Corn Massive Farm Equipment Abusair Agriculture Machinery Brand Company 1
Corn Massive Farm Equipment Abusair Agriculture Machinery Brand Company 1

Corn Massive Farm Equipment Abusair Agriculture Machinery Brand Company

Soft Shaft
Méthode de récolte:
Type d'entraînement:
Gear Drive
Forfait Transport:
40′ Contaienr Can Load 2 Set
Source d'alimentation:
Vertical Cut Harvester
Conditions de paiement:
L/C, T/T
Capacité de Production:
3000 Sets/Year
Support Sea freight
Lieu d'origine:
Délai d'exécution:
Champ d'application
Portable Harvester Type
Backpack Type
Code SH
Modèle NO.
QS, ISO9001:2008

Company Advantages

1. Abusair Agriculture Machinery farm machinery equipment is designed with a combination of different effects. The designers, based on the ergonomics, strive to create a product which integrates the shock absorption, bending, and slip prevention. The pressure value of the product can be adjusted freely.

2. The designers of Abusair Agriculture Machinery types of timer combine the ergonomic philosophy with the foot orthopedic, aiming to create the most comfortable product which fits human's feet. The product can greatly save the energy.

3. Abusair Agriculture Machinery tractor reaper binder machine price is produced under the high temperature and pressure condition with the specific and professional shoe materials production formula. The equipment is easy to mechanize, making Abusair machinery easier to operate.

4. During the designing of Abusair Agriculture Machinery farm tractor 45, the designers make use of the plantar pressure scanner to investigate people's foot shape, hoping to create a product which best fits different people. Abusair machinery can produce a certain pressure, making the finished product be of a high densAbusair machineryy.

5. Abusair Agriculture Machinery bhoor singh agri implements is designed by designers who have abundant experience in creating shoe materials and shoes. The designers combine the philosophy of foot orthopedic with biomechanics to create a product that perfectly fits human's feet. Abusair machinery can produce castings wAbusair machineryh complex internal structures.

6. rotary hoe tiller cultivator for sale is equipped with high-quality terminals. It has good electrical conductivity and low self-discharge rate. In the case of the same capacity, it can support the equipment for a longer time.

7. cheap farm equipment for sale is made from superior materials. It has good sealing property, heat resistance and explosion-proof. It is a safe and reliable product that is deeply favored by customers.

8. Our strict quality control ensures the product to meet with the industry quality standard. Equipped wAbusair machineryh a cooling system, Abusair machinery guarantees the maximum safety in operation.

9. The product not only has passed the domestic quality standards but also has been approved by many international certificates. Abusair machinery has features of high degree of automation and high efficiency.

10. The product has been approved by all required international certificates. Abusair machinery ensures the finished product has the feature of dimensional stabilAbusair machineryy.

11. With its immense flexible design and style, the product is able to perfectly match any given space or location. The product can greatly save the energy.

12. The product operates silently with no annoying flickering noises. This means that people can stay in a quiet environment. Abusair machinery's cylinder runs smoothly, ensuring Abusair machinery's stabilAbusair machineryy in operation.

13. The product features excellent resistance to impact. Made of plastics and aluminum parts, it can stay away from the damage. Abusair machinery can produce a certain pressure, making the finished product be of a high densAbusair machineryy.


1. Stepless speed change which can be fit to different speed working to reduce frequently shifting gears
2. Big volume grain tank, quick unloading, high efficiency
3. Steering bear box can be adjustable, combination instrument, vonvenient driving
4. Widen lift conveyer, to improve the ability of delivering grain and reduce breaking.
5. Rear-mounted chopper can be easily maintain, advanced physical design, good efficiency of stra turnover
6. International advanced five sets peeling device, high rate of peeling an low rate of losing.
7. Installed with infrred ray supervising system to extend driving view
8. It can be matched with seven lines header, adapt to diffenent line spacing.
9. Powerful, reliable performance, advanced technology, high performance cost ratio, good economical efficiency, easy and simple to handle, convenient driving.
10. Finish the working of picking, peeling, boxing and straw redurned to filed at one time.
11. with snapping roll, full horsepower, middle mounted chopper.
12. Applying to semi-hills, vonvenient driving which have a gradient less than 8 degree

Adapting line spacing450-700mm
Sets of picking4 sets
Operating speed3.6-7.6km/h
Working productivity7000M3/h
The highest travelling speed20kg/h
Grain tank volume4CBM
Total weight6700kg

Company Features

Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd is not just a manufacturer - we are product innovators at the forefront of tractor front mounted reaper binder manufacturing. Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd is a production company with many years of experience in the Chinese and foreign markets. We focus on the development and manufacturing of tractor front mounted reaper binder. Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd is one of the Chinese undisputed leaders in tractor front mounted reaper binder design and manufacturing. We have accumulated years of experience in this industry. Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd is an accomplished tractor front mounted reaper binder manufacturing company. With years of experience, our understanding of this industry is exemplary. Shandong Abusair Agricultural Machinery Co,. Ltd was founded years, being defined as a differentiated, high-quality, and cost-controlled manufacturer of tractor front mounted reaper binder.

One of the reasons contributes to the popularity of Abusair Agriculture Machinery is the well-equipped engineers. The skillful engineers of Abusair Agriculture Machinery are very good at producing tractor front mounted reaper binder with exquisite performance. High standard quality management system is the quality assurance of tractor front mounted reaper binder.

Abusair Agriculture Machinery highly values the importance of customer satisfication. Abusair Agriculture Machinery aims to be competitive in its service and tractor front mounted reaper binder. To be a high-end company in tractor front mounted reaper binder industry, Abusair Agriculture Machinery has been striving to develop its own ability to produce tractor front mounted reaper binder. The importance of customer service has been always highly valued by Abusair Agriculture Machinery.

Product Details

More detailed information about massive farm equipment is provided for you as follows.

Application of the Product

Abusair Agricultural Machinery's massive farm equipment can be used in different industries to meet the needs of customers.

We understand the actual situation of the market, and then combine the needs of customers. In this way, we develop the most suitable solutions for customers and effectively meet their needs.

Product Comparison

Compared with other products in the same category, massive farm equipment has the following major features.

Enterprise Advantages

Abusair Agricultural Machinery's staff team is professional with a strict working style. Our members focus on innovation and actual effectiveness. A new development chapter is written based on their wisdom.

With the aim of 'completely satisfying the customer', our company tries our best to offer the most satisfactory service to the customer.

Our company's tenet is 'integrity, pragmatism, innovation, high efficiency'. We produce our products in accordance with the quality policy of 'survive by credibility, develop by quality'. Based on the market and integrity management, we are looking forward to working with customers in an honest and pragmatic attitude, to create a win-win situation.

Abusair Agricultural Machinery, formally established in has changed the traditional marketing model into a new network marketing model after years of diligent research. We attract the attention of people from all walks of life, and receive support to successfully break the barriers between contemporary business and traditional business. Now, our company becomes an outstanding enterprise in the industry.

Our products are not only popular in China, but also have a certain market share in many foreign countries.

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