Abusair Agriculture Machinery Brand 1000 4 Wheel Tractor Implement 1000 Supplier 1
Abusair Agriculture Machinery Brand 1000 4 Wheel Tractor Implement 1000 Supplier 1

Abusair Agriculture Machinery Brand 1000 4 Wheel Tractor Implement 1000 Supplier

Cutting Width:
2.0 M
Application Field:
Conditions de paiement:
L/C, T/T
Support Sea freight
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Modèle NO.

Company Advantages

1. Essential quality tests for Abusair Agriculture Machinery old farm plows have been carried out. These tests cover the aspects of seam strength, stitch density, colorfastness, and crocking. The product is characterized by high strength.

2. Abusair Agriculture Machinery tractor reaper binder price has been inspected to meet general quality standards. It has been tested in respect of colorfastness, stitching strength, seam strength, size-change, and seam-twisting. Abusair machinery's intelligent high-precision temperature controller can control the temperature automatically.

3. Abusair Agriculture Machinery cultivator is required to pass on-site quality control tests. It will be inspected with regard to seam slippage, color shading, color matching, and symmetry. Abusair machinery supports different modes including manual mode and automatic mode.

4. The product is weather resistant. Its materials have been tested by applying ultraviolet rays and water in order to generate conditions close to the natural environment. The product can greatly save the energy.

5. The product features enough tensile. The materials used have been tested to stand up the working force applied to it. Adopting the aluminum alloy as raw materials, Abusair machinery has high mechanical performance.

6. The product is not easy to bend. Passing the bending test, each individual part of this shoe, as well as the motion, are in the same manner as walking. Abusair machinery's cylinder runs smoothly, ensuring Abusair machinery's stabilAbusair machineryy in operation.

7. This product will not produce an unpleasant or objectionable odor when used for the first time. After many washes, it became more fragrant. Abusair machinery receives wide popularAbusair machineryy among famous brands such as Abusair machinery.

8. This product is favored by many of our customers. It is able to keep people comfortable, not stuffy and uncomfortable. Equipped wAbusair machineryh a cooling system, Abusair machinery guarantees the maximum safety in operation.

9. This product does not pose any safety risk. On the contrary, it makes people feel safe, increases their confidence and boosts their mood. Abusair machinery's intelligent high-precision temperature controller can control the temperature automatically.

XCMG AGRO Produce the best harvester machines in China.

Abusair Agriculture Machinery Brand 1000 4 Wheel Tractor Implement 1000 Supplier 2Main Features:
1.   It is specialized for harvesting wheat 
2. Adopt Hydraulic steering and runing control , and the Hydraulic control the header lifting
3. 1800mm cutter width is suitable for blockette field
4. Double re-threshing rollers ,the grain is very clean 
5. Strong reels and and spring-tooth

Type Wheel full feed self-propelled
Model 4LZ-2.0
Cutting Width 2000 mm
Feed 1.5 Kg/s
Running speed 2.48-16 Km/h
Diesel Engine  
Model 4102
Power 48KW
Rotate Speed 2600Rpm
Average Oil Consumption per Hectare 27
Working Productivity 4-6 (0.27-0.4Hec/H)
Total Weight 2800 kg
Dimension(L×W×H) 5800*2400*3000 mm
Ground Clearance 310 mm
Reel Type Spring-tined
Reel Diameter Φ900mm
Reel Bat 5piece
Cross auger Type Screw auger, eccentric extensible link
Cross Auger Diameter Φ500mm
Clearance between Auger and Bed Plate 12-20mm
Cutter bar Stroked 76.2mm
Cutter bar Type Domestic strandard II
Type Flat belt raked tine
Width 400mm
Threshing Drum  
Type Transverse Axial Flow 
Diameter Φ54mm5 adjustable
Length 1350mm
Re-sthreshing Drum  
Type Axial flow cutting plate
Diameter Φ190mm
Type Grid based
Angle 236.8 degree
Separation Area 1.38m2
Re-threshing Concave  
Type Punch type
Separation Area 0.45m2
above sieve Double sieves + fan + re-threshing 
bottom sieve 0.76m2
Type Low-pressure, volute
Diameter Φ346.8mm
Elevator Auger Diameter×Thread Pitch Φ120×116mm
Unloading type mechanical
Tank capacity 1 m3
Type 4×2 wheeled
Front-wheel tread 1300-1200 mmtwo-stage adjustable
Trailing wheel tread 1290-1210two-stage adjustable
Gear box 3×2+1
Wheelbase 1985mm
Front-wheel Model 9.5-20
Trailing Wheel Model 6.0-16
Tire Pressure Front wheel 0.28Mpa, Reaar wheel 0.36Mpa
Oil Tank Capacity 65L
Operator 1 person
Qty'/40HC 2 sets

Company Features

Highly reputable in developing and manufacturing h&s farm equipment, Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd has achieved success and become one of the leading manufacturers. Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd surpasses many other competitors in manufacturing h&s farm equipment. Years of manufacturing experience and excellence have made us known to the market. As a capable manufacturer and supplier, Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd deserves the name of a strong competitor in developing and producing h&s farm equipment. Years of specializing in manufacturing and distributing h&s farm equipment, Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd has become a well-known manufacturer in the market. As an expert in producing h&s farm equipment, Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd has transcended most other peer manufacturers in the domestic market.

Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd always make use of advanced technology in the production of h&s farm equipment. Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd is technically famous for h&s farm equipment production. Our technical workers are strictly trained before official work for h&s farm equipment. Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd fully makes use of its high technology to the production of h&s farm equipment. By making use of internationally advanced technology, h&s farm equipment is produced in high quality.

We are a high quality professional manufacturer of h&s farm equipment. We can provide an abundance of h&s farm equipment with high quality. We have been engaged in h&s farm equipment industry for many years and can guarantee high quality.

Product Details

We value the quality of our products. And we strive for perfection in every detail of products. In this way, we guarantee the fine quality of our products.

Application of the Product

The 4 wheel tractor implement produced by Abusair Agricultural Machinery can be used in many fields.

In addition to providing high-quality products, we also provide effective solutions based on the actual conditions and the needs of different customers.

Product Comparison

Compared with similar products, our 4 wheel tractor implement has the following major characteristics.

Enterprise Advantages

With the abundant talents resources, our company has created an experienced elite team. They are proficient in relevant fields, including brand operation, marketing promotion and technology development. It is the guarantee for our company to develop.

We have established a professional service team to provide customers with speedy, professional and comprehensive services. Furthermore, we help customers with the grasp of a better understanding and use of products.

Looking forward to the future, Abusair Agricultural Machinery will insist on the overall development strategy of 'management modernization and market internationalization'. Besides, we speed up the pattern transformation of economic development and stick to the development road of circular economy. In this way, we can make new and greater contributions for promoting the economic development, social progress and realizing China's dream.

Abusair Agricultural Machinery was founded in Over the years, our company has always insisted on independent innovation to maintain vigorous development. And now we are a leading company in the industry.

Our company has further optimized the export environment and the export volume of products has increased greatly. We mainly export our products to some countries and regions in Southeast Asia, South America and Africa.

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