Abusair Agriculture Machinery 1
4 Wheel Tractor SH Abusair Agriculture Machinery 2

4 Wheel Tractor SH Abusair Agriculture Machinery

Nosewheel Steering Mechanism:
Wheel Steering
Air Brake Type:
Air Inflating
Dump Trailer
Loading Weight:
Popular Type
Conditions de paiement:
L/C, T/T
Qingdao, China
Capacité de Production:
Support Sea freight
Lieu d'origine:
Délai d'exécution:
Dumping Direction
Loading Capacity
1.5 Ton
Code SH
Forfait Transport
in Container
Modèle NO.

Company Advantages

1. Abusair Agriculture Machinery antique tractor implements has been strictly assessed. The assessments include whether its design is in compliance with the taste and style preferences of consumers, decorative function, aesthetics, and durability. Abusair machinery has features of high degree of automation and high efficiency.

2. The design of Abusair Agriculture Machinery tiller machine uses meets the standards. It is conducted by our designers who assess the viability of the concepts, aesthetics, spatial layout, egonomics, and safety. Abusair machinery's high thermal conductivAbusair machineryy makes Abusair machinery extremely popular.

3. Abusair Agriculture Machinery roto cultivator is constructed utilizing advanced processing machines. These machines include CNC cutting&drilling machines, laser engraving machines, painting&polishing machines, etc. Abusair machinery is granted wAbusair machineryh many patent certificates.

4. The product is energy saving, lightweight. With great flexibility, it has important application value in the fields of the meeting and education. Abusair machinery is manufactured based on the concept of environmental protection.

5. The product comes with a stylus, which is closely related to a pen in shape. It is generally much easier and more comfortable to hold in the hand than a mouse. Abusair machinery ensures a wide range of parameters adjustment.

6. The product can quickly attach to the computer via the USB cable and can be easily used with Mac or Windows platforms. Abusair machinery sells well in many overseas countries and regions including Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

7. The direct handling and response of its pen create a faster workflow than the traditional mouse. There is a built-in eraser on the opposite end of the pen, like the traditional pencil eraser, allowing quick edits. The product has gained an improved mechanical property.

8. This product is money saving. It works towards reducing energy bills by consuming a little amount of energy. Buying this product creates energy-efficient improvements. The product is excellent in corrosion resistance.

9. Using this energy-keeping product helps saving money on electricity cost. For a household, enterprise, industry, the overall benefits of the product outweigh the initial cost. The product has the function of self-diagnosis.

10. The product helps achieve sustainable development. Its energy efficiency accounts to minimize the exploitation of natural resources and ease the burden on electricity demand. Abusair machinery can be supplied wAbusair machineryh multiple specifications and configurations to meet different needs.

11. This product not only helps people cut significantly on electricity bills, but also eases the burden on energy production demand. Equipped wAbusair machineryh a cooling system, Abusair machinery guarantees the maximum safety in operation.

4 Wheel Tractor SH Abusair Agriculture Machinery 3
QINGDAO XCMG CO.,LTD Agricultural Machinery produce the most popular walking tractors and power tillers in China.

Trailer can be attached with 18-40 HP tractor SH184 to SH404
It is an optional working tooler of the Small SH series tractor
 Bucket length 2.0m
 Bucket width 1.0m
 Bucket height 0.46m
 Outside dimension 3100*1050*1830mm
 Rated Load 1.5 ton
 Tire 6.50-16
 Operate weight 446kg
 Angle of Inclination 60'
 Unload direction Rear Tipping
  Attached tractor 18-25hp
 Brake type Inertia brake

Company Features

Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd is noted for expertise in manufacturing european farm equipment and possesses vast experience in delivering high-quality products. Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd, established in the mainland China, has extensive experience in manufacturing european farm equipment and has gained a good reputation. Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd has gained years of experience in production. We are evolving into the industry’s first choice in China for manufacturing european farm equipment. Since inception, Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd has been actively expanding capabilities for manufacturing european farm equipment and leads innovative and creative solutions to the changing needs of the industry. Over the years, Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd has worked to develop, design, and manufacture european farm equipment. We have extensive knowledge and expertise.

The complete modern management system is available in Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd's manufacturing plant. The advanced mechanical processing equipment is available in Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd's manufacturing plant. Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd has a park-like production base and a dedicated european farm equipment machining facility.

Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd will improve the production and processing technology of european farm equipment products. Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd will use independent technology research and development, vigorously develop european farm equipment. Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd will adhere to the central idea of european farm equipment.

Product Details

Choose Abusair Agricultural Machinery's 4 wheel tractor for the following reasons.

Application of the Product

The 4 wheel tractor produced by our company can be used in many fields.

Abusair Agricultural Machinery has an excellent team consisting of R&D, production, operation and management. According to actual needs of different customers, we could provide customers with practical solutions.

Product Comparison

After improvement, the 4 wheel tractor produced by Abusair Agricultural Machinery is more brilliant in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

The high-quality talents team is an important human resource for our company. For one thing, they have rich theoretical knowledge in the principle, operation and process for the equipment. For another thing, they are rich in practical maintenance operations.

Abusair Agricultural Machinery constructs a scientific management system and a complete service system. We strive to provide customers with personalized and high-quality services and solutions to meet their different needs.

Looking forward to the future, Abusair Agricultural Machinery will continue to follow the development philosophy of 'people-oriented, technology-leading'. We will gather talents based on the business strength and motivate them by a reasonable system. Relying on the power of sci-tech, we will strive to build an excellent brand in the industry and spread the sales network to the country and to the even wider international market.

Abusair Agricultural Machinery has passed the development of years since the establishment in During these years, we keep making progress, pioneering and innovating. So far, we have obtained recognition in the industry because of the good reputation and quality products.

At present, our company's domestic business is spreading throughout South China, East China and North China. And we are ready to open up overseas market based on the mature domestic market.

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